How To Keep Up With The Fearless 90’s Style

How To Keep Up With The Fearless 90’s Style

Many of us remember those times with nostalgia. Namely, the 90s, which were distinguished by the development of technologies that we all know well today. In those days, they were evolving every day, from computers to AOL to cell phones. And all this was not only something new for people but also functional. It brought them new ways of communication and earning a living. But that’s not what we’re going to talk about today.

We will talk about something else, namely the fashion aspect of the 90s. You will undoubtedly be interested in it because, as we all know, fashion is cyclical, and most of the things that were trendy then are fashionable now. For young women who followed fashion in detail, the 90s were a time when new subcultures, self-identification and experimentation were part of global trends. At that time, there were already many options to create an image that attracted the attention of everyone around.

Our guide will be the perfect assistant for you in immersing yourself in the fashion of the 90s. Here we will talk about all the main trends of the decade and wardrobe items that every fashionista who wants to dress in this style should have.

Women’s Work Of The 90s Style

Women's Work Of The 90s Style

Our first step in diving into the fashion of the 90s will be a small excursion into history. It is especially important for us to understand the circumstances in which women of that time lived. So the 1980s are the significant beginning of power suits appearing on many catwalks. Female executives and glamazons like Cindy Crawford were the most common topics of discussion in fashionable society at the time. But still, an ordinary average woman could not understand the full depth of this trend. Therefore, the whole context of 1980 was quite difficult for them.

This year was quite crucial for such a concept as feminism. Girls of that time often learned the main aspects of this concept from their mothers. They were increasingly career-focused than previous generations. Moreover, in 1995, such a trend as “Take your daughter to work” was launched. For most of the girls, it was their first experience of understanding the whole essence of work and trying it. The main goal of this trend was to inspire young women to achieve their career goals and desires.

An interesting fact is that in the 90s, sexuality rose to a new level of popularity. But strangely enough, at the exact time when women were told that they could do or wear anything, their choice fell on this option. Bikinis, short shorts, and the “porn star” aesthetic became the trendiest style among women at the time. Everyone wanted to show all their seductiveness and charming beauty while showing all the advantages of their figure. At the time, anything was possible as long as it was sexy and revealing enough. So, in the end, “Girl power” was not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Is It “Girl Power”?


At this point, we need to pay attention to the most famous celebrities of that time. Because they embodied this controversial trend and doubled their ultra-seductive appeal.

For example, it was the Spice Girls who brought evening wear into the mainstream. And, to be precise, it was the tops, metal shorts and high boots that they popularized. This group was able to spread the phrase Girl Power around the world.

Another striking example is the influence of Destiny’s Child, which is hard to ignore. With the help of appropriate futuristic outfits, this trio was able to become a true embodiment of women’s fashion at the time. And how can you not mention Britney Spears here? We all know and remember her really daring and sexy schoolgirl outfit, which brought her fame.

It was the boldness of the outfits of these famous singers that was able to blur the boundaries of fashion at that time. Namely, the boundaries between what was considered truly fashionable and what is best left in the bedroom. The images of the Spice Girls and Britney became so popular that they soon began to appear everywhere. They could be seen in almost every mall in America. The most significant attributes that were in fashion were tight-fitting synthetic materials that everyone had to have. But for bolder fashionistas, bright, coordinated images were more appropriate. These are outfits for those who weren’t afraid to show off their skin as part of this new, super-sexy trend.

Maximum Level Of Grunge

Maximum Level Of Grunge

In the 90s, the influence of music was quite significant and large-scale. Grunge music was popularized by such a famous group as Nirvana, which we all know and listen to even today. Music in this style was an excellent relief from the super slick 80s, which was already too smooth.

This aesthetic became so popular that even Hollywood stars fell under its influence. Plaid skirts and shirts became popular after the famous video Smells like Teen Spirit. Already then, we can see them in such films as Empire Records.

The most essential thing in the grunge style is the oversized cut. Girls at that time took clothes of large sizes as it was one of the freshest trends. Fashionistas also liked to mix menswear with barely-there tops and dresses to combine girly and grunge worlds to add interest to their looks. Do-it-yourself clothing design, which permeated all areas of fashion in the 90s, also became popular.

Stylish Example Of The 90’s Girl 

Stylish Example Of The 90's Girl

It is quite impressive that in times when sophistication and sexuality were at the peak of their popularity, movie stars, in contrast, used a more natural look. It was even mainstream to do everything with your own hands.

A clear example of this is star Drew Barrymore. She was just that rock star whose looks, combined with her laid-back attitude, seemed to embody the true fashion girl of the 90s. Drew usually wore her quirky, everyday thrift store finds paired with rock ‘n’ roll accents that caught everyone’s attention.

