Jeans Of Your Dreams – An Ideal Choice Guide

Jeans Of Your Dreams - An Ideal Choice Guide

Jeans Of Your Dreams – An Ideal Choice Guide

Jeans have long become a basic thing for both men and women. They always interest us with their long history of popularity. Today, jeans are the most common pants that exist. They have become available to us in many forms and types. And this led not only to positive consequences but also to negative ones, especially in the search for the perfect jeans. Unfortunately, we understand very well that these searches sometimes become very stressful and challenging for each of us.

But don’t worry, because we know exactly how to help you with this! Finding the perfect pair of jeans that will suit your figure is actually not as difficult as it seems at first glance. The most important thing you need is just a little extra knowledge in choosing jeans. Thanks to these new skills, this search will bring you only positive emotions from the purchase.

The information in this guide will help you learn everything you need to know. Here you can read about what ideal jeans are and what they should be. And most significantly, we will be able to tell you about the perfect criteria that will suit your body type.

So let’s get started!

Finding Your Rise

Let’s start with the fact that the waist height of the jeans, which you can also call just the rise, is the most important step when beginning to choose the perfect jeans. There are three most common types of waist height: high, medium and low. Between them, you will undoubtedly be able to choose something in which you will feel comfortable during the day.

Equally important here is also the fact that your gender does not play any role in this. But we should not forget about all the features of our height. In this matter, it is of the most significant importance.



And as you may have assumed, we will start our review with the most trendy fit: the high one. From classic to modified designs, jeans with this fit have won the favour of many. The high fit will be an ideal choice for people with an athletic physique and those with an hourglass figure. Jeans with this fit will also be a good buy for those who like to tuck in their shirts and other blouses.


mid rise

Now we will move on to the most common fit of jeans: the medium fit. Choosing this fit, you will never go wrong because it suits practically all jeans lovers. It will suit almost every figure and emphasize all its advantages. Mid-rise jeans will go great with any of your t-shirts and shirts.



For those who like to show all the advantages of their figure, don’t worry, we also have the perfect option for you. Yes, yes, we are talking about low-rise jeans. Thanks to this fit, you will be able to emphasize your seductive forms and fragile waist in the best way.

We also want to add that the presence of such forms is not mandatory. If you still want to look perfect, then you need to look for jeans with this fit, preferably with a slim cut.

Body Shape And Styles That Fit

Before choosing the perfect pair of jeans, you need to take one more important step. We are talking specifically about determining the shape of your figure. If you have an hourglass shape, pear shape, straight or rhomboid-shaped body, don’t worry because it won’t stop you from choosing the jeans of your dreams.

The key to making your search easier will be to understand your body shape and the characteristics of your figure.

The easiest way to determine your body shape is to measure your chest, shoulders, waist, and hips.

Finding Your Shoulder Measurement:


So let’s start with how exactly you should measure your shoulders. To determine their size, you need to measure the distance between them. We recommend doing this from behind for more accurate results.

Finding Your Bust Measurement: 


Now let’s move on to measuring your breast size. To do this, you need to measure it under the armpits and along the greater part of the chest or bust. So you can do it without any problems.

Finding Your Waist Measurement: 

Finding Your Waist Measurement

The next thing we’re going to talk about is measuring your waist. For this, you will need a tape measure. With its help, you need to measure the smallest part of the waist to find out your exact parameters.

Finding your Hip Measurement:

Finding your Hip Measurement

And last but not least is the measurement of your hips. To do this, you need to measure their widest part.

Find Your Style

Find Your Style

A great variety of designs and styles of jeans have been created today. In order to find the option that suits your figure and style, you need to try on different ones. Because as we all know, each model of jeans can look different on one or another type of figure.

Athletic Body Types:

Let’s start with people who are lucky to have an athletic body type. You are definitely lucky because finding the perfect jeans for your figure will not be a difficult task.

So here are some jeans options that will undoubtedly emphasize your perfect body in the best possible way: light skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans and straight jeans.

Curvy Body Types: 

Now we will move on to those people who have no less beautiful forms, namely curvy body types. And if you ever thought that jeans are not the right clothes for you because of these shapes, you are definitely wrong. And now, we will affirm it to you. Because if you choose the right model of jeans that suits your figure, you will be able to look simply perfect, and you will gain even more confidence wearing them every day.

So here we have collected a checklist of jeans that you undoubtedly need to try in order to finally fall in love with these clothes. These are the jeans that will look perfect on a curvy body: boyfriend jeans, dark skinny jeans, straight jeans with a slight stretch in a relaxed fit, bootcut jeans and flared jeans.

