Lolita Fashion Trend – Its Origin And Essentials

Lolita Fashion Trend - Its Origin And Essentials

Lolita Fashion Trend – Its Origin And Essentials

We have been thinking for a long time about what else we have not discussed here on our blog. And then we had a great idea about the fact that we have never discussed Lolita fashion with you! So our, today’s guide will be about this wonderful trend. You must have already had a question in your mind. Why did we mention this fashion in particular? And that’s because out of all the whimsical, quirky, and visually dazzling fashion trends, lolita fashion is one of the most visible and recognizable among all the others.

This exciting and, at the same time, a stunning subculture emerged in the 1980s and, over the decades, began to take the entire Western world by storm with its unparalleled appearance. In this way, it began to create a certain revolution of cuteness and inspire people with it.

But everything is not as uncomplicated as it might seem at first sight. Because, like any other alternative subculture, many of which we have already reviewed in our previous guides, the Lolita fashion, its history and basic principles have a deeper meaning. With this, you need to study in more detail this fashion in order to correctly understand the whole essence of this trend. Because cuteness itself is not all that hides this incredibly interesting Lolita fashion.

And we want to warn you in advance that this fashion has nothing to do with the Western sexual principles associated with the novel of the same name by Vladimir Nabokov, which you must have already heard about. First of all, this subculture symbolizes cuteness, elegance and modesty. This Lolita fashion is the most developed in Japanese culture, hence its incredibly charming aesthetic.

So we hope that you are already looking forward to the fact that we will start talking about this fashion in more detail. And if you are definitely ready to be overwhelmed by the attractiveness and cuteness of this trend. Then we can start our stylish and informative Lolita fashion guide.

Let’s dig deeper into the very essence of this trend!

Episode 1: Lolita Fashion From the 80s to the 90s 


Well, of course, we will start with the foundation of this fashion. Lolita fashion was born as a direct descendant of the same stylish trend called Doll Fashion. It all arose at the beginning of the 1980s, which were also noted for their style. First of all, this style was popularized by the innovative fashion brand Pink House. The fashion of the dollhouse was designed by such a famous label as Milk. It was quite famous in those days and could be seen very often on the covers of well-known magazines at that time.

But what was popularized by the Milk label still could not be called the Lolita fashion that we know and imagine today. Although they often leaned towards the concepts of this style. In those days, the people and brands that brought this modernized style of the dollhouse to people were called Olive Girls. Why were they called that way? This is all due to the fact that they had a great love for Olive Magazine, a well-known publication at that time.

And already in the second half of the 1980s, most of the people who belonged to the Olive Girls began to wear brighter, more diverse and visually impressive outfits. They attracted the attention of every passer-by to themselves and their style. And most of all, it happened when they went to see a live performance of their favourite performers. Many fashionistas signed contracts with the most famous indie label of the time. For example, such as Nagomu Records. Due to their fascination with this label, they got the name Nagomu Girls and have now started to call themselves that.

Episode 2: Japanese Lolita Fashion: 1990 – 2000

Episode 2 Japanese Lolita Fashion 1990 - 2000

So now let’s talk about when, after all, Lolita fashion began its existence. In those times when it started to be really popularized, widely distributed and picked up by fashionable media. And we are talking about the 90s when this fashion got its official name, which we are all familiar with today. Also, it was at that time that Lolita fashion gained a more prominent place in the public consciousness.

At the same time, many rock groups started their creation. They took their inspiration from the visual key atmosphere that prevailed at that time. Moreover, the world-famous group X Japan released their seminal debut album, which captured everyone’s attention.

We also want to note something about some characteristics of visual key. Because this is a very significant part of the fashion of that time. They include lavish outfits and dresses, feminine make-up and an obsession with visual effects above all else. What’s more, the popularity of X Japan, along with its many explosive hits, has added additional attention to the world of Lolita fashion. And this has made the trend for this fashion even more popular.

