Leather corsets – how they started and how they are today

When seeing leather corsets or bustier tops, people typically think of ancient times, sophisticated atmosphere, and dressing that resembles the old days. Women with tiny waists walking around in their flowy dresses or dancers performing in giant costumes, creating unrealistic beauty standards for young ladies way ahead of their time.

Today, however, those items fall under a lighter perception in society and are considered less harmful both physically and mentally. A corset, when you think about it, is a highly functional item for various reasons. Adjusting your body lines to the way you want them to look, fixing an initially uncomfortable outfit and many more benefits – leather corsets are no longer belittled as just lingerie or need to be worn exclusively for costumes and showing off. Modern alternative fashion tendencies are pretty fun when it comes to this styling. Nowadays, you can see corset dresses and corset bustier tops of all kinds in many styles, including alternative fashion, and here at HARD’N’HEAVY we have lots just for you.

A gothic corset: how it rules the fashion industry and what alternatives are a hot trend today?

Play around with casual, alternative, and gothic fashion tendencies, as those are some of the most relevant styles you can explore your fashion potential in. Some things to consider when styling such pieces of clothing are:

  1. Sweet home – Whether you need something unexpected and exciting for a surprise getaway with your significant other or need a self-confidence boost for yourself – we will help you out. 
  2. Lights, camera, action – If you’re by any chance actively involved in entertainment activities that require having a new cool look for every shoot, every performance, every appearance – a gothic corset or two will be helpful for you. Steampunk fashion-inspired dresses will be a perfect addition to a photo shoot or a cosplay outfit. Gothic corsets will work the best for cosplay as they genuinely look like they came straight from the past centuries. Check out some lace-up sexy women corsets for private use or as an exciting addition for days when you feel like wearing something extra underneath a baggy outfit for a little fun time. 
  3. Self-care and self-confidence – Corset bra-like bustier tops can easily replace plain bras with specific fits as long as you mind how tight the fit yours has is. Safety and health always come first, but if you’re careful, you can easily make the process safe and enjoyable while staying stylish and impressive. Regular short leather corset tops go well with leggings or skinny bottoms, as well as mini-skirts and mini-shorts. Try out a combo of a leather-looking corset, mini-skirt and high heels. You’ll have an authentic rock princess outfit all set.

HARD’N’HEAVY provides different kinds of corsets for ladies, and you won’t regret owning our pieces. Lace it up now and see your true fashion potential! 

Corsets certainly are genuinely functional and superbly stylish pieces of clothing. A modern revival in popularity has led to the fashion corset tops becoming a backbone of contemporary alternative fashion – no longer assigned to mere lingerie or costume clothes. Wearing corsets can be fun and trendy, with an abundance of different options, styles and materials to choose from.
A corset bustier top is a genuine alternative fashion item, with a rich and vibrant history. Corsets can be worn not just as sexy lingerie but also as a superb standalone item or even over general clothing.
Needless to say, that corset is an exceptional item of clothing and a must-have addition to Rock’n’Roll girls’ wardrobe.

Thinking about gothic fashion or Steampunk style – corsets are a mainstay part.
You just need to look at some in the collection today to understand that they are by no means a masterpiece of modern alternative fashion.