Owning at least one pair of nice leather men’s sandals in your closet guarantees you won’t have to worry about excessive sweating during the hot weather. Of course, they’re far from being the perfect choice of shoes for long office hours and meetings, it’s best to wear those in less formal settings, in your free time with no restrictions. Pick your perfect pair and alternate them with different clothing, creating your best fits. Pair them up with simple shirts and cool jeans and go on with your leisure adventures.

At HARD’N’HEAVY we offer a nice variety of men’s sandals from classy black gladiator sandals to rocker shoes. Try out a pair made with elements of breathable mesh – such a perfect choice for hotter days! Not all people believe in this, but with the right spirit, you can style anything you lay your eyes on, including sandals that seem like such a simple item of one’s wardrobe. Experiment with different fits and step out to a good summer walk with confidence.  Genuine leather male sandals can be a very fun addition to your outfits – step back from the world of formal shoes for a second and see how you like that kind of approach to your own styling. Let your feet rest when you’re off for a vacation and enjoy wearing our beautiful pieces of footwear. 

Men’s sandals made of leather fit well with shorts or longer trousers and good fit shirts. Flip flop sandals combine both comfort and a cool look very well – perfect for a simple walk around your surroundings or a quick getaway to a city mall or a park. It’s best to stock up on at least a couple of different pairs for the sake of variety and practical use – can never have too many. 

Expand your style and mix trends of the present and the past days. Try out sport sandals for a morning run or a summer festival outside of the city life. Black gladiator sandals can also come in handy during outdoor activities that require a lot of movement. Gothic style sandals with a cool tie effect made of breathable materials can also be fun for summer rock events, pick a pair and forget about even feeling worried and uncomfortable, your feet will be just fine with our wonderful pieces of alternative footwear. Ankle-wrap sandals with breathable mesh come in various colour schemes, pick what feels like the best for you and create new alternative fashion outfits with ease. White and light grey sandals can seem like an unusual choice for shoes like this, but they look cool paired up with olive and grey pieces of clothing. Create your best summer fit with our wide collection of aesthetic shoes!