Each of us dreams at least once in a blue moon to be someone else for a while. Our great variety of costumes can help you to be a person you have never been, to feel the emotions you have never felt or to be a character from a fairytale you have always dreamt about. It is up to you to decide whether you want to be a good or a bad one! If you want to be a Santa, be him right now! You can also be a fairy black angel at a gothic party!  Maybe, you want to be a notorious Joker. We have got perfect masks of this character! 

Each baby girl wants to grow up, but we all know that every adult woman wants to be young again. Try the outfit of a school girl! Mini plaid skirt and a blouse will make your “school uniform” sexy and womanized! You may be a medieval wizard, a goblin, a night’s king or a skeleton! You can find everything you need for a Gothic Masquerade here! We all know that you want to reveal your Gothic soul! A party will not be real without a costume. You can find Victorian dresses on our site, too. It’s fancy how a person changes in the costume of her or his favourite character! If you do not have an opportunity to wear a costume – take a face mask and be a mystery for other guests!