How To Dress Like a Rocker


How To Dress Like a Rocker

There are a lot of guys who wonder where to start if you want to change your style into ROCK. So let’s jump into the topic right now and figure out how to dress more Rock ‘n’ Roll. We start from top to bottom and first discuss a little bit the key items you need to have for a Rock ‘n’ Roll wardrobe.

How To Dress Like a Rocker - HARD'N'HEAVY
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Key items

So the first key item you need to have, the number one holy thing is a biker jacket. That’s the one thing — a black leather biker jacket. It goes with almost everything and you can combine it very easily. Another jacket you need is a denim one (as long as you do not wear it on light denim). You could also wear a denim jacket without sleeves. A guy in a sleeveless denim jacket will always look like a super cool old-school rocker.

The next right thing you really need to have is a blazer. As long as you combine it well, a blazer could look so cool. And we do not mean something like a formal blazer.

The next thing is shirts and pants. If you just gonna start off by trying to wear different clothes – you could start with a very easy basic which is black white and grey. Those three things look always amazing combined and if you do not know where to start just wear all black. It’s always very rock’n’roll – a black shirt and black jeans. So that’s something you need to have: black jeans, a white shirt, a grey shirt and a black shirt. And you actually good to go… with the biker jacket on top. Looks perfect. Another thing you could wear on top is a lumberjack blouse. It looks really good if you combine it with the stuff we just discussed.

Shoes are important
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Shoes are important

OK. Now we gonna go on to the shoes because shoes are very important. Everybody thinks that shoes aren’t important but if you are wearing a fancy outfit – the wrong or ugly little shoes for example uggs 🙂 (everybody hates them) – it just screws up the whole look. So forget casuals, get some black biker boots or pointy boots. You can pull it out by some creepers or Dr Martens or something like that. Something to combine with the rest of your outfit. Good boots and a biker jacket – as long as those two items are in balance you’re good to go.

Accessories define your individuality
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Accessories define your individuality

So now when you have your basic items you might want to dress up a little bit more funky. When you have a few key things – the staples in your closet, look for something inspirational and try to create your own unique style. For example fancy sunglasses or a hat (Johnny Depp always wears hats and it looks awesome). Maybe you can pull up necklaces, just go for that, it’s very cool. Get some skull rings or bracelets or whatever. Just combine all this stuff together.

Everything ripped

Another thing we didn’t mention! Everything ripped looks very badass. It looks indeed ROCK. So if you have shirts with holes in them, jeans with holes in them – GOOD, AWESOME! Wear those things.

BAND SHIRTS - Holy Grail

Holy Grail

And the last thing which is the holy grail – BAND SHIRTS. You really need to get a band shirt, but make sure you know that band that is printed on it. It’s an important thing because it’s a shame if you are wearing a NIRVANA shirt and someone asks what you think about Kurt Cobain and you’re like “who’s the hell, Kurt Cobain”… you’ve got the point.

So yeah, that’s basically everything you need to know about. Wear key items and try to combine them with stuff that works for you. In that way, you can create your own style and your own “rocker outfit” the way you want it. For every person it’s different. And don’t say that you cannot pull on a biker jacket, because every single person can. There are a lot of different ones and you just need to find that perfect one that fits your body type and suits you the most.

This is it. We hope you’ve found this useful and now you can look like a ROCK star. Cheers!

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