Summertime Steampunk Outfits: Stay True To Yourself

Steampunk Summertime Stay True To Yourself

Summertime Steampunk Outfits: Stay True To Yourself

As seasons change and many fashion trends don’t keep up with the weather very well and are mostly exclusive to a specific season, the approach of spring and summer days can be quite a challenge for true steampunk fashion enthusiasts at times. Many people prefer warm seasons to colder ones; the days get longer, the sun is shining, it’s all warm and carefree, full freedom for experiments in outfits, nice, isn’t it? Well, not for everyone. If we think of those who are into steampunk fashion, their usual clothing and accessories tend to be thick, heavy, and don’t match the heat of summertime quite that well. Your favourite wool hat can become quite a nuisance under the burning sun and ruin all the fun, and that military aviator jacket you love so much fits colder days much better, too. But luckily, warmer times don’t always get in the way of your self-expression. There are various ways of alternating clothing and accessories to adapt to the season well and to look cool at the same time. Stay on track with your dedication to the sci-fi side of fashion during any season with ease.

Steampunk Swimwear: How To

One of the most fun and good for health activities during summertime is swimming. A great kind of exercise that will keep you cool under the hot summer sun; besides, it’s one of the very few things you can’t do with your devices on hand – let go of the responsibilities and take care of yourself for once, both physically and mentally. It also doesn’t have to take away from your fashion preference, so think about how you want to express yourself in the hot times while staying true to your style. Don’t give up too quickly; only the sky’s the limit!

Take a look at collections of edgy swimsuits with extra details to see what you like best; you might even get a few sets to alternate for different days. Why not? Follow your heart, and don’t be afraid to experiment. You can stick to a modest way and pick a swimsuit with a fun print that doesn’t stand out too much, if you want, and pair it with some cool clothing on top for when you’re taking a walk across the shore before actually proceeding to swim, play games and lie down under the sun to get some nice tan.
Suppose you do want to be a little (or not even a little) more extra. In that case, there are lots of items with leather belts on them, small or big, one across the entire cloth or a few small ones for a good support system and a fierce look (yes, even at the beach, remember you’re into extraordinary things and embrace it!) as well as pieces decorated with pins, spikes, shiny metallic rivets, etc. Grab one with cool patches all over it and grab everyone’s attention when you step onto the beach and enjoy yourself while watching the sea, take pictures and have fun in any way you want to!

Cool Hats For The Summertime

Top It Off: Cool Steampunk Hats For Summertime

When it comes to hats, winter ones and summer ones have some striking differences between them. While heavy and thick winter hats are meant to be protecting your head from wet weather conditions, lighter summer hats come in handy when you’re under the hot sun to prevent overheating.

We know it’s hard to even think about putting your favourite wool hat into the back of your wardrobe for colder days ahead, especially when it feels like nothing of the summer kind of hat can even come close to your prized possession. But worry not, there are enough alternatives for that kind of styling! It might be an easier challenge for ladies, who can pick any hat from a classic bonnet to a wide hat with a floral print and fit the party’s vibe, but there are great alternatives for men out there too!

A good old straw boater hat used to be essential for Victorian men. It was a stylish way to keep an outfit classy but comfortable to wear, and on top of that, it served as great protection from sunburns. And for those searching for something more interesting, a khaki pith helmet could be a great element to add to your steampunk look. It will protect you from the excessive heat and hot sun as well as make you look all adventurous as if you came straight out of a famous movie. It is an appropriate item that will fit your aesthetic and be practical to wear.

Steampunk Sunglasses

Fun Steampunk Sunglasses

Probably one of the most popular summer accessories – is a pair of cool sunglasses. Show off your favourite steampunk tendencies through your shades and rock them with great confidence. Protect your precious eyes with the help of a pair of aviator kind of goggles or retro sunglasses with special lenses, stay safe while keeping up with your style and build your fun summer fit by paying enough attention to all elements of it!
It doesn’t matter if you’re on the way to work in the sunny morning or you’re spending your time having fun at an open-air rock festival, having a pair or two (in case you accidentally lose or break your initial pair) on hand is a must! You will look cool, mysterious, and anything you want to look like, build your image with your accessories and bring the attitude to life. Besides, you will also protect your skin and eyesight, reducing health issues that could occur later. When a simple accessory makes you look like a true star or a cool character while also benefiting your health – you know you did it right. Great job!

Jewellery Mix It Well

Jewellery: Mix It Well

Let’s assume a hat, swimsuit, and shades aren’t enough to satisfy your steampunk enthusiast’s heart; what if you tried adding some extra items on your neck, for example? Yes, steampunk jewellery is a perfect way to showcase different sides of your personality and your passion for steampunk fashion at any time, place, and weather.
Chain necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, and badges are perfect for true steampunk fans! You can opt for something modern and fresh or go back in time and add some mysterious touches to your jewellery sets. Besides, small items like those are quite easy to alternate into other styles, from the daily casual outfits for work to nighttime parties with friends or even concerts. Look out for different combinations and decide what you like best.

If you like having a watch around your wrist, you can look for one with cool steampunk-like details and stand out in any crowd. If you’re looking for extra ways of expressing yourself, pick a pocket watch as a fun accessory that is also very easy to hide when you need it and equally as easy to pull out to express your passion. Besides, watches like this are usually pretty lightweight – heavy enough for you to feel it’s still on you and light enough not to be a burden while you’re moving around.

There is no need to hide your steampunk collection because it’s getting hotter outside. Sometimes it’s actually the opposite – Summertime brings so many fun festivals and other events where you can proudly showcase your passion for steampunk fashion and stay true to yourself when you meet old friends and new friends. The perfect season to bring your crazy fit ideas to life and free the true spirit of steampunk trends.
What are your personal favourite items and combinations of steampunk fashion?

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