Biker leather jacket – an essential in alternative fashion

A jacket is no longer a mere way to warm yourself up. Women jackets have gradually become one of the leading trendy pieces of clothing that can be adapted to any outfit during any season. Your fit on its own may look quite simple, but once you throw that biker leather jacket you have been eyeing for a long time in there, the look instantly transforms into a next-level beauty. Believe us when we say it – this item is a real game changer! Casual, blazers, denim, spiky women motorcycle jackets – we have it all and more here at HARD’N’HEAVY! Need a biker leather jacket to impress everyone at the party? You came to the right place. While browsing our rich collection, you will explore your style and discover a new preference, inspiration to create a new image for yourself.

Women’s motorcycle jackets and ways of styling them

Motorcycle jackets for women are often considered an essential fashion piece all year long. Cropped, ripped, decorated with chains, covered in 3D prints – and those are not even all of the possible variations for you to try out. If you feel stuck in the same recycled outfits, this might be your chance to leave your comfort zone and show the world a new side of you that has not been revealed before! 

Some of the most common and winning ways to style a motorcycle jacket for women would be:

  • Casual – Go easy on it by pairing it with a pair of regular jeans and a good old white T-shirt, finishing the look by adding sneakers or boots with little to no extra decorations to them. Don’t limit yourself to a black&white colour scheme, and try out different shades when building your daily fit.
  • Chic – A leather jacket over a floral or a pastel dress is a fashion statement for sure. Play with contrasts here and there, and you will be amazed by the results. Add matching comfortable shoes, a purse for all your necessities and favourite accessories and enjoy the finished look.
  • Rock – Girls can show off their biker jackets too! Unleash your inner rock star by pairing your new moto jacket with massive boots and matching leather pants, or go for an even more fun look by putting some plaid pants into the action. You can always go for a crop top with a gothic style mini skirt or shorts. Adding one on top of a dress and high heels will lead to you exuding an actual rock diva energy.

A jacket itself is a piece that is not limited to a specific style or occasion. You can adapt it pretty much to any event and theme! Mix colours, prints and materials, and your outfits will come out as unforgettable, helping you make your fashion history. At HARD’N’HEAVY, we will show you a vast collection of various items to fit any preference. If you are not one to limit yourself to a specific way of dressing and like to experiment – you are at the right place. 

Complete your Rock style apparel with jackets that are available in a range of designs. Choose among denim jackets and jackets with rivets for punk and heavy metal style or genuine leather jackets and biker jackets. The choices for coordinating the proper outfit are limitless! Whatever the reasons are you’ll find the proper jacket to match along with your look.
Nothing attracts attention quite like a military jacket. Match the jacket with jeans or fake leather pants for a gorgeous combination!

Need a jacket that enhances your rock style wear? Regardless of what the season, you’ll discover a large variety of jackets to match all of your alternative outfits. Choices like long-sleeve zip-front jackets are excellent throughout those nasty days when you still go outside. In addition, you’ll find cool light-weighted jackets for milder spring weather.
No matter what you’re searching for within the world of jackets, HARD’N’HEAVY has an unbelievable choice to suit any occasion!