Gothic bag: a necessity for a fun look or just an option

As not many designers thoroughly think through the accessibility and the level of comfort of those individuals who could be their potential customers, especially, sadly, when it comes to ladies – the lack of regular size pockets is upsetting, to say the least. That is where bags come in handy! No matter the size, the design and the shape – you can adapt a nice bag to most, if not all, outfits out there. 

A gothic bag can be fun on many, many occasions! And it does not have to be a plain regular one. What if we told you there are bags made in fun shapes that still resemble the gothic style a lot? Our collection here at HARD’N’HEAVY can definitely offer that for you! 

  1. Shapes are the way to go! – How about a teapot-shaped black bag? A gothic handbag made in the shape of a skull will surely make you stand out at any gothic themed event, a rock party or a concert. Convenient, unique and gorgeous – what more could you possibly want?
  2. Pick your format – A goth backpack for carrying all the essentials around and staying secure and comfortable? Easy task for our collection. Or a gothic messenger bag for comfortable use that will also serve the purpose of a fashion accessory, completing your proudly selected outfit – also a great option! A clutch is great for short distance walks and hangouts or, on the other hand, for nights out and fancy events where you don’t need to have too much on hand, but having your stuff gathered and secure is still the safest way to go about it.
  3. Match well – Think what fits of yours a crossbody bag would go best with. You can create a new outfit based on your bag or switch things up and add a gothic bag to an all-ready look for one last finishing touch.

Fashionable bags with skull

Depending on your mood of the day and the occasion, there are multiple ways to approach your bag choice. 

Pick up a teddy-bear shaped backpack for the fun of it, and you will never go unnoticed in the crowd. Imagine an item like that paired with matching bear earrings or a necklace too! Wow, what a sight that would be. 

Shoulder bags for women decorated with rivets and chains will make you look fierce and of course, remain serving their main purpose – storing your belongings, keeping them in place. Satchels are also fantastic for daily use and fit various outfits! A cool bag with a skull for a party is just the right choice! Pair one with skinny jeans, chunky boots and a leather jacket – such a baddie look. Punk rock bags belong with outfits prepared for rock and punk concerts, rock your cool bag with your bomb outfit and enjoy the night.

Surely, depending on where you’re heading to, the list of said belongings differs, but it’s undeniable that you always need to carry some items with you. For medical purposes, for hygiene, for touching up your make-up if you wear any, your electronics, stationery items, wallet etc. Check out our collection and pick something that feels right for you!