How To Style Cardigan In A Gothic Manner

How To Style Cardigan In A Gothic Manner

How To Style Cardigan In A Gothic Manner

In today’s article, we will discuss one rather stylish and trendy thing at all times. We are going to talk about cardigans!

Why are they so popular? And the answer lies in their universality. Cardigans are ideal both for workdays or light walks and for lazy weekends. An important advantage of these clothes is also that you can wear them with almost anything! Furthermore, due to the fact that they are different in style and versatile, they are also great for all seasons.

Something like a lightweight cardigan is great for summer evenings, while a chunky knit cardigan is perfect for keeping warm on a cold winter day.

In this article, we can assure you that even though knitwear is usually associated with something fluffy and comfortable for most of us, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be edgy and gothic! Regardless of whether you prefer a softer gothic style. Or maybe you are a fan of a more traditional gothic aesthetic. And even if you’re a fan of something directly in the style of nu-goth. A cardigan is exactly what you need!

Option 1 – Classic Goth


Let’s start with the most typical variant of styling a cardigan. Namely in the classic gothic style. When you’re looking to style a cardigan for a traditional goth look, you have a few options. And here are several options that we can offer you. Firstly, you can opt for a lighter black lace cardigan as opposed to a bulky knit. Why this particular cardigan? Well, the answer is that flowing fabrics are probably more typical of the “traditional” gothic style and will have a more classic look. You can also try an elongated duster cardigan with black patterned leggings for a more romantic look. In addition, you can choose a shorter version of the cardigan or a more fitted lace cardigan to make things look a little less flashy. It all depends only on your preferences and views on fashion trends.

Or you can also try styling a longer, open cardigan with ruffles for an interesting neo-Victorian look. It will look perfect paired with skinny black jeans, a simple black shirt and your favourite chunky heels. In this way, you will be able to create a truly modern gothic outfit.

Such an image will be an interesting solution for going to work. Because flounces will complement the entire ensemble of your image. But, if you’re looking for something new, we suggest wearing a long frilled skirt with a cropped cardigan instead for a more traditional goth look that’s sure to be your favourite.

Our main advice here would be to stick to black and dark colours for these looks. But if you still decide to add some colour, then it is better to give preference to dark purple and red colours and their shades.

Although traditional goth is associated with the colour black in most people, this does not mean that you are forbidden to add some other colours if you have the desire to do so. Keep the colour to either accent pieces or just one part of your outfit. This must be followed in order not to exaggerate with it.

Option 2 – Gothic Grunge

Option-2-Gothic-Grunge (1)

Well, we are sure that among our readers, there are admirers of grunge style, so we advise you to read carefully because this part is just for you! For an edgy grunge look with a gothic twist, wear an oversized cardigan with distressed details. You will need to pair it with boyfriend jeans or cigarette jeans and sneakers. But opt for a gothic print t-shirt rather than a stereotypical ribbon t-shirt. Because just such a t-shirt with a ribbon can usually be seen in any outfit in the grunge style. Therefore, in order to stand out, you need to look for a suitable t-shirt with a gothic print that you will like.

Our main advice for this part of our article will be that it is better to use an open-knitted cardigan for the grunge. It is not necessary to choose a fitted one with a lot of buttons. As for the colour, here you can choose a classic black cardigan. But you can also try a cardigan in olive, brown or another muted colour that fits both the gothic and grunge aesthetic.

The central part of creating a truly grunge look is casual, oversized and shabby clothes. So don’t be afraid to pull out that old cardigan with a few holes in it. It will become precisely what you need! We also recommend that you think about multi-layering. What’s more, you can even make a cardigan with a muted check print and cover it with a light gothic sweater. In this way, you can add warmth and create a more textured gothic grunge style and attract everyone’s attention with your appearance.

