How To Match Your Footwear With The Cuts Of Your Jeans


How To Match Your Footwear With The Cuts Of Your Jeans



Jeans have been an essential item for men for years now, they come in various sizes, cuts, styles, color schemes and remain one of the best and most universal pieces of clothing for several occasions. You might be thinking it’s simple to put together an outfit by grabbing a pair of jeans and sneakers, for example, together, however this isn’t always the case. Bringing a perfect fit to life is not that simple, it’s an art and requires special skills, but don’t worry, we can teach you! If you’re interested in how you can try spicing up your outfits, keep reading our guide. 

Think Of The Occasion 

First things first, you need to know what kind of event you’re planning an outfit for. Keep in mind that even though jeans are usually thought of as a casual style item, they can easily complement casual, semi-formal, and formal outfits depending on the material and color. Experiment with different combinations and see what works best for your preference and the theme of the event. 

Casual Style 

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A casual fit involving jeans can be built with the use of boot cut ones and your favorite sneakers of the matching tone or any universal color that will contrast with your jeans nicely. Casual outfits don’t require going all out with details and decorations, but if you wish you can add some fun things to your fit even if it’s just for a simple walk with friends. 

Semi-Formal Style (Smart)



An outfit of this kind of style will work perfectly for pretty much any activity you can face in your daily life. Whether you’re meeting up with your pals or going on a date with your new partner, this styling in the perfect middle ground between casual and fancy is quite easy to create. You will need a pair of straight jeans, cool loafers, and a simple shirt as well as minimal accessories if you wish – from a belt to a necklace, your outfit is in your hands! 

Formal Style (Dressy)

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Even though normally formal outfits require suits, if you don’t enjoy wearing them you can rearrange things for yourself and still look fancy! Slim fit jeans paired up with leather or velvet dress shoes as well as While most formal attire calls for a suit jacket and trousers, if you hate the trouser look, you can still create the perfect dressy outfit by pairing slim-fitting or straight-legged jeans in a dark wash with suede or leather dress shoes and a light long coat can do the trick of staying on track with fashion without feeling uncomfortable in clothes you don’t like. 

The Art Of Matching Jean Cuts With Footwear 

Now that we’ve established what kind of event you need your perfect outfit for, it’s time to move on to analyzing different jean cuts and their color schemes to pick what’s best for you. Take notes from this guide, but don’t ever hesitate to experiment and match items from different styles to see if you can create a new kind of cool look by yourself. 


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Slim jeans are a necessity in any closet, they have become such a popular type of the cut of men’s jeans for men that it’s considered the classic form by now. The good thing about them is that they’re easily paired up with a huge variety of shoes, however, there are some factors you need to pay attention to first. Because of their shape, you have to be mindful of what type of shoes you add – it must be slimmer than the jeans. If you want your footwear to be the main point of your outfit then of course you can pick shoes that take over the fabric, but if not, it’s best to go for something narrower. For a simple casual fit, pair them with your favorite loafers or sneakers, add a cool T-shirt and grab a backpack with you when you’re out. And if your goal is to make a bold statement, you can mix light slim jeans with some sturdy black combat boots, or on the opposite, black jeans with lighter boots – for a good contrast! 



It took time for society to progress on that matter and accept skinny jeans for men, but now it’s a go-to piece of clothing for many. You can easily meet a guy that owns at least three different pairs of these and you can too! The only disadvantage of these jeans is that with certain shoes they don’t look as good as they do with other types. Do not overstep with your experiments here and avoid shoes that are too chunky. 

Boot Cut 

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Those are also a very popular kind of stylish jeans, and the name says it all – they go best with boots. The shape of them lets you easily put the bottom part over your boots with ease. Military-style boots also work perfectly with these, however, if you wish to keep things on the casual side of fashion, they are appropriate for a combination with sneakers too. Just remember to keep your jeans the length that is enough to cover your ankles but not too long – your shoelaces should still be visible. 

Tapered Leg 

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This kind of jeans is the perfect middle between straight and slim. Your things get to have some extra room for movements when wearing these, yet a tighter fit around your calves as well as the ankle area. Considering the stated above, it’s very important to pick the appropriate pair of shoes to fit them. You can alternate them with some combat boots or sneakers, depending on where you’re going and the top items of your fit. 

Straight Leg 

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This kind is one of the essentials, for sure. Bet you have at least one pair in your wardrobe, but it might be the right time to upgrade your collection a bit. Minimalistic and comfortable, they are so universal that almost any kind of footwear pairs with them super well. When you’re looking for the right shoes be mindful of what event you need them for. Sneakers and trainers could work for a quick run to the store in the morning or a picnic, while loafers will help create a perfect look for a birthday party. Proportions are not really the issue with these jeans, so you’re free to experiment with your footwear choice. 

These rules are still present in fashion, but worry not, no one can stop you from bringing crazy ideas to life while pairing up things some people would never wear together, life should be fun so let it be – experiment with different items and see what combinations work best for you. There are no limits to your creative freedom so buckle up and rush to your new adventures rocking your new jeans with confidence!

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