What to pick: a long sleeve basic sweater or a unique gothic hoodie?
Sweaters and hoodies are among the best ways to keep yourself warm and stay glamorous during colder seasons. With so many different styles out there, you can find one for any occasion with ease! Those items are versatile enough to be worn on their own or layered under a blazer – perfect for when it’s cold but not actually freezing yet, especially if you want to show them off.

With a massive range of gothic hoodies and sweaters, you’ll be able to find something that suits your preferences. Whether it’s just goth-inspired or any other type of alternative fashion, it’s not hard to find your color. Everyone, of course, has their taste  – worry not, we offer so many different styles here that there will be something suitable even for the pickiest personality. 

Whether you’re looking for new cute clothes as a consistent everyday option or some unusual pieces to spice up your wardrobe, look no further because whatever type of design is on your mind, you will find it here at HARD’N’HEAVY.

Regular long sleeve sweatshirts to keep warm and cozy, grunge-inspired loose fits, gothic hoodies with exciting prints and design details – browse our collection and explore your fashion opportunities!
How to style gothic sweaters and hoodies for women
There are various ways to style a sweater or a hoodie and pretty much no limits as long as you cater to your wishes rather than someone else’s – it will be fun! Staying true to yourself is essential even in such basic things as clothing, as it can express your personality very well.

Bottoms – Ladies can wear sweaters with jeans, trousers and shorts. You can also go for a mini skirt look with chunky boots or sneakers as a fashion experiment. 
Layering – You can go for a layered look and wear a shirt with a prominent collar underneath your gothic sweater, making the outfit look complete. Or play with sizing and throw a jacket on top of your hoodie to keep warm and make your fit look more impressive at the same time.
Accessories – One can accessorise these items with belts, scarves or some chain jewelry too! A waist chain, necklaces, harnesses – go all out for your fashion adventures.

Shop for gothic sweaters, and you won’t regret it because they are an essential wardrobe item that will keep you warm all year long. There’s no better way to stay comfortable in the cold than by wearing one of these super-fashionable pieces of fashion. We have all types of options available from skull designs on gothic sweaters to geek-style knitwear with vibrant colors!