Grunge Revival Band – An Authentic Start Guide

Grunge Revival Band - An Authentic Start Guide

Grunge Revival Band – An Authentic Start Guide

We are sure that you have already started to miss our articles that are related to the most alternative styles. Yes, as you have already understood, today we are going to talk about the grunge style. Because it, as a subculture, defined the alternative 90s in both musical and cultural terms and gave these times a rebellious look. Now we will take you back in time and remind you a little about the birth of this style. Grunge fashion is precisely that unpolished, uncompromising subculture that was born in Seattle. It is without any hesitation involved in the birth of some of the most prominent icons of world music and pop culture that we are all quite familiar with. And we are definitely convinced that you know at least one grunge song and like to listen to it when you feel like it.

As we all know very well that subcultures have a significant influence on any period of history, and grunge is no exception. It has influenced generations upon generations of various bands and talented performers of all time. Among such people who are reviving grunge, several outstanding bands have appeared who have taken on this exceptional mission. Some of them you undoubtedly admire and continue to adore. 

And we’re sure that if you’re a die-hard fan of grunge or even post-grunge, you’ve occasionally felt the urge to also start your own crazy grunge revival band to get involved in such a noble cause. Namely, to raise the grunge genre to potentially new and dizzying heights where it has never been before. But in order to achieve this, you need to do it properly. And if you don’t research how to do it right, you’ll look a little silly.

So in our guide, you will be able to find all the information on how to properly form your group, which will revive the grunge style. This fashion is not a very demanding art form, so it will definitely not be difficult. Moreover, this journey in the creation of a group will seem to you to be only fun! But first, you’ll need to be authentic in order to do it the right way. And we undoubtedly know how to do it.

So let’s get started!

Understanding The Origins Of Grunge

Understanding The Origins Of Grunge

First of all, we must understand the origins of grunge, the music that changed the world and introduced new accents into its everyday life. We’re sure you’re well aware of this too, but it never hurts to refresh your memory! Therefore, if you have a few gaps in your knowledge of the origins of grunge and its musical aspects. For example, all you currently have is an old CD of Nevermind and Pearl Jam’s Ten in .mp3 format. Yes, of course, these two albums are a great example as well, but there’s a lot more grunge music out there. So getting to the point, here’s a short LP listening list for you to get more inspired:

  1. Melvins – Gluey Porch Treatment (1987)
  2. Nirvana – Bleach (1989)
  3. Green River – Rehab Doll (1989)
  4. Soundgarden – Badmotorfinger (1991)
  5. Gruntruck – Pushed (1992)
  6. Stone Temple Pilots – Core (1992)

But we want to warn you that these foundational albums are only the tip of the entire iceberg of grunge understanding. Despite this, they will still be able to immerse you in the world of grunge fashion, allowing this authenticity to wash over you. For example, like a cold drink during a summer walk on the beach. In addition to all of this, we would like to advise you to look for one of the tributes to the one and only Kurt Cobain to better immerse yourself in this unparalleled and furious genre.

Understanding Grunge Revival Basics

Understanding Grunge Revival Basics

In general, many people thought that after the death of the father of the grunge, namely Kurt, this style would also fade away. In any case, we are referring to its original form, which at that time was the most well-known to everyone. But fortunately, this did not happen. Grunge continued its existence, and soon a new wave of bands under the influence of this style crawled out from under the cracks. And thereby, this process gave life to the new post-grunge movement.

But we want to warn you in advance that there are a lot of so-called posers and stinkers from the grunge revival camp today. You should definitely avoid such examples and not even attach any importance to them. So, to help you avoid such negative examples, we have prepared for you a short list of what you can be appropriately inspired by. Here is this grunge-revival album listening list that we definitely recommend:

  1. Bush – Sixteen Stone (1994)
  2. Silverchair – Frogstomp (1995)
  3. Creed – Human Clay (1998)
  4. The Gracious Few – Self-Titled (2010)

You will definitely have a question in your mind. Why are we so strongly recommending these albums to you? And the fact is that they, in particular, contain all the ingredients that create an authentic post-grunge or grunge revival that you need in your creative process. These albums offer the combination of originality, timely delivery, arrangement, honesty and raw production that characterizes this style. So listen to them when you have free time, and shape your musical tastes and intentions. Then the first thing you need to do is pick up your tools and start creating, creating and creating some more.

And now, let’s move on to one of the most essential stages!

Understanding Of Finding The Right Sound

Understanding Of Finding The Right Sound

We believe that if you are reading our guide, then you already know how to play a musical instrument. And for sure you know how to do it correctly. But if you still don’t even have an idea how to do it, then the very first step for you will be training. But unfortunately, for this activity, you will spend approximately six months of your life. And after that, you will need to come back to our article if you still get excited about creating your own band.

Well, if you know your grunge history, you know the bands inside out, and your music walls are burning with inspiration. Moreover, if you have gathered your members, and precisely we mean vocalist, drummer, bassist and guitarist. And if you have some amount of money saved, then you need to go to the next important step. Namely, we are talking about the achievement of an authentic grunge sound.

But we would like to remind you that grunge is about self-expression and originality, so the first rule of this style is that you need to stand out from everyone else. Don’t forget that you should always add your own twist to everything you create or try to emulate in this rebellious style. To make it easier for you to do this, we have prepared a selected list of videos for you. They will help you learn how to play music correctly and choose the right equipment for it. But most importantly, what they will give you is the push you need to start building your own revival group. 

So here is the list:

  1. Vocals: How to sing with distortion and rasp
  2. Bass: A simple grunge and punk bass lesson
  3. Drums: A grunge drumming exhibition (how to make your cheap drum kit sound amazing)
  4. Guitar: A Nirvana guitar tone tutorial
  5. Sound like: How to sound like Alice in Chains without busting the bank

But stick to our only advice – take your time. Watch these videos in a relaxed and leisurely way, collect your rig and train hard and diligently. So and in this way, this activity will be fun for you!

Understanding Of Creating The Grunge Look

Understanding Of Creating The Grunge Look

Now, in the end, let’s talk about one of the main parts, which is creating a grunge look. We are sure that you know very well what your favourite grunge characters look like, but we want to warn you here. In no case should you imitate their look or style of clothing precisely to the point, part by part. Because in this way, you will look like nothing more than a glorified copy of your idol. But the most terrible thing will be that you will lose the trust of your first fans! 

Therefore, it does not matter what you want to take as a basis. The main thing remains that you are brave enough and creative. And you must always add your own spice to your outfit. Because thanks to it precisely, people will later be able to identify you from among others. And for example, you can get inspired by looking at everything you need to know about grunge fashion, grunge music and, of course, various fabulous knitwear. In these examples, you will be able to truly understand what authentic grunge style is.


And now you’ve reached the end of our guide to starting your own grunge revival band. We hope that the information we have provided here will help you in your creation. Following our advice, you will definitely be able to succeed in your business and create a really famous and incredible grunge band that we will all hear about more than once. So good luck to you on your exciting and wonderful path of creation!

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