Men’s Boots And Skinny Jeans – Casual Combinations

Men's Boots And Skinny Jeans - Casual Combinations

Men’s Boots And Skinny Jeans – Casual Combinations

As we all already know, boots are the first on the list of must-have shoes for most men. This is all due to the fact that they are pretty stylish, practical, convenient and, no less important, versatile. You can be sure that any of your casual or formal looks will become even more fashionable with a pair of ankle boots.
We would like to say with certainty that many guys sometimes find it challenging to combine their stylish casual boots with other clothes, especially skinny jeans!
In most cases, it is difficult to find the perfect pair of men`s boots to go with skinny jeans. Therefore, if you also find it complicated, our article is just for you! This article will help you avoid the mistakes of creating a certain look by wearing skinny jeans with a pair of boots.
Everything is extremely simple. In the combination of skinny jeans and ankle boots, it is necessary to consider the type of shoes, as well as your body type. At the same time, the colour of your jeans, which you chose to match with your boots, plays a significant role too.

For A Casual Look With Men`s Boots

For A Casual Look

Currently, you can find many options for pairing men’s boots with skinny jeans to create an attractive casual outfit that will look unbeatable. The most important thing here is to find a balance between the boots and the skinny jeans that suit you best.

A mix of brown desert boots and light skinny jeans is an excellent choice for a casual look. And of course, keep in mind that an ordinary dark or grey T-shirt will complete your look – as we all know, genius lies in simplicity.

An outstanding option would also be to pair faded skinny blue jeans with hiking boots for men. This look can be perfectly emphasized with a cashmere sweater which will add comfort to your outfit.

Summarizing, to create a unique casual look with skinny jeans, you will need the following types of boots:

  • Combat boots (preferably with a matte finish)
  • Desert boots
  • Brogue Slip-On Boots
  • Simple suede ankle boots

For An Industrial Look

For An Industrial Look

If we talk about an industrial outfit, then you will need to combine skinny jeans with boots, and you should also always pay attention to the textures and colours of boots with jeans.

The industrial style is a wonderful aesthetic image. Shabby clothes, leather jackets, and ripped jeans will be great here.

Your clothes in the form of boots and skinny jeans should naturally reflect this.

To create a classic industrial look, you will need to pair frayed skinny jeans with combat boots, as combat boots are a suitable option for creating industrial or post-apocalyptic looks and styles, as well as a combination of ordinary work or biker boots.

It would be logical to complete this look with a checkered shirt or an ordinary plain T-shirt in combination with a worn denim jacket.

Check out these types of boots to pair with frayed skinny jeans for an industrial look:

  • Biker boots
  • Work Boots
  • Combat boots

For An Outdoors Look With Men`s Boots

For An Outdoors Look

To create an outdoor outfit, you will need hiking boots or woodlands mixed with faded blue skinny jeans to look stylish. It will be a classic option! More natural tones, such as skinny green jeans paired with dark brown boots, will also work.

If you want to make this look more complete, a checkered shirt is perfect for this. With its help, you can create the image of a brutal man. If you want to wear a jacket, parka, or coat, then it is desirable that they are in natural colours.

The key idea is to have a brutal look. Therefore, flap pockets, storm cuffs, and tight collars are appropriate here.

A monochromatic scarf will help you emphasize this look.

Outdoors look, along with skinny jeans, will perfectly emphasize the following boots:

  • Brown or tan suede ankle boots
  • Timberland Style Boots
  • Hiking boots 

For An Evening Look

For An Evening Look

To create an elegant evening look, you will also need boots to complete your jeans. For an evening look, men’s Chelsea boots, brogues, or any other low to medium heel boots are ideal.

Chelsea boots in dark colour will perfectly match in the mix with brown, dark, or navy skinny jeans. A lighter version of Chelsea boots will go well with medium grey plain jeans.

In society, it is believed that brown and black colours can be challenging to match with other clothes for both men and women, but in reality, this is not the case. You just need to choose an accessory of approximately the same colour for dark-coloured boots, which will immediately emphasize your overall appearance. The main thing here is a small coincidence of colours but not a complete copy of them.

Another suitable option for creating an evening look for yourself is to add a brown-grey or dark leather jacket to boots with skinny jeans. A regular t-shirt is also quite appropriate, but a torn punk t-shirt or a t-shirt with a print will become more suitable for creating a more brutal evening look.

An alternative evening outfit is lace-up boots along with skinny black jeans. Also, for an evening look, a jacket or a sports-type coat will perfectly fit for a unique look that does not look mediocre.

For an evening combination with dark skinny jeans, these boots are suitable for you:

  • Suede slip-on sneakers
  • Chelsea boots
  • Brogue boots
  • Lace-up boots with leather trim


So, as you already understood from our article, boots together with skinny jeans have many stylish combinations. All that remains to be done is to understand which style you like best. This is precisely what will help you create those daily combinations with boots and skinny jeans that will delight you every day.

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