Decoration Of Your College Place – 7 Rock Hacks

Decoration Of Your College Place - 7 Rock Hacks

Decoration Of Your College Place – 7 Rock Hacks

Oh, these student years! Each of us remembers with pleasure this wonderful time when we were finally able to go out into the world and declare ourselves as separate individuals. Today, nothing has changed, and the younger generation is just as eager to escape from the shackles of their parents’ souls with the help of a college education, get a qualification, walk hard and leave their mark in this world to be remembered as someone important.

University is really special and one of the most important stages in the life of every person. And we all understand very well that when we talk about student years, it’s not only about studying but also, to a greater extent, about parties where you always want to look like a real rock star.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just about to move out of your parent’s house, into a separate apartment or in a dormitory, or maybe you’re even finishing your university career, you all will always need one important thing. In particular, we are talking about a place that reflects your mood, style and individuality. Because this is precisely the thing, you should think about first when moving into your new home.

So if you like the dark and, at the same time, graceful gothic style, or maybe you prefer an alternative style that draws the attention of everyone with its curiosity, or if you simply love alternative accents and are looking for cool, inventive and cost-effective ways to decorate your place, then this guide is just for you!

Here you will find seven of the most fashionable decoration hacks in different styles, which will help you arrange your place according to your style and make it so that it expresses your individuality and your interests.

So let’s start looking at our tips and getting you inspired to decorate your place!

First Decoration Hack: Pop Art Prints

First Decoration Hack Pop Art Prints

And we will start with pop art posters, which are certainly one of the most successful options for decorating your place. So if you want to create an Andy Warhol atmosphere in your living room, hallways or bathrooms, then this method is just for you!

And all you have to do is find your favourite pop art prints online with a quick image search. This will not be a difficult task for you, because currently there are many of them. Then you need to save these images in high resolution and resize them to the scales you need. And you have to order an online service to print and send them to your laptop or tablet.

You also don’t need to forget about photo frames. Because it is better to place these posters in them for better decoration. Do not worry about hanging a frame because it is not as difficult as it seems at first sight, and it will cause minimal damage to your walls. And voila, your place will become a little more attractive than before and will represent some of your interests as well.

Second Decoration Hack: Battery-powered Fairy Lights

Second Decoration Hack Battery-powered Fairy Lights

Let’s move on to a brighter life hack, namely the advice on using battery-powered lights. If you want to add more light to your living room, kitchen and other common areas, then you should definitely try this method.

All you need to do this is simply purchase a few packs of battery-powered magic bulbs online. Then you need carefully attach them along the walls. It will undoubtedly add more light to your place and make it more comfortable. But if you want something more daring, then we have something interesting for you too. You just need to buy multi-function lights that you can dim, change their colour or put them in flashing mode. You will definitely need them when organizing your fabulous rock parties!

Third Decoration Hack: Tapestry Hangings

Third Decoration Hack Tapestry Hangings

And now, let’s move on to a more extravagant life hack, namely decorating with tapestries. Their main advantage is that they are very affordable to buy. You can buy them online or through thrift stores, flea markets, thrift stores, vintage boutiques, and anywhere else you can think of. Moreover, today there are many different designs, from psychedelic to geometric. So you will definitely find the one that you like the most, and that will suit your style.

And tapestries are also not that difficult to hang or attach somewhere in your place. All you need to do is attach the tapestry to the side of the wall that is most suitable for it in your room. And we guarantee you that your place will become even better!

Fourth Decoration Hack: Upgrade Your Lampshades

Fourth Decoration Hack Upgrade Your Lampshades

This method is the simplest among all those that we are talking about here. And that’s what we mean by updating your lampshades. So as for this method, first of all, it should be noted that lampshades can significantly change the overall atmosphere of your place. You just need to dig deeper and find your old lampshades with dusty shades. And then you need to replace them with new ones that are brighter and bolder. In this way, you can create a more romantic or more mysterious atmosphere in your new place.

Fifth Decoration Hack: Add Magnetic Boards


The fifth tip in our guide will be the addition of a magnetic board to your place. This is quite important because when you live in a shared apartment, the best thing you can do is to establish positive relationships with the other roommates. This is necessary so that the atmosphere in your shared apartment or room is positive and friendly. 

We are 100% sure that if you do it the first way, your life while studying will be more valuable than you can even imagine. And a magnetic board is perfect for you if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to make your space attractive while encouraging a social element in your new shared home.

But you must have a question, why is it so important? And the answer is that not only can you buy really outrageous fridge magnets that match your interests and preferences and arrange them in funny ways for everyone to see. Moreover, you can also stick up positive messages, rock ‘n’ roll quotes, house schedules and social bulletins. These things will attract the attention of every one of your roommates. And in this way, you can create a positive and light atmosphere, lifting the spirits of your roommates and yourself every day when you see each other’s stickers and various magnets!

Sixth Decoration Hack: Waste Basket Side Tables

Sixth Decoration Hack Waste Basket Side Tables

And now, let’s move on to the most helpful life hack in the decoration of your place. Precisely, we are talking about the use of garbage containers as side tables. This method is incredibly fast, simple and convenient to use. With this method, you can make any common part of your place in the general space epic and creative. And the most significant thing is that it will not take you much time!

So here’s what you need to do. First of all, go to the store once with a couple of your roommates. There, you need to buy a bunch of garbage cans that will attract your attention with their appearance. Then you will need to turn them upside down, spread them around the house and add various decorations. And that’s it! Your unusual and unique side table is ready! And another obvious advantage of this method is that if you need additional containers, you can always turn them the right way around and then they will become useful to you.

Seventh Decoration Hack: Potted Plants

Seventh Decoration Hack Potted Plants

And the last but not least beautiful method in decorating your place will be potted plants. If you don’t really like to take care of them, then your choice should definitely fall on cacti. There are currently an incredible number of them, so you can easily choose the one that suits you.

But still, indoor plants will become a rather important attribute of your place because they not only look incredibly cool and beautiful but also add a soothing, soft atmosphere to the house, in which it is pleasant for everyone to be.

And when you start to be in a challenging, stressful state, or when you are forced to review, prepare documents and meet some deadlines, having plants nearby will help you calm your mood and bring your state to peace.

And one more advantage of them is that they will help you to get rid of a hangover faster. Indoor plants have a more effortless effect on the eye than any other means. All you have to do is avert your eyes and stare at them until the soothing effect begins to take effect.


So this is the end of our guide on how to decorate your college place. We hope that these seven tips will help you decorate your place when you start living in a shared apartment or room. With their help, you will be able to show everyone your interests, preferences and express your individuality. We are sure that you will succeed in everything and your place will look simply incredible and will attract the attention of each of your guests. So we wish you good luck in decorating your place!

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