The Mod Style – A Fashion Movement Or A Comeback


The Mod Style – A Fashion Movement Or A Comeback

Well, it’s time to start our new informative and, at the same time, interesting guide. And as you already guessed from the title, today we will be talking about the style of Mod. This culture is one of the coolest, brightest and most vibrant of all the British subcultures that everyone knows very well.

All the foundations of the Mod movement, namely the music, the clothes and the spirit itself, have long inspired generations of artists, musicians and zeitgeist experts. But is it possible to look trendy in the style of Mod these days?

In our guide, we will try to find an answer to this controversial question. But first, we need to get to know this most influential subculture in a little more detail. So let’s start looking for an answer to the question about the authenticity of the modern Mod.

A Brief Timeline Of The Mod Style

A Brief Timeline Of The Mod Style

We will start with the fact that the Mod style was created in 1958 in London. It all started with a group of promising young men from the working class adopting a particular visual style influenced by their passion for modern jazz. Namely, we mean the musical preferences that forced them to call themselves modernists.

But the most important thing is that from the early to mid-1960s, Mod culture spread throughout Great Britain. At that time, it began to gain more and more publicity thanks to fierce battles between committed modernists and leather-clad rockers. These were real cultural clashes that were documented by the national media and spread among the society of the time.

And then, as London’s Paisley-influenced swing scene began to take off in the mid-’60s, some of the original street fashions began to branch out. Although they kept their roots, the first wave of skinheads started to gain more and more activity at that time. This was the name given to groups that were under the strong influence of ska music.

We have prepared for you a short chronology, thanks to which we will be able to summarize more precisely the whole essence of the evolution of the Mod style:

  1. The Late 50s: This period was distinguished by the fact that it was at that time that the original London mod style was born. During this period, we can see that modernist jazz lovers wore sharp Italian suits and side-parted hairstyles. They have become famous since the 60s.
  2. The 60s: This period is one of the most important because it is the Mod of the early 60s that is the most famous of all modernist incarnations. This fashion movement took the style of the original fashions of the 50s. But with some adjustments in the form of wearing army-style parkas, riding imported Vespa or Lambretta scooters, and listening to R&B and blues music. All this had a significant impact on the mass of young people and society in general across the country.
  3. The Mid-60s: This period is known precisely for the wearing of mini skirts, which were items of the moment. In addition, Twiggy became the poster girl for women to be inspired and adopt the fashionable swing style of the 60s. This Mod style of the moment became synonymous with such words as bright and even brighter clothes. Or even, more often in London, shopping, eating, drinking and buying records on Carnaby Street.
  4. The late 70s to early 80s: This period marked the first real return of the Mod style. As we mentioned a little earlier, it all happened thanks to the skinheads. At that time, the representatives of this movement began to spin to the trending ska music. Skinheads also began to wear Fred Perry polo shirts with suspenders, bomber jackets, and Dr Martens chunky boots.
  5. The 90s to Present: Nowadays, it is precisely because of the enduring and unique nature of the Mod style that many bands and cultural icons over the decades, influenced by the modernists of the 60s and the skinheads of the 80s, have begun to add elements of these incredible styles and offshoots to their whole group look and sound. We can outline traces of this original yet trendy aesthetic in examples such as the Britpop movement to Jam-inspired outfits such as The Rifles.

Slang Glossary Of The 60s Mod

Slang Glossary Of The 60s Mod

Now we will talk about something important, without which your further understanding of the Mod style of the 60s is impossible. This is necessary in order to dive deeper into the fashionable thinking of that period. We present to your attention a small glossary of modernist slang terms for your greater understanding of this style. Do not forget to use them in your free time:

  1. Face: This word should be understood as having the meaning of fashion with status or influence. Or someone with the right clothes, the right hairstyle, and the right taste in music. To better understand this, we suggest you take a look at Sting in Quadrophenia: the Ace Face.
  2. Ticket: This word has the meaning of second-class fashion. And to be more specific, it’s someone who was in fashion last week with slightly dishevelled hair and low-quality makeup. But it is also sometimes said that this term originates from the concept of the third kind.
  3. Flashkick: This word has a slightly more exciting meaning, namely, an incredible experience or dizziness. We are sure that you have definitely heard about teenagers who do something just for their own pleasure. This is the whole essence of this word!
  4. Number: This word has a somewhat complex understanding. By that, we mean that at the time, the number was your average Mod, reliable but not good at all. But still, being a high number was a real compliment for people of those times. A vivid example of this concept is the name of the band The Who — The High Numbers.

Is Mod Still A Trendy Fashion Movement?


So we are sure that you already have this question in your mind, and that’s why we are here to give you a decent answer. The Mod aesthetic and elements of Mod’s original sound live on the fringes of mainstream popular culture, not least because of the music. At that time, such famous people as Paul Weller and Liam Gallagher began to gain their insane popularity. These people are very important in the development of the fashion trend of the Mod style. Because they are the ones who persist in inspiring creative teenagers to continue developing this wonderful movement.

But all the same, a question arises. Is it possible today to be a true representative of the Mod style? Or maybe it’s just a return to modern style?

Yes, we also understand that the answers to these questions are quite subjective. That is why we have provided you with detailed information and everything you need to know about Mod style. We would also like to add that we believe that calling oneself a representative of the Mod style today is, by definition, somewhat incorrect and unreliable. In the true sense, which is more essential, the creators of the subculture are more modernists. Because Mod’s style was somewhat visionary and, at the same time, a progressive ideal of the working class of the time.

But we want to tell you that you should not start worrying! Because it is not a bad thing to be under the influence of fashion and trends. 

And we are talking about all of us, ordinary people who today wear dresses, walk and talk. Therefore, if we start again to talk about the Mod style as a spirit, then we need to keep in mind those who carry true modernist ideals. Namely, we’re talking about those people who create insightful social feedback through art and music. And about those who present themselves in new and original ways of expressing themselves. It is not necessary to pay attention to how these individuals look and what they listen to. Because the most important thing is that they have a real modernist spirit!


So, you’ve come to the end of our informative guide to Mod style. Here we would also like to add something at the end. However, in any case, the Mod is an authentic British icon that has charmed all people. And we are certainly extremely happy that even today, the influence of this movement is still strong and important in our modern world.

So be inspired by all the information we have given you in our guide and continue to develop the style of Mod with your own efforts!

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