Spiked Clothing And Accessories — The True Armour Of Rock Souls


Spiked Clothing And Accessories — The True Armour Of Rock Souls

One of the edgiest fashion trends is the use of spikes and studs on specific items. Starting with spiked collars to studded tops, this kind of metallic look is still a part of the culture that hasn’t lost its striking popularity. Nowadays, we keep seeing spikey items in modern collections of alternative fashion. Where does this trend’s origin lie, and how did it get so popular? Let’s go back in time and find out! It’s gonna take as quite a long way back, but isn’t it worth the fun knowledge of why you catch so much attention when walking out in your jacket covered in spikes?

There was a time when armour was a must if you fight. Brigandine – one of the earliest armour items was something that consisted of metal plates between leather which prevented one’s clothing and body from being injured with blades easily. It also provided excellent absorption of some of the blows from heavy weapons, redistributing the shock back off to keep the person inside alive. This is visually the original picture of what we now know as studded elements on rock jackets.


Obviously, the studs that were adapted into modern alternative fashion are symbolic and respect their original purpose – protection. And because people who wore such clothing were warriors and fighters, this just adds so much feel to rock clothing, items with spikes exude fighter energy, show everyone that you’re not someone to mess with! Therefore, it’s not surprising that goth and punk waves’ subcultures adopted studded pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories with ease.

Even dogs in older times have worn spiked collars. Initially, they were invented for hunter dogs that would usually follow the large game like bears, wolves, lions; this traces even far back to ancient Rome! They served protection for the dog’s neck when they fought savage animals. The said collars were typically as wide as possible to cover most of the dog’s body that they could.
Protective purposes were also considered very well when it came to the actual spikes. They were usually very long to keep the savage animals as far as possible and make it hard to injure the dog badly and even worse – take it out of the fight, leaving it breathless. Some areas even had such tradition as putting dogs in spiked collars against humans in gladiator-like battles. In addition to all the great protection those collars served for dogs themselves, they also ensured robbers that the dog on the property’s territory is scary. It put thoughts of robbing the place or the owner of the criminals’ heads because they were so scared of the animal they would eventually decide it isn’t worth risking their health or even life itself.


Another origin of spikes could be weapon items like spears or javelins. Pointed items are some of the things that have saved humans live several times, allowing people to protect themselves, fight, and hunt to provide food for themselves and their families. As years went on, these objects became ever more complicated in their structure, always allowing people to be protected well. From metal balls to thin iron spikes, those items served humankind at all times.
Mother nature itself has gifted animals such as hedgehogs and porcupines with spikes so that they could scare off any creature that wishes to harm them. If you look at the origin as a chain of metaphors, guess you could say many scenarios and beliefs apply to the rock scene as well. Many people in the industry and fans too come off as cold and not to deal with, and spikey clothing and accessories just add to it. Punks quite often use this as a mechanism to show that they’re very attentive to their personal space and don’t wish for random people to disrupt it easily.


Even nowadays in modern society that seems more acceptable for subcultures than it was even ten years ago the thing you’ll see people wear quite often is the mentioned above collars. Dogs, of course, still wear those a lot.
The collars have always symbolized protection, the ability to fight, as you have learned just now, and the ability to resist the norms that society is continually trying to push on people. The collar was originally made for dogs, creatures that could go wild running in packs and protect their right to live as they are. It is no wonder that the punk culture had so easily adopted this styling. Very symbolic and cool way of expressing your independence!
Bracelets covered in spikes are also quite a well-spread item in rock fashion, especially among those into metal styles. Members of heavy bands often wear wide bracelets covered in spikes that take over the entire forearm. Those kinds of accessories look intimidating, yet kinda classy at the same time, reminding of the old history.


The glam-punk fashion movement that is quite well-spread in the scene currently has also brought new approaches to accessories of that sort; you can now easily find spiked headbands and different kinds of hats too! A modern touch to what once used to serve protection is a nice thing to see in the rock scene’s fashion these days. Something that is also an excellent way of showcasing studded designs is footwear. Be it chunky studded black combat boots or elegant stilettos with spikes – pick your perfect pair and experiment to create cool new outfits! Shoes with spikes and studs especially look amazing when paired with simple clothing, as if you’re making a fashion statement with your footwear alone.

However, if you’re not a fan of being too extra with your fashion choices, yet still want to incorporate some spike action into your closet – there are many ways to do so. Spiked jewellery enthusiasts are well aware that it doesn’t always have to have super long spikes that become inconvenient to wear in the long run, you can easily find some items that are still edgy, but more light. They are fierce, yet subtle, which is one of the best fashion combinations you can possibly come up with.


Clothes have also gone through many changes in the history of fashion. It’s not always leather and ripped jeans with spikes now; you can also find mixtures of soft and harsh like knitted pastel sweaters with studded collars and shoulders, bras with spikes, different corsets that still take roots in the history of rock fashion of older times. Corsets like this are great for dancers and performers; besides, they keep people you wouldn’t want to have around away when you’re in the crowd – such a nice lifehack! Spiked and studded clothing and accessories were given a new life in the past few years, and we’re delighted to see such a trend thrive more and more every day – best of luck for the shiny metallic attitude in the future too.

Of course, we can’t forget the classic leather jackets either. Edgy, decorated with studs and/or spikes, especially at the top – such jacket is the true embodiment of punk rock fashion. Every punk that considers themselves a “legit” enthusiast has to own at least one of these! Sometimes spiked jackets or jewellery are not enough. You might catch yourself staring at your favourite shoes or jeans one day, thinking they could use some spicing up. And you might have a point there, our dear friend! Luckily, spikes and studs of all colours, sizes and textures are available to be found in stores or to be ordered online, purchase some sets and customize your own stylish items, giving them a new life, why not? Add some rebellious feel to your usual wardrobe and rock it loud and proud.


Of course, some people just visually enjoy the spiked and studded aesthetics and don’t think too deep into the meaning of those things. It’s okay to enjoy them still even if you’re far from the culture. This knowledge is useful to obtain as the message behind such decorations is powerful and brings excellent motivation. It inspires people worldwide to be unapologetic and not be scared to stand up for themselves, even if it’s only reflected in their fashion at first – it’s a big step already. In conclusion, wear your spiked and studded fits with great confidence, be proud of who you are and what you represent with your fashion choices!

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