A big part of her style was midriff-baring tops, but shrunken down second hard t-shirts were more appropriate to follow all the rules of the style in which she dressed. The main attribute of this style was to look like you got dressed from an expensive thrift store.

Drew Barrymore’s appearance did not have much to do with femininity. On the contrary, her appearance was almost boyish. Short dyed hair and tattoos are just what complete her look.

Alt Girl Of The 90’s Times


Another successful example of a fashionista of those years is Winona Ryder. You should know her from popular movies like Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and Heathers. It was the fame from these famous films that made her a favourite of unusual alternative fashionistas all over the world.

The main attributes of her style were dark hair, black dresses and lace. A large number of silver accessories also often appeared in her stylish outfit, making them even more interesting. And it was all combined with her thoughtful attitude. Combat shoes and massive belts completed her images as best as possible.

It will also be appropriate here to mention such stars as Berrymore and Ryder. Because they cultivated a youthful, relaxed appearance. This image was inspired by model Kate Moss. It has become a desirable alternative to the pop stars of such a band as “Spice Up Your Life”. Most people get tired of the glitter and glamour on which they relied on their Girl Power brand.

Basics For 90s Fashionista


The most important thing in every outfit is the correctness of its creation and compliance with all the essential aspects. It does not matter whether you are looking for an ultra-sexy image of a pop star or a grunge girl’s style in the store. You still need to know the things of the 90s that are necessary for any retro look. So now we will make a short list of what will be helpful for you when creating such outfits.

More And More Denim

More And More Denim
just for FUN.

Jeans, jeans, jeans and again jeans! Ever since the 1960s, they have been a staple of American fashion and everyone’s favourite item. But it was in the 1990s that the boom in their popularity took place. A large number of all types of denim clothing began to appear as everyday clothing for women of all ages.

If we talk about the colour of denim, we can say that the popularity of white from the 1980s passed into the 1990s. But those who liked the dark colour could not be upset because the popularity of darker and even black denim also gradually grew.

And now let’s talk about the cut of jeans. At the beginning of the 90s, mom jeans with a high waist and straight legs were mostly more fashionable. But it should be noted that the styles and cuts of denim in the 1990s followed two trends. And already in the second half of the decade, wide jeans with an extremely low waist began to appear. The reason for this is the fame of such stars as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Thanks to their sexy outfits, they were able to inspire fashionistas of that time.

Denim in those days was expressed not only in the form of jeans, it was everywhere. For example, denim jackets, which could be seen in almost every teen movie, gained wide popularity. Denim shirts have also become quite a trendy option as an alternative to a jacket. Or you could choose a denim jumpsuit with wide legs and suspenders for a sure-fire look.

That is, the main rule in the 90s, which was related to denim, was that if you can do something new, then why not do it with denim materials?

Mix Of Sport And Sex

Mix Of Sport And Sex

But let’s not dwell on denim for a long time because, in the 90s, there was also another fashion trend that began to impress everyone. And this is precisely the sports style that started to leave gyms and move to the streets. Therefore, if the 80s were remembered for all the bright clothes made of spandex, then the 90s should be remembered precisely for the expansion of this convenient trend.

Here are some examples that could be seen on almost every fashionista. First of all, these were various leotards and sports suits, which began to be worn to all kinds of parties and outings more often than to gyms. Moreover, wearing only a sports bra began to complement any outfit of those times. And if we talk about shorts, in the 90s long cycling shorts made of spandex, reaching almost to the knee, were fashionable. It was popular to wear them under oversized t-shirts or men’s shirts, which usually added a certain accent to your look.

Popular brands such as Fila, Tommy and Calvin Klein got the gist of this trend and started creating minimal cycling shorts and bras that women quickly ran to buy. These things were suitable for any event and time. Therefore, if you want to create the same trendy sports outfit in the style of the 90s, then we suggest that you combine these items with an oversized denim jacket, and then you will look really stylish.

Bright And Stylish

Bright And Stylish

And now, we will talk about the prints and trendy patterns of that time. If you think of the 80s, everything related to bright neon immediately comes to mind. But if we want to remember the 90s, then various patterns and prints began to gain more popularity. Floral, neon and geometric prints could be mixed together in one outfit!

The most important aspect of following this rule was brightness. The brighter, the better! Well-known brands that followed new trends also began to create something appropriate. For example, a brand like Coogi made bold rainbow sweaters their trademark, which was sure to catch everyone’s attention at the time. Another popular brand like, Tommy, started to add colour elements to their already existing clothing lines.

It didn’t take much effort to follow this trend. Because a fascinating fact is that vintage floral prints and African patterns on men’s shirts of the 80s got a new life in the 90s. Women took advantage of this and began to combine these bright colours with sporty elements. For example, they usually took denim skirts and lace dresses to create their outfits. The main key to following this trend was mixing and matching. And you can definitely never go wrong if you get enough colours!

