Chunky boots, platform boots, high heel boots: the variety and their role in one’s shoe collection

To own various kinds of boots is to run the world when we speak of fashion. Indeed, your ability to mix and match styles will give you an incredible confidence boost every time you leave the house and never leave you unprepared for a sudden occasion popping up in your schedule. Just imagine how cool you will look and feel rocking a pair of chunky boots with metal buckles and neat lacing! Depending on the design, you can adapt massive shoes to numerous outfits and occasions, believe it or not. In a formal setting that at the same time is friendly enough, simple black chunky boots can work just great with a simple dress or a suit even. From those to flat ones, from extraordinary colorful models to classic black boots as simple as a fresh canvas – at HARD’N’HEAVY, we have it all for you to pick your next companions to step towards the great adventures in.

If you try hard enough, boots are universal and blend with more outfits than some other kinds of footwear. It doesn’t matter if you’re on your way to the office, on a date, or on a night out with friends – there are plenty of models that will help you in finishing your perfect fits. Heeled boots, knee-high boots – go amazing with mini skirts, dresses or shorts, and a cute top. Therefore, as they are often universal and fit most seasons well, they’re practically a necessity. Dress to impress while also keeping yourself comfortable, and trust us, when you follow your heart and choose wisely, the boots you wanted to find for so long will not let you down and last long.

Style and comfort can and should co-exist, so make sure you think it through enough to give into trying out a new style for you finally. For example, if you only ever wear flat shoes and had a random impulse to try out high heel boots with a tight dress or thigh-high combat boots for women with a grunge-looking jacket and leather leggings).

Women’s gothic boots and their role in one’s shoe collection

There is something essential to remember about true gothic style, its power, impact, and the various ways you can go about it in terms of fashion. Such styling is pretty open to experimentation, despite having certain characteristics that are extremely specific to its nature.

The main factors to consider for your comfort when creating a full-on gothic look:

  1. The occasion – Let’s say you need a new pair of cool gothic boots for a photo shoot or a festival that will occur once and end right there and then. Go all out on the crazy details and wear high heel boots with rivets and buckles all over or gothic platform boots with a colorful element on them; pair them with a matching leather outfit and cool accessories and rock it! For days like that, you can finally try out something new and potentially let go of certain insecurity and be proud of yourself afterward for getting out of your comfort zone, even with something as simple as footwear.
  2. Your preference – While experiments are cool and refreshing, not everyone is ready to dive into a new kind of styling fully. In that case, if you’d like to try a new image for yourself, but would still stay on a more or less chill side of the fashion variety, goth platform boots with a pretty puff lace layer on top could make a perfect match for you.

At HARD’N’HEAVY, we offer a great variety of boots for ladies, and you will be able to dress up for formal, casual, rock occasions and pick your best match easily. Browse our collections and be brave; a change is always good as long as it’s not forceful. So grab your new gorgeous boots and rush to your next adventure now!