Corsets: Tie It Up For Gothic & Steampunk Fashion

Corsets Tie It Up For Gothic & Steampunk Fashion

Corsets: Tie It Up For Gothic & Steampunk Fashion

Designers have been creating entire costume genres for women that highlight their confidence for years now. The movement keeps progressing as time goes by. Some are so risky that it doesn’t sit right with what the general public thinks, but that’s the entire point – women don’t owe anyone anything. They can express themselves in ways that are as extreme as they want. It is such a hot trend nowadays that it’s a challenge to create outfits as sexy as possible for many people. Take a look at any rock party at a nightclub, and you will know what we mean by this. Whether you need a fun costume for a Halloween party, a Gothic or Steampunk Fashion-themed photo shoot, a party, or a performance at a concert – there are plenty of options out there! One of them being corsets.

It’s a known fact that some designers and fashion influencers can’t differentiate between covered-up yet sexy and practically naked yet dull outfits. However, that doesn’t mean you should feel forced to settle either for a robe that covers your entire body or an item that hardly does. Both options would simply leave you feeling uncomfortable the whole time. Believe us when we tell – you don’t need to sacrifice your comfort. Those are certainly not the only options in the world.
Adding a corset to your outfit is a unique way of spicing up your look! A corset will be a significant element to add even to a simple white shirt and black leggings combo. It will highlight your waist and play an excellent contrast role in the colour scheme of your fit. Or suppose you’re feeling a little more extra. If that’s the case, you can go for a full-on corset look with some stockings and high heels. However, if you need such an outfit to perform, make sure not to go overboard with the corset and make it too tight – you need to move around comfortably. Your health always comes first before any fashion choices!

The best part about incorporating a corset into your outfit is that after whatever event you wore it for, you can still make it work on various occasions! Alternate different costumes using your favourite corset and have fun with your experiments whenever you please. Wear it under your daily white shirt to add a risky feel to your fit and make your office hours less boring. Feeling empowered and confident with your body without overstepping any dress code rules is fantastic.
If you are looking for new corset outfit ideas, take a look at some of these:

Sexy Costumes – Where Is The Limit?

Sexy Costumes - Where Is The Limit

Some costumes involving corsets are the true classic for events like night parties, cosplay parties, Halloween parties, dance competitions, etc. Whether you want to look like an angel or the devil, portray a famous character or turn into an animal for the night – there are plenty of options for you!

Cosplay costumes are relatively easy to build together, and even a simple fit will look amazing on you. Paired up with some accessories, they become even more fun to wear; for example, a shiny black corset on its own is quite simple. Still, once you add kitty ears and black gloves, your entire outfit transforms into something completely different! It is also appropriate for any age; just be mindful of the surroundings. Adding long leather pants to make it less revealing is also a good move that will not make your outfit any worse. You can add something new to any classic costume with ease. Take a risk and choose a corset and skirt combo instead of your favourite dress to spice things up.

Goth Corsets Can Be Universal

Goth Corsets Can Be Universal

Goth items are some of the easiest ones to alternate on different occasions, as they’re mostly black. Makeup in dark shades, in addition to black clothing, doesn’t always give away you’re into gothic aesthetic.

That quality often comes in handy when you need to look cool but not too extra. Grab your favourite corset with skinny pants and throw your favourite jewellery items on, and you’re all set for the night out. To accentuate your waist, you can adapt your corsets in daily life. Just wear one under the top layer of your outfit and wear it with confidence.
But black corsets do wonders to your creative outfits when you need to go all out for a Halloween party or a rock event in your favourite local club. You can go for a vampire/witch look and Catwoman or a bat – by adding some earpieces to your outfit. This and many more outfit ideas are open for you. Still, you can also create unique combinations and set your imagination free!

Steampunk Corset: How To

Steampunk Corset

Steampunk style is an outstanding outfit choice for concerts or street photoshoots, especially during colder seasons. Since it tends to incorporate full-length skirts, pants, jackets and accessories like gloves and boots, it just calls for colder days. Such styling will make you look mysterious and keep you warm. There are various ways of adding corsets into such outfit choices, too. You can go all out, add a corset to your steampunk outfit, and throw some accessories into action like a fabulous hat or aviator-like goggles. An extra layer of protection and warmth that doesn’t take away from your style but adds more to it – what a dream item. You simply can’t go wrong with a fantastic corset. The opportunities for different new outfits are endless, just be confident in your choices and don’t be shy.

Medieval Looks

Medieval Looks

When you need to get creative with your outfit for the night, especially if it’s an event themed according to history’s specific times, you can opt for a medieval kind of fit. Pretty much any clothing of that kind would work perfectly with a nice corset on top. This style is universal if you’re into cosplay – it easily fits various events. Pick your favourite combo and rush to your adventures, but be mindful of your comfort first – be sure to pick the right size for everything, and don’t tie your corset too tight!
Corsets are one of those costume items that are versatile enough to fit many styles and occasions.

Though it works best for medieval, steampunk, and gothic looks, you can still add a corset to your daily outfits. Suppose you hate leaving it in your closet only for special occasions. In that case, you can have a fun indoor photoshoot with your best friends to put it to good use until your next big party happens.

What are your favourite corset combinations, and how often do you wear one?

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