The Roots And The Modern Image Of Subcultures

The Roots And The Modern Image Of Subcultures

The Roots And The Modern Image Of Subcultures

As far as history goes, subcultures have always been a powerful tool which many people used to express themselves. Also, it always gives you a posibility to stand your ground in a world too busy chasing the mainstream to recognize the uniqueness of those subgroups. Any way you look at them, goth or grunge, punk or hippie, which are just a few out of many. Each movement is about individuals showing their true colours with no shame or fear.

Innovative fashion trends, unmatched musical creations, unique pieces of art of any shape and form and beliefs never heard of before. All of those aspects and more are a strong base for any subculture.

Many representatives of the iconic subcultures carry on their former members’ legacy to this day. Moreover, various movements get a collective confidence boost and spread even wider with some modern changes here and there. Punk and goth, in particular, are the backbone of many new trends.

Which, in turn, leaves you curious. What exactly are those new trends? Who are they led by in the modern world picture? And, besides, what is their purpose?

To grasp this information (and more), we will need to dive deeper into the topic. 

New-age Steampunk

New-age Steampunk

By now, steampunk is no news to many people and has earned a pretty stable place in society. The aesthetic essence of the movement is well worth mentioning when speaking of subcultures. But we also should not forget about the continuous expansion of its stylistic divisions.

The external look of steampunk pieces is simultaneously recollective and progressive, which makes it a perfect balance that pleases both the fans of the good old punk days and those who strive to find new colours and techniques to express themselves. 

Steampunks prefer artificial victorian pieces that pay tribute to the past. They combine them with accessories that lean towards the kaleidoscope of the fashion ways of the upcoming days. 

Lately, the steampunk movement has been showing a strong spirit of environmental activism. And this became the impetus for the growing popularity of DIY steampunk trends. People like to give a new life to various fashionable items that have gathered dust. And then transform them into new, unusual works of art.

New Age Goth

New Age Goth

Gothic trends have been known for their incredible influence on different subcultures for many years. Its impact has earned it one of, if not the most stable place in the world of cultures.

You can’t follow popular subcultures such as emo & scene without recognizing the traces of the gothic tendencies in their roots. 

One of the hottest divisions in the scene right now is quite dark yet charming, a captivating formation – the New Age Goths.

To put it simply, they borrowed some features from the origins of the Gothic style yet put them in a new perspective, which is still dark, yet has a modern touch. 

This fashion subdivision is heavily influenced by the music scene of the modern world. You can tell by the combinations of formal pieces with expressive smokey make-up and accessories that scream darkness. 

New Age Goths are more confident, open to experiments with their art and true to themselves. If you’re down to try some bold combinations, this style is one of the first ones for you to find your fashion inspiration.

E-boys and E-girls

E-boys and E-girls

Nowadays, the digital world is becoming a more significant part of our lives with the speed of light. Therefore, it naturally influences various spheres of society, art and fashion included. 

This new subculture is a child of the network, and its groundbreaking popularity is beyond imagination. Their hype looks can distinguish e-individuals, including dyed hair, unique accessories, various patterns and shapes combined, and make-up that not only helps accentuate their features but can also tell a whole story. They’re pretty often considered juniors of the Tumblr teens that have been extremely popular in the mid to late 2010s.

E-people, however, seem to have gained their popularity faster as it keeps growing, especially on the video platform Tiktok, where dance challenges, make-up tutorials and outfit inspiration videos go viral with an impressive speed. 

As toxic as the online community can be, such a way of expressing oneself can work out great and help those lost find their style and inspire others to do so.

Sustainable Hipster

Sustainable Hipster
Le Fashion

The hipster subdivision is no news to true fashion lovers, and such style is still quite common in some parts of the UK, the US, and particular European places. Naturally, as with any other kind of fashion, it is spread in any progressive community to a certain extent, small or big. 

Hipsters prefer vintage-like and hippy pieces with such unique aesthetics around them that one cannot help but recognize. They’re also quite into alternative music and experimental subgenres.

Though the general beliefs of the hipster branch are not new, its modern wave has a solid strive to care for the ecology and include approaches to clothing and accessories in their fashion ways. They take inspiration from their seniors of the 60-the 70s, pursue eco-activism and maintain fantastic looks.

The new group of that style has paved the way for various writers and musicians, too, and the more they grow, the more masterpieces we get and will be getting in the future as their community continues to blossom. 



Last but not least, we reach the brony segment. Those individuals stand out thanks to their vibrant presence in the scene that keeps attracting more people to it. 

The My Little Pony series fandom has developed into a loving community for those who enjoy expressing themselves. 

Bronies have established a circle of those who share tastes and interests as they gather for parties and dress up in the show’s theme. The brighter, the better; there can never be too many details to one’s outfit. Vibrant hair and make-up are not only encouraged there; they’re practically a must-have!

Careless, cheerful and painfully themselves – these guys are a huge inspiration for those who struggle to accept their quirky side and show it to the world. They may appear silly to many, but one cannot deny their intense passion and sense of community that many “normal” parts of society lack nowadays. 

You can find a lot of similarities in the elements of the Bronies’ fashion with various popular fashion movements such as Kawaii and Harajuku. 


Rebellious, confident and fun – subcultures are not for everybody. But they can be helpful for one’s mental health even. As individuals entering such a carefree community can find themselves easier than those still stuck in their minds or scared of judgment.

The most exciting thing is also that these communities are inclusive, so they easily welcome new people with open arms. And what is no less important, they significantly increase the confidence of people involved in them. Subcultures are worthy of attention and continue to receive it from all over the world. Such fashionable movements are an excellent base for new branches that will undoubtedly find their admirers. And there is no doubt that more and more exciting ways of art and fashion will be born as time goes on.

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