Ripped Up Clothing

Ripped Up Clothing

And now, let’s talk about something more torn and tattered. Namely about the trend for torn clothes in the 90s. It was grunge music, which we talked about earlier, that had a significant influence on the popularity of this trend. Most of the people of that time, before the emergence of this trend, believed that torn and tattered clothes were something defective and should be thrown away. But it was in the 90s that these clothes got a second life.

Young people liked torn shorts, jeans and jackets the most. Such clothes were considered stylish and a sign of the rebellious mood of those times. But if they wanted to add something more interesting, then their choice fell on t-shirts with holes. Or young people used such a technique as cutting off more oversized shirts in order to create something new and stylish.

It is also an interesting fact that fashionistas of the 90s could collect their complete outfit from an ordinary commercial store. But with the appearance of this trend, all women began to pick up mostly torn clothes from stores in order to match the trends of that time.

Babydoll Cuteness


Although the 90s began to pay less attention to femininity and the cuteness of women, still some of them supported and developed a slightly different trend. Namely, they started experimenting with the other side of “girl power”. Girls, pink dresses and dresses with frills began to gain popularity again. They could also contain vintage styles or holes that add beauty to the overall look.

This style got its name, namely babydoll. It became popular, not least thanks to the famous rock star Courtney Love. She was often spotted in the children’s section of Goodwill in search of baggy, short and often floral dresses. And as for the cut of such dresses, they usually had an inflated waist, then flared, and ended up looking very short or even wrinkled.

The main idea of ​​this trend was to evoke a childlike atmosphere in people who see you in these clothes. But at the same time, you should not lose your subversive character. If someone wanted to add uniqueness to their outfit, then they could complement the t-shirt with a dress while still following the grunge trend.

Moreover, this style is still popular today. It continues to exist precisely because of its lightness and comfort. But if you still want to add more 90s style to your look, then choose a floral print. It will perfectly create the atmosphere of those times. Today, the babydoll style has received a slightly different name. Namely, now it is called a “skater dress”. This is due to the fact that this style has remained popular mainly among punk rock subcultures.

Hats And Caps

Hats And Caps

Well, now let’s move on to headwear. In the 90s, this accessory was also popular, and then there were already many funky hats. Many of them were inspired by the heyday of the hip-hop scene. Baseball hats also began to gain demand. Then they were worn not only by sports fans but also by ordinary men and women. People started wearing them just for the sake of fashion and to add interest to their looks.

Bucket hats became another exciting trend. They started to become wildly popular after famous rapper LL Cool J began to rock Kangol hats. Women who usually chose a hip-hop or raver look also liked this unusual trend. They started rocking the brand of furry hats, mostly in girly colours like baby pink and blue, which accented their outfits.

But these are not all the hats that were in fashion in the 90s! Hats with soft brims, floral print hats and even denim caps were also trending. They offered fashionistas the opportunity to continue mixing different textures and styles in their outfits. Therefore, it was not difficult for a true fashionista of the 90s to find precisely her hat among the multitude.

All Is Plastic

All Is Plastic

Oddly enough, in contrast to the grunge style and the obsession with all synthetic materials, the trend for everything plastic began to come into fashion in the 90s. Plastic wallets, which suddenly came into fashion, became a rather unusual trend. But the tendency has also brought new concerns and safety regulations for gun control.

But despite this, plastic continued to be everywhere! It came in all forms, from earrings to clear plastic high heels. The rule of thumb was that the brighter and bolder the colours, the better your look. Despite the fact that this trend seems at first glance to be more youthful, women even of mature age also picked up and were interested in this trend.

Moreover, this trend affected even furniture. A variety of plastic furniture was also gaining popularity. Especially popular was the inflatable chair, which everyone at the time wanted to have. Although it may appear a little confusing at first, but it also has a place in the fashion of the 90s!

Maximum Of Girl Power

Maximum Of Girl Power

Well, in the end, we would like to add that the 90s were a time of ambiguous messages both for women and for all fashion in general. It seemed that all the trends of that time contradicted each other. For example, pop star bubblegum versus DIY grunge, altered menswear versus girly baby doll, ripped denim versus plastic. But there was still something that was clear for sure. And we are talking about the fact that the fashion of the 90s consisted of combining these images in one fun and, at the same time, stylish outfit! 

Every woman of the 90s could put together her stylish look without having much money. It didn’t matter how much your clothes cost. If you are dressed with taste, everything else is unimportant. Because vintage clothes are no less popular than designer brands. And this was all the female power of fashionistas of the 90s!


So we can say that the 90s were remembered by most people as a decade in which there were no rules. Because it was then that the funk-modern style began to emerge, at a time when many different styles and aesthetics were combined with each other. Fashion of the 90s is primarily about self-expression and personal experiments with your style. Therefore, experiment and create your own unique outfits with the help of our guide!

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