Men’s Ankle Boots – Stylish Combination Tips


Men’s Ankle Boots – Stylish Combination Tips

This pair of shoes is the most universal thing that is a mandatory attribute of the wardrobe of every style-conscious man. And now we are talking about men’s ankle boots. You can recognize them by the fact that this pair of shoes usually reaches the ankle or just above it. Ankle boots are a universal pair of shoes because they fit perfectly into any outfit for any event. And this very fact makes them an ideal choice for buying shoes that are suitable for both casual and trendy wear.

In our guide, you can find all the information you need to learn more about this pair of shoes. We will provide you with valuable tips for styling and combining men’s ankle boots with your other clothes. We will also attract your attention to the most frequent mistakes that most people make when creating outfits with these shoes.

So keep reading to discover new ways to look trendy and fascinating with men’s ankle boots without much effort. We will definitely take care of it!

What Exactly Are Ankle Boots?

What Exactly Are Ankle Boots

Let’s start by discussing what ankle boots actually are. This is the initial step in understanding which pair of shoes will suit you best.

You certainly have a lot of questions about their appearance and length. Or you can think about what kind of socks to wear them with. But you don’t need to worry because now we will answer all your questions.

First of all, let’s start with the fact that ankle boots are a type of shoe where the top of the shoe lies above the ankle but below the widest point of the calf. This is a basic explanation of the matter. But it will not always look like this, because in modern fashion, everything changes at an incredible speed. Therefore, it is necessary to always monitor and track new trends.

Sometimes you can meet such a name of ankle boots as Chelsea. They date back to the ancient times of the Victorian era. The most exciting thing is that this pair of shoes were invented by the Queen’s official bootmaker at the time. Chelsea is a pair of shoes that suits both men and women. They do not have laces, which gives them a rather stylish look. These shoes have elastic rubber on the ankle for a more comfortable fit.

We also want to note that they have a heel and tongue on the back. This, in turn, makes it easier to control when you slide into them.

Currently, you can find ankle boots in most stores that are made of leather, suede, or a synthetic version of each. Now let’s briefly go through each of them.

Leather Ankle Boots

Leather Ankle Boots

Let’s start with the most popular model of ankle boots, namely leather ones. Usually, they are made of smooth, thin, aesthetic leather. Shoes made of such material will certainly add elegance to any of your outfits. Leather ankle boots are also suitable for formal events. We recommend wearing them with a classic trouser suit. Black leather ankle boots will be the most successful because this colour, as we all know, goes with almost everything. In stores, this pair of shoes are presented in many styles, so you will not have any difficulties in finding a pair that will suit you and your preferences. Leather ankle boots are also suitable for smart-casual or business-casual outfits. We would like to note that the brown colour will be the most appropriate here. So choose your style and colour of leather ankle boots and create your elegant outfits with them.

Suede Ankle Boots

Now let’s move on to ankle boots made of suede. Their texture makes them look more casual than, let’s say, a leather pair. Suede ankle boots are more flexible, so it’s easy to create outfits with them, for just a walk or even for a party with friends. But despite this, this pair of shoes has a stylish and luxurious look that will not leave you indifferent. We recommend pairing these ankle boots mostly with more relaxed outfits to always look fashionable. Currently, you can choose between the two most common colours, namely: black and brown.

How to Style Men’s Ankle Boots

How to Style Men's Ankle Boots

And now, we will move on to the most exciting part of our guide. Namely, to advise on their fashionable stylization. Now you know the basics about men’s ankle boots and their most common types. We have already simplified your detailed acquaintance with this pair of shoes, so now you will be able to easily understand and apply the tips that we will give you later in your life.

As you already know, ankle boots are a pretty versatile pair of shoes. They are perfectly combined with different styles and suitable for any occasion, such as formal or casual. But you should know in advance what outfit you want to create with this pair of shoes. And how to successfully combine them with your other clothes.

Don’t worry. That’s why we created this fashion guide about men’s ankle boots. It will help you in this challenging task. So keep reading and memorize these important style tips!

