Rock’s Occult Fascination – Long And Unremitting Story

Rock’s Occult Fascination – Long And Unremitting Story

Heavy metal and rock have long been associated with the occult. From the well-known The Beatles, The Stones and Led Zeppelin to Black Sabbath.
Ever since Mr. Robert Johnson, the pioneer of Delta Blues, allegedly sold his soul at the crossroads to the devil himself, rock and roll in most of its forms and streams has been represented as something dark. Moreover, it began to be associated with something otherworldly at its core.

When Did It All Start?

When Did It All Start?

Apparently, one of the first documents (and subtle hints) of references to the occult in rock music was the cover of the cult album of the popular, even in our time, band The Beatles on the famous song Sgt. Pepper’. The captivating kaleidoscopic aesthetic of the era’s most famous quartet remains one of the greatest works of art and music. They were also accompanied by cardboard figures with images of famous personalities, for example, Bob Dylan, Marlon Brando, and Marilyn Monroe, which were popular at that time. But did you know that this work has some indirect connection with the occult?
In an attempt to be subversive and cause a great uproar and public debate, the group chose characters such as Mahatma Gandhi, the Marquis de Sade and Adolf Hitler to appear on the cover of the title. But this did not happen, and later they scrapped the idea. But still, there was one person who was brought to the surface. It was a certain Aleister Crowley – the man known as “the worst man in the whole world (the bald guy on top of the cover, second from left)”.
Mr Crowley was an accomplished writer, a world-renowned criminal, and one of the most controversial figures in the occult worldwide. It was he who wrote such a book as “Do what you want”. It caused interest and excitement among many musicians and artists. The most interesting thing is that bands like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles were also interested in this. They also showed their attraction to occult things and ideologies. Subsequently, they created and released their famous disc “Their Satanic Majesties Request” in 1967.

Jimmy Page’s Global Influence On The Occult

Jimmy Page

Covered with traces of occult beliefs, unconventional, surprising and of course hypnotic, covered with passages of magical ideas, specific terminology, soundscapes and literary references, it was this album that undoubtedly helped to define rock and roll as a connection to something otherworldly and occult. The bands continued their mysterious affairs with the next album “Beggars Banquet”. It gave a deeper understanding of another album, “Their Satanic Majesties Request”. They later released an arrangement of “Sympathy For The Devil”.
Around this time, accomplished session guitarist, a former member of the Yardbirds and founder of the famous and iconic Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, began to become involved and actively pursue his research in the occult. He was most fascinated by the dark works of Aleister Crowley. Throughout his career in the band, Page combined his passion for the occult with his own creativity and art. He quite often used dark images for the covers of the band’s albums. Thus, Page had a powerful influence on the fantastic lyrics and work of Robert Plant. And also on his dramatic guitar parts, making them even better.
Jimmy Page’s interaction with occult affairs was so global (much more potent than that of the rest of Led Zeppelin) that throughout his life, he collected occult-related artefacts, quite rare editions of books related to the occult theme. Led Zeppelin III even used some of Crowley’s expressions and spells. “Must act by law / Do what you want /” This was especially noticeable in the last tracks of this album.

Occult Emerged As A Theme Of Rock

Black Sabbath 1

Occultism became closely related to music and gradually became the central theme of the year that everyone talked about.
From all these early occult manifestations in music and creativity, many other artists and bands began their musical activities. They were also inspired by this otherworldly phenomenon. Which was based on a balanced combination of drugs, rock and roll, sex and deep interest.
And a deep interest in topics that you cannot see with your own eyes and, even more so, explain logically. Something like “Devil Music” suddenly became an incredibly global and mainstream genre that continues to exist today.
The well-known Alice Cooper, dressed in a snake outfit, heavy rock anthems, stage image of noir, and of course devil worship, made a whole generation of children interested in and following occult ideas and, of course, legendary musicians. The cult group Black Sabbath was the embodiment of something occult and satanic, with its deep and dark rock music. It especially stood out from among other performers and groups.
From all the early proponents and researchers of the occult in rock and roll, including those mentioned above (and in addition to such cult musical groups as The Blue Oyster Cult and KISS), many subversive rock groups emerged, beginning with every new decade, making it more and more trendy.
Bands such as Ghost, Uncle Acid, Jex Thoth, Kadavar, and Burning Saviors can be attributed to occult activities in contemporary rock music these days.


In general, in terms of its belonging to the rock scene and music, occultism personifies people’s desire for freedom and self-expression.
You need to understand which subgenre of rock you would prefer to listen to. It is essential because each of these subgenres involves going beyond conventional frameworks, a path to liberation from everyday oppression. And ultimately, freedom and independence from external circumstances.
This whole theme of occult rock continues today. Moreover it is only gaining momentum, keeping the ideals of this musical faith alive. If this musical ideology resonates with you, then it’s time to go to the dark side. Dive in and explore this endless world of occult music. We hope our article helped you learn more about this fantastic genre of music.

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