How To Make Your Pool Party Truly Rock


How To Make Your Pool Party Truly Rock

The days are getting brighter. The air is getting warmer. The sun is undoubtedly shining in all its glory, and the mood around becomes very optimistic. Yes, these are all signs of summer!
Summer is the perfect time to be a little reckless, to go out and celebrate life and youth.
One of the most fun ways to do this is with a pool party. Despite the fact that over time, pool parties have lost their free spirit and festival atmosphere. The main reason is that they have become more glamorous. But all is not lost. You can still stay true to your rock and roll roots anywhere, anytime. But do not give up so quickly!
And if you’re still feeling lost and confused about how to do this, sit back and take notes (or literally take notes, if you prefer). With our essential fashion tips, you’ll be able to stick to your usual style wherever you go.

Swimsuits: Go All Out

Swimsuits Go All Out

A pool party is a wonderful way to let go of your insecurities, at least for a while. And the most important thing is to have fun and be free in your choice of form, dance movements and every step. Don’t forget to follow the drum beats and impress everyone with your confidence. Stay true to yourself while choosing exciting outfits.
The first thing you’ll need for a pool party is a swimsuit. To make sure you turn heads while staying true to the rock ‘n’ roll style, you should do some serious research on what’s hot right now for pool parties. But our advice is to avoid these items at all costs and aim for a completely opposite style to definitely stand out.
Knowing what to avoid, you can now look for swimsuits and shorts that are extraordinary. They should fit well with your personal style. Look for fun alternative swimwear with skull prints, mixed patterns, animal prints, band memorabilia, dark and edgy pieces.
Look out for shorts, tops and swimwear with interesting details and fun elements. They must definitely stand out with their colour, shape, and shiny surface. Now there are so many different options that you will never be lost. Keep an eye out for alternative swimwear that best expresses your style, personality and interests!
The key here is confidence, don’t be afraid to express yourself fully, even if some people don’t think it’s cool. The most important thing is that you enjoy your fitness, and no one has the right to convince you that this is bad enough.

Pool Party Accessories

Pool Party Accessories

Every true party enthusiast makes sure to spice their fit up with some accessories, and if you’re into rockstar kind of fashion, you definitely know how to make it work.
Accessories can be the best way to show different sides of your unique personality. You’ll also be able to flaunt your awesome rock ‘n’ roll style wherever you go.
Regardless of the weather, always have sunglasses handy. Classic Aviators go well with all outfits. But if you want to outdo yourself in this matter, you can choose a pair of funny glasses or safety glasses with unusual lenses and strange shapes. The weirder the design, the better. If not now, then when?
In addition, jewellery such as necklaces, rings or bracelets also adds a nice touch. Add a few funny patches to your swimsuit to brighten up your look. Alternate with it different tops in the style of punk or gothic. A jacket can also become an indispensable attribute of your outfit. It will work well for photography and will also help you work in the evening when it is darker and cooler outside.
Rock and roll style just screams for self-expression. You can be creative with it however you want! Let your accessories be the cool trick you have up your sleeve for a fun night out.

From Head To Toe

From Head To Toe

While you’re excited about showing off your new fabulous swimsuit and ready to rock it all night, don’t forget to also think about your head and toes.
First of all, it is essential for safety reasons not to overheat under the scorching sun or cut your leg on a piece of glass. Secondly, hats and shoes also add so much colour to your outfit. There are no limits to your creativity. You can choose a bandana with a fun skull pattern to go with your skeleton t-shirt or a cap with a fun print in a matching colour scheme.
If we’re talking about shoes, good old Converse sneakers can also go perfectly with some denim shorts. Or, if you want to really feel like a rock star, grab a pair of breathable boots, and you’re good to go!
Your fabulous swimsuit, chic accessories paired with edgy shades, and a fun choice of hat and shoes will create the perfect outfit for the night you’ve been waiting for.
Stay true to your style. And don’t forget to take care of your protection!


Wear your rock fit loud and proud this summer, follow your heart and don’t listen to what other people say. Unless, of course, it’s a compliment to your personal fashion choices. Do not forget about sunscreen. After all, no one wants to burn under the scorching sun literally. The only fire that should be present is the fiery rhythm of the music and the fire in your eyes!

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