Gothic Glimpse To Your Black Tie Christmas Party Outfit

Gothic Glimpse To Your Black Tie Christmas Party Outfit

Gothic Glimpse To Your Black Tie Christmas Party Outfit

We are sure that you have already missed our informative articles. So here’s another one in which we’ll be talking about goth outfits for a more corporate Christmas party. In general, no matter how fun they are, you still often find them somewhat boring and uninteresting. Isn’t that right?

Although almost all corporate Christmas parties usually require some kind of dress code that you need to follow when choosing the clothes that you are going to wear on the day. We can tell you that this time you don’t need to select your usual smart suit, shoes and bow tie because now we will tell you how to make your elegant gothic outfit even more impressive.

The main reason for this is that a holiday of such magnitude as Christmas should be associated with relaxation, enjoyment and rest from everyday life for many people. So if you do agree with everything we’ve already said, then we’re sure you’re also the type of person who’s hoping to add a touch of originality to their black tie outfit rather than keeping it plain and traditional.

And we are here to help you in an interesting and, at the same time, exciting business. Now you don’t need to wear a tuxedo with a t-shirt, because it’s been done so many times and everyone’s already bored with it. Our guide will help you find the proper way to add a bit of goth style to your black tie uniform at this year’s Christmas party.

So let’s get started!

First Step: Picking A Gothic Jacket

First Step Picking A Gothic Jacket

First of all, in order to start creating a gothic touch to your outfit, we need to touch on the topic of choosing the right jacket. Therefore, if you want to look like the usual Robert Smith or Gary Numan, only more modern, you definitely need to go through the information in this part of our guide in more detail.

The most important advantage of gothic style jackets is their diverse cut. They offer you a choice of clothes with a variety of subtle and striking additions. For example, such as unusual lapels or formidable, of course in a good sense, buttons.

You can also browse jacket styles in our store. In our store, you will surely be able to find just that sophisticated and elegant jacket suitable for your Christmas celebration.

Second Step: Rocking Your Gothic Vest For Extra Detail

Male Blue and Black Gothic Tailed Waistcoat / Elegant Men's Waistcoats with Engraved Buckle on Back

Why do we want to talk to you about vests in this part of our guide, you might ask. And the answer is that original and new-age goths alike love to accentuate their look with a leather vest or sophisticated details.

Because right after you have chosen the right jacket, you will undoubtedly want to add to your wardrobe some elegant and truly stylish men’s gothic vests, which can perfectly complete your outfit. But considering what kind of jacket you have chosen, you should select the vest in detail. Your choice can fall on a model with a spectacular cut or maybe even a vest with complex details. These details do not necessarily have to be very noticeable to everyone around you at first glance.

Therefore, if you want to add a gothic accent to your vest, we recommend that you do the following. Detailed embroidery, buttons with the image of a skull or other decorations will come in handy as a decoration of your clothes. You should never neglect such seemingly insignificant details when putting together your elegant gothic outfit!

Third Step: Looking Sharp In A Gothic Shirt


Now let’s move on to the other important part of your gothic outfit for the big holiday. Namely, to choose a suitable shirt. Because the choice of this particular part of the outfit is quite essential in creating an ideal picture of your appearance.

Therefore, if you want to get the same cool and sharp, but at the same time not too intense image, for example, similar to the one supported by Brandon Lee in the movie “The Crow”. Then we definitely know what to advise you! The most fundamental thing is to choose the exact shirt that will express the Gothic style in all its beauty.

And if you’re really looking to add a stylish yet elegant gothic accent to your party outfit, then we’ve got a tip for you too. To your gothic look with a black tie, a shirt with ruffles will be an incredibly dark addition that will be an excellent solution for expressing your individual style. But if you’re ready for something more daring and want to create a more streamlined evening look, then a black model with a collar will surely attract the attention of all the other guests.

Fourth step: Opting For Tailored Gothic Trousers

Fourth-step-Opting-For-Tailored-Gothic-Trousers (1)

Now we’re going to talk about something rather interesting, namely choosing the right pants for your goth outfit. We are sure that you don’t have any desire to go to your party in just one shirt, jacket and vest. Therefore, the choice of trousers is an obvious step! 

The most crucial advantage of pants in the Gothic style is that they exist in a variety of options. You can choose from a classic pair to the most extravagant pants when putting together your Gothic outfit. Of course, it all depends only on what you are looking for and what you like more.

Here are some examples of how you can combine pants with other clothes to create a suitable outfit. For example, you can choose men’s jeans in a gothic style and a tailored jacket. In this way, you can add an element of everydayness to your outfit. Or you can choose another no less stylish option. A pair of buckled pants will be the perfect addition to your party outfit. They will be able to create an authentic gothic style that will undoubtedly blow everyone’s mind.

Or, if you want to create something more sophisticated and elegant, then here is what we recommend. If you’re looking to create a Gary Numan circa 1980s look, then a pair of leather pants is an essential part of that outfit. They will not only make you the centre of attention at the party among all the guests, but they will also add an element of extremely dark gothic style to your Christmas outfit.

Fifth step: Adding A Formal Finish With Gothic Shoes

Fifth step Adding A Formal Finish With Gothic Shoes

Well, at the end of our guide, we will talk about what we all leave for last. Namely, about the perfect pair of shoes for your gothic outfit.

In general, in many cases, shoes can both improve and, at the same time, worsen your appearance at a party. And since goth is by its very nature a movement that aims to be alternative, expressive and break all the rules of traditional black-tie outfits, you need to be really careful with your footwear choices. There are many possibilities for you here, among which you will definitely be able to find the perfect pair for you and your preferences.

In our store, you can browse many suitable options for gothic men’s shoes. We’ve got tons of stylish options like gothic low heels, dress shoes, brogues and more. So take a look and choose the most suitable model depending on your preferences and complement your upbeat gothic outfit with them.

And if you still want to create a genuinely complete goth outfit and add the all-important finishing touches to your formal goth look for the Christmas party, then we encourage you to check out our extraordinary men’s accessories. They will definitely make your goth look perfect and flawless for your crazy celebration!


So that’s the end of our informative guide on how to create a Gothic Christmas party outfit. Here we would just like to wish you the best of luck in creating your perfect goth outfit. If you use our tips, which are given in this article, then this will not cause you any difficulties. We hope you have nothing but fun memories from your goth party in your perfect outfit!

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