This fashion began to grow further and further. And that led to it being featured in both FRUiTs and Kerouac Magazine. These magazines were pretty popular publications of the time. It was there that street shots (which you could find in the pages of those magazines) documented Lolita fanatics flaunting their unique outfits. For example, it could be such famous stars as Pretty, Jane Marple and Vivienne Westwood.

And already by the end of the 90s, Lolita fashion had spread abroad. Thanks to this, new innovative brands began to appear which were dedicated to culture. Moreover, it also led to a massive diversification of the genre.

Episode 3: Lolita Fashion since the Turn of the Millennium


This period is marked by the fact that the subculture of Gothic Lolita began to emerge from the depths and show all its beauty to the whole world. All this happened shortly before the beginning of the new millennium. The phenomenon of all this was primarily caused by the particular popularity of such a Japanese band called Malice Mizer. In particular, the style of Gothic Lolita owes its popularity to the legendary guitarist of the band Mana. He dressed in a predominantly black lolita style with undeniable gothic undertones. In this outfit, FRUiTs Magazine picked him up and made him and his style particularly popular.

But Lolita fashion reached the peak of its popularity precisely after the release of such a famous movie as Kamikaze Girls. This film hit the big screens shortly after the turn of the millennium. It was this film that was able to turn Lolita’s fashionable style, already known to many at that time, into an international cultural phenomenon.

At the same time, another important event took place. And we are talking about the “Bible of Gothic and Lolita”, published for the first time. Even today, it is considered the main guide to understanding this fashion in real terms.

We also want to add that due to the fact that Lolita fashion was assimilated by the Western world, various branches of this style began to develop. But at the same time, this fashion retained its roots in Japan. And if we continue to talk about the branches of Lolita fashion, then we can name two main examples, such as Loli Punk and Country Lolita.

All these branches really have the right to exist because they are not meaningless. They have been able to create this mind-blowing fashion. And also they make this movement more substantial, more exciting and more meaningful than ever before. Oh, the variety and basics of this fashion are truly incredible!

Episode 4: Lolita Fashion Facts

Episode 4 Lolita Fashion Facts

So we have almost reached the end. And here we would like to tell you about the history of this fashion. Because you already know more than enough about her from the information given above. In particular, we would like to tell you about some interesting and fascinating facts about Lolita fashion that you undoubtedly did not know. So here are these amazing facts:

  1. Lolita fashion has its origins not only in the style of Doll fashion. It also had strong associations with Victorian, Edwardian and Rococo clothing styles.
  2. There is a rather exciting term called “Ita-Lolita”. This slang term specifically refers to a person who dresses in the fashionable “Lolita” style but is actually bad at it. Isn’t it interesting?
  3. Another unusual fact is that Japanese phrases such as Kuro (黒)/Shiro (白), which mean black and white, form a particular branch of Lolita fashion. It is based on a limited range of colours. But at the same time, in opposition to it, there are such branches of Lolita fashion as Kawaii or Cute Lolita, which focus on pastel colours.
  4. As it may seem at first glance, Lolita fashion is mainly for women only. But this is not true at all! This fashion also belongs to men. Men who dress in this style are called brolites. These people look like real fashionistas and definitely have great taste in clothes.


And now we have come to the very end of our guide on Lolita fashion. As you have no doubt realized by now, this fashion is not some simple average style. It is an unparalleled movement, and because it does not stop and continues to evolve, it helps to empower and inspire. Moreover, it encourages to amaze and amaze people from all walks of life all over the world. 

Nowadays, many different branches of Lolita fashion have developed. So you will definitely not have any problems in finding the one that suits you. But moreover, if you have a rather well-developed quality, such as creativity, then you can try to create your own branch. That would be incredible!

Lolita fashion is exactly the case when we can certainly say that it is becoming more prominent, better and more relevant every day. Therefore, if you really like this incredible fashion style, then experiment and create your own individual outfits in this style. With the information from our guide, you will undoubtedly be able to do this without any effort. So we wish you good luck and successful Lolita outfits!

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