Casual look

For casual combinations, it is not necessary to always choose sneakers as shoes in your outfit. Better try wearing ankle boots, and you will immediately see the difference. They will add style and modernity to your look and emphasize your excellent taste. Whether ankle boots are made of leather or suede, it all depends only on your preferences. But we would like to advise in most cases to choose models made of suede, for more relaxed looks.

Take a closer look at brown suede ankle boots. They will add interest and lightness to your look. This pair of shoes is quite versatile and will go well with your other clothes. If you are thinking about what to wear them with for a walk with friends, there is no problem. Because we definitely know what to advise you! We suggest you complete your look with a white t-shirt, skinny jeans and a denim shirt for a more stylish look.

Smart-casual look

Lovers of smart-casual style can not worry. Because ankle boots are perfect for this style as well as for casual style. This pair of shoes is a must-have in your smart-casual wardrobe if you want to always look elegant and solid. They will perfectly complete your favourite double-breasted coat and black jeans. Ankle boots can finish any of your stylish outfits. 

But we would like to advise you, in choosing between black and brown pairs, to give preference to black. Because black ankle boots are the best choice for creating a trendy urban outfit.

Business-casual look

Now let’s move on to a more complex style, namely business style. As we all know, ankle boots are versatile shoes that are suitable for any style and any event. And from this, we can be sure that they can also be combined with stylish outfits in a business style. But there is something vital that you should always pay attention to. And now we are talking about the right balance.

So first, we advise you to give preference to ankle boots made of leather. But choose a basic and classic design that will not catch the eye of everyone who sees them on you. This is necessary in order for your look to be more concise and elegant and not to overload your outfit.

Then you’ll need to buy a pair of chinos, a nice button-down shirt, and a jacket. This outfit, combined with leather ankle boots, will be suitable both for a business meeting and for everyday wear. But if you want to add a twist to your outfit, then you can do it with the help of prints. A checkered or diamond pattern on a shirt or jacket will be an ideal solution in this matter.

Semi-formal look

And the last one will be a semi-official style. If you have long been looking for an alternative to such shoes as brogues, oxfords and loafers, then ankle boots are exactly the option you need. They will look great in combination with your favourite suits and create a stylish picture of your look.

We also want to advise something about colour combinations. If you usually prefer dark grey suits, then black ankle boots will be your perfect pair. But if you prefer dark blue or brown suits, then black or brown ankle boots will be just for you. The right combination of colours is an important step in creating elegant and fashionable semi-formal outfits. So don’t forget about it!

The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Ankle Boots


Now we will move on to the most exciting part of our guide. After we have told you in detail about all the basics of men’s ankle boots and given you the most important tips on stylish combinations with them, you definitely need to know this. Namely, about the most frequent mistakes that people make when creating outfits with these shoes. Now we will tell you what you need and what you don’t need to do when you combine ankle boots with your other clothes.

And we will start with Dos:

  • First of all, you need to make sure that your pants fit neatly over your ankle boots. This is necessary in order to emphasize your stylish look and make your silhouette more relaxed and fluid.
  • And one more, no less important thing to do. If you prefer suede ankle boots, you don’t need to forget that they should always be covered with a suede protector. This is due to the fact that a pair of shoes made of this material is more prone to damage from moisture. Therefore, if you want to keep their flawless appearance for a long time, you need to follow this advice.

And now let’s go to Don’ts:

  • The most significant thing you need to remember is that you don’t need to wear ankle boots with wide trousers. Because such a combination will spoil the proportions of your figure and will not look elegant. We suggest you give preference to skinny models of jeans.
  • We also want to note that the colour of ankle boots also has its own details of combination. For example, a black is an ideal option if you want to create an outfit in an urban style. But if you want to form a more relaxed look, then you should choose brown ankle boots. Do not forget about these nuances because they will play a decisive role in the first look at your outfit!


So that’s it! Now you know a lot more information about men’s ankle boots and how they can be stylishly combined. We hope you find our tips and four trendy ways to style these shoes helpful. And don’t forget to take into account our most significant comments about the dos and don’ts of styling them. So mix and match your sophisticated outfits with men’s ankle boots!

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