Option 3 – Gothic Pinup Style

Option 3 - Gothic Pinup

Now we will move on to another no less famous style, namely the pinup style and its combination with the gothic style to create a stylish outfit with a cardigan. Therefore, in order to create the perfect combination of gothic and pinup style, you need to choose a classic fitted cardigan. And combine it with a vintage dress with a neckline, preferably with a cool gothic print. For example, you can take into account a rockabilly dress with a skull print. And add to it a gothic headband and a pair of court shoes of wild colour. Like, for example, bright green. Such a combination will be an unmistakable turn away from the psychobilly style and a good mix of pinup and gothic.

And if we are talking about colour, then here is valuable information for you on this topic. While the more “classic” colours for pinup are red, black, white and blue, that doesn’t mean you can’t go for other tones. Of course, you can also match these colours to the rest of your outfit and look simply fabulous. Here, for example, you can take skinny red jeans, a white tank top and a black gothic cardigan with red roses on the shoulders, and we guarantee that in this outfit, you will attract the attention of everyone around you.

But do not forget to experiment with various accessories in the gothic style. They play an essential role in your ensemble as well! For example, a 50s-style cardigan with a vintage gothic brooch, pumps and a skull bow would be a nice finishing touch. In such an outfit, you will be simply incredible!

We also want to warn you that whether you add goth elements to your outfit or not, you need to remember that pinup style is generally clean and toned down. Therefore, you should always make sure that you look elegant and that your clothes fit you as they should. In this way, you will definitely have everything perfect.

Option 4 – Witchy Goth


Maybe let’s move on to something connected with spells and the occult? If you are interested in this, then this part of our article is definitely for you!

Let’s start with the fact that there is such a type of goth as the pagan goths. This is a more spiritual type of goth, and the style of these types of people reflects the pagan Goths’ love of magic and nature, drawing inspiration from Wiccan fashion.

The most important thing, in this case, will be that such an image consists of the right patterns and decorations. Our first tip here would be to try and find a variety of skull, pentagram, Ouija and cross cardigans. An elongated cardigan with a cutout in the form of a skull or a pentagram on the back will look no less successful with this style. But don’t worry if you can’t find one that you really like, you can always make your own.

For example, depending on the material of the cardigan, you can sew one or two gothic patches on the back or embroider a pattern on the back if you really have a knack for it.

One of the great things about a witch cardigan is that you can wear it with almost anything and for any occasion. Our recommendation would be to try to combine such a cardigan with skinny jeans and platform boots with spikes. And don’t forget to complement such outfits with accessories! They can always add a bit of individuality. For example, you can add a choker with moon and crystal colours or spectacular rings. The main thing here is to stick to black and grey colours to create a magical and mystical gothic image.

Option 5 – Industrial Goth

Option 5 - Industrial Goth

We are certain that you have already heard more than once about such a branch of the gothic style as the industrial gothic style. But what exactly does it mean? The whole point of this style is that it is military and punk style clothing.

We want to warn you that cardigans in this style can probably feel a bit more structured and less flowing than other styles. But we are here to bring clarity to this topic and explain to you how to put it all together correctly. A military style cardigan goes well with an industrial, gothic style, so don’t be afraid to experiment and create outfits by combining these two styles. For example, we recommend you try pairing skinny jeans with combat boots. We guarantee you that such an image will definitely look complete.

Also, don’t forget that spikes and studs are a must for industrial goths. Therefore, you should definitely try to find a cardigan with spikes along the shoulders or along the edges. But don’t worry if you can’t find one. You can always just add some studs or rivets to a cardigan you already have and make it your own!

And if you want to look really unique and creative, then you can get imaginative with the fabric itself. The secret is that cardigans do not necessarily have to be knitted. For example, you can buy a cardigan with leather details or leather sleeves. Add to it metallic jewellery and a mask, and your industrial, gothic look will be completely complete and perfect.


Here we come to the end of our informative article on how to properly style a cardigan in the gothic style. We hope that you will be able to find here precisely that styling option that you like the most and turn it into reality by creating your own outfit. So experiment and create your own stylish and genuinely unique gothic outfits with a cardigan!

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