Goth Acrylic Nails: Origin And Today’s Reality

Goth Acrylic Nails: Origin And Today’s Reality

Goth acrylic nails have been one of the top trends for a long time. They are suitable for different styles and occasions. If you get imaginative, you can create several cool looks and outfits with the same nails!
Don’t wait for the next meeting to make a difference! Whether you’re into goth style, good old-fashioned punk, or someone who really likes retro glam, acrylics will complete any of your outfits. Are you just starting your experiments with acrylic nails? If your answer is yes, then keep reading, and you will learn a lot of interesting things. Our guide will definitely help you get to know acrylic in a more detailed way.
Goth acrylic nails are one of the main fashion trends among many stylish people. But did you know that they have been around for centuries? Indeed, women in Egypt wore false nails made of ivory or bone to emphasize their status.
Modern nail artists do not use these materials to add length to natural nails. But they actually use acrylic. It was an accidental discovery of Frederick Slack, a dentist who once broke a nail and decided to experiment with dental acrylic. He did this to see if he could make an artificial nail to cover his natural broken nail. In addition to this, in the 1970s, Stewart Nordstrom developed a liquid-powder system that is now widely used in salons and home manicures.

Getting Acrylics: How To Prepare


Ahead of going to the nail salon to get acrylic nails, there are things you should remember and do beforehand. The process and professionalism of your technician are important. But your efforts before attending your appointment are just as important. For best results, follow these small steps:

Health Comes First:


Before starting any experiments with your nails, you need to make sure that they can handle them. If your nails are dry or often chip or break, you run the risk of seriously damaging them by applying acrylics. However, you can improve the situation by using special liquids for straightening nails. Natural oils for softening the surface will also be useful for preparing for the manicure process.

Check The Facts:

Before you go for the procedure, you should research local nail salons. It would be best if you read their overall rating and reviews. You should be sure that the place you are going to has a good reputation. It’s just as important to your health and safety when applying acrylic nails as your own preparation.

Financial Safety:

Finding a reliable place can be difficult when your budget is somewhat tight. But there’s no need to despair, as many great salons are still available. Also, some places tend to have discount programs and similar goodies. Look for good deals before making an appointment! Be sure to ask for prices for all the services you would like to receive.

Safety Matters:

First of all, when you come to the salon, look around and check the tools that will be used on your nails. They should be thoroughly sterilized and cleaned between each person to ensure that every client is safe when visiting.

Get It Over With:

Get It Over With

You can apply acrylic without going through the procedure of a full manicure. But we suggest doing it so that all your fingers look nice and clean. It also ensures that your acrylic nails last longer and better.

Shape Is The Key:

Acrylic can be of different sizes and shapes. Before you begin, it’s essential to choose the right type. So that your technician will know exactly what to do for you.
Some of the most popular types include oval, round, pin, and square nails. All of the above also have different lengths. It can be easily adjusted to any style and preferences.

The Day Has Come:

The Day Has Come

So, you are finally in the salon. And you’re ready to create your fabulous new look. Let’s quickly walk through the steps you’ll need to take in the process. Of course, it depends on you, your salon and the type of manicure you will be doing. But some things apply to most such cases. A typical assignment looks like this:

Checking In:

In any case, if you planned it in advance or if it was spontaneous. You will still have to register at the reception desk. Especially if you are visiting this salon for the first time. Because they don’t have your information yet.
In the process, the salon may require full payment or a deposit in advance. But don’t worry, they usually do this after your nails are done.

Getting Ready:

Getting Ready

When you complete the registration, you will be asked to discuss all the details. Namely: shape, length, colours, texture and any other preferences you desire. When you get acrylic nail extensions done, your nail artist will make sure to take care of your cuticles. He or she will apply some oil to the nail bed to soften the surface. Also, maybe even do a hand massage for a better effect. The more relaxed you are, the more positive emotions you will receive.

The Moment You Have Been Anticipating:

Your technician will begin applying your new acrylic following a typical manicure procedure. First, they test different types of tips that have been specially made beforehand. In order to choose the best type according to the size of your nails. As soon as they find a suitable option, the tips will be glued and dried well for some time. Or it can be done using the shape of the nail to make everything look as natural as possible. This is the best part – with this method, your technician will be able to apply a mixture of liquid monomer and powder successfully. To get the required length and shape that suits you.

Let’s Add Color:

Let's Add Color

Once your acrylic nails are nicely shaped and ready, your technician will paint them in the colour of your choice. He or she will also then apply the required design. Often it turns into a whole artistic process. The technicians really show their skill with all the lovely details, big or small. In fact, the possibilities for a variety of exciting designs are endless! Get creative, and don’t hesitate to ask for even the wackiest ideas you have. Many technicians like to set themselves a good artistic challenge.

Keep It Cool:

Congratulations, you now carry a gorgeous nail set on you! But what is done in the salon is not the end of the work. This is actually just the foundation. Now it’s up to you to properly care for your goth acrylic nails. Proper care will increase the service life of nails. Because this is the most important goal of this case. You have to be careful with what you do and how you do it, so you don’t break your nails. You should keep them healthy, clean and enjoy them as long as possible. Avoid opening packages or any sealed items. Ask for help or use special tools for this instead.

Dry Cautiously: 

Dry Cautiously

Acrylics that are left neglected can actually attract a lot of unnecessary bacteria, especially when near liquid, so make sure they’re perfectly dried. 

Acetone Is A No:

Since it’s a staple in the acrylic removal process, avoid liquid removers that contain it when you’re simply changing the colour of your polish. Because it is quite toxic and can cause many problems.

Care For Your Hands Well: 

Care For Your Hands Well

Apply only natural oils to keep your goth acrylic nails in great condition, and don’t hesitate to put enough lotion to moisturize your fingers well and prevent them from being too dry.

Clean And Clear:

Regardless of if you want to keep the colour you have on currently or if you want some changes, always apply at least one coat of regular transparent nail polish to keep your nails in the best shape.

Professionalism Is Not A Joke:

Professionalism Is Not A Joke

Yes, the DIY acrylic kit you saw on sale today is enjoyable and inviting. But, would you be interested in dealing with the consequences that this kit can bring to your health if you make a mistake? Believe me, this is not the case, so we advise you to always entrust the work to a professional who knows what he is doing.

Time To Say Goodbye:

Time To Say Goodbye

Despite the fact that it is best to do acrylic with the help of a professional, you can remove it yourself at home. If you are careful enough, you can try to do it yourself. They need to be thoroughly soaked in acetone until they soften enough to be removed. But without pulling or damaging your fingers. Once you’re done with that, it’s time to give your natural nails some attention and care. Because they deserve it. Apply oils and lotions and massage your hands a little. Make sure they are clean and relaxed at the end.


As you can see, buying acrylic can be expensive and requires a lot of preparation and effort. And also requires a particularly careful lifestyle. If you’re still up for it – you get the idea. Plus, it’s cool to have a ready-made set that you can change colours and designs from time to time! You can also complete your manicure with vintage gothic rings to add interest to your look.

We hope that now you will be able to create your unique, goth acrylic nails with the help of our article.

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