Slim Body Types: 

And the last type of figure that we will talk about is the slender, or as it is also called the straight type. Owners of this body type should always remember one thing when looking for the jeans of their dreams. And the thing is that you need to choose precisely such jeans that will sit perfectly on your waist and repeat all the fragility of your body.

And to make your task more uncomplicated, we have selected several options from which you should start your search: boyfriend jeans, light skinny jeans, and straight jeans.

Jeans Styles:

As we all know, jeans today exist in various shapes, colours and with different prints that attract the attention of many people. But here, we would like to focus your attention precisely on the fact that each of these styles suits a different type of figure and improves it in different ways. So, in order to better understand all the nuances of this topic, we should briefly go through all the styles of jeans.

Boyfriend Jeans: 

Women Jeans with Zippers and Button / Alternative Fashion Plus Size Women Full Length Pants - HARD'N'HEAVY

So we will start our review with jeans that can be recognized by their fit. And these are the boyfriend’s jeans. This model of jeans will be an ideal option for those who have such figures as a sports figure or an “apple” type figure.

We advise you to combine boyfriend jeans with fitted tops and sneakers to always look really stylish and unsurpassed.

Skinny Jeans: 

Fashion Ladies High Waist Elastic Jeans / Cool Casual Skinny Denim Pencil - HARD'N'HEAVY

Now let’s move on to the most favoured type of jeans. And as you might have guessed, now we will talk about skinny jeans. We want to warn you right away that if you think that skinny jeans are only for people with a thin or toned body, then you are definitely wrong. These jeans can be a suitable option for any body type.

For example, for such figures as apple or athletic builds, the best choice will be light jeans. But for such figures as a pear or an hourglass, dark skinny jeans are best suited.

Skinny jeans will become an excellent addition to the wardrobe for those people who like large tops and additional accessories and create stylish outfits with them.

Straight Leg Jeans: 

Fashion Women's Baggy Mom Wide Jeans / Cool Stretch Straight Pants with Pockets - HARD'N'HEAVY

Next, we will continue our review by moving on to the most classic version of jeans. And we are talking about straight jeans. If you don’t know where to start when choosing your new jeans, this is the best option because they suit all body types. The most important criterion when choosing this model of jeans for choosing the most suitable proportions is the correct stretch and size. You should always remember that straight jeans should be loose and comfortable for everyday wear.

We recommend creating classic outfits by pairing these jeans with your favourite t-shirts. Also, no less important is the fact that you can wear your T-shirts tucked into these jeans or on the release. It all depends only on your preferences.

Boot Cut Jeans: 

Stylish High Waist Jeans with Gothic Embroidered Alphabet / Trend Women's Simple Long Legs Pants

We would also like to talk with you about the combination of straight jeans with different types of shoes. Since this model of jeans is a versatile choice for both men and women, this is a rather weighty topic. So, straight jeans will be perfectly combined with such types of shoes as heels, army boots, and other casual shoes.

But the best combination will still be straight jeans and boots. They are perfectly combined with various shirts, blouses and pullovers. In this combination, you will always look modern and stylish.

Flare Jeans: 

Flare Jeans

And the last model that we will discuss now will be flared jeans. These jeans will undoubtedly suit bright and self-confident individuals who want to show the world their beautiful style. This exquisite model is suitable for such figures as the “hourglass” or “pear”. The most exciting thing is that the extended fabric at the end of the leg can perfectly balance all your curves and emphasize all your fragility.

Flare jeans are a hello from the 70s for those who love retro clothes and everything related to them.

Try It Out: 

Try It Out

In our modern world, we are all used to buying almost everything online. But to do this with clothes is quite problematic. Because the most important step in finding the jeans of your dreams is trying them on in person. In the picture, the jeans may look perfect on the model wearing them, but in reality, everything may be different.

You should also not forget about the significance of the elasticity of jeans. Do not neglect this factor because the additional elasticity will only add comfort to your everyday wear.


While finding an ideal pair of jeans can take some of your time and energy, it’s still worth it. Because these clothes are one of the most popular items that should be in your wardrobe. Jeans are the kind of universal clothes that you can wear to a party or a walk with friends, or just wear them at home.

We hope that our guide will help you in your search for the perfect pair of jeans and make sure that you spend this time in a fun and light mood. And the most important thing is that in the end, you will be 100% satisfied with your new stylish purchase.

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