Light it up – your candles, cigarettes and the true spirit of a good campfire with friends are definitely in good hands with our gorgeous lighters. 

We’ll leave it to you to decide if you should own more than one lighter or not, it depends on the purpose of having one, to begin with. Assuming that you smoke, it is definitely a helpful item to have in your possession at all times when in need and you could use more than one just to be sure you will never feel lost when you urgently need one. Lighters are also very practical for camping and travelling in general, especially the ones of the windproof type. Add a great stylish item to your accessory collection and have fun creating memories, but be mindful of the conditions you try to use one in – the weather, the surroundings, and people around you. 

Here at HARD’N’HEAVY you can pick a lighter that suits your taste best – pick the one you prefer from the size to the colour and the details. For example, in a true rockstar fashion, you could purchase one with a skull design. Carefully crafted skull emboss with beautiful details from the first to the last corner of it, this lighter isn’t extremely heavy and can fit even the smallest bag you own. If you strive to have your outfits radiate rock style, lighters decorated with skulls and similar theme things are a must – quite creepy, not dull, and practical in use because there’s no way you can easily lose yours out of sight if it has a cool print on it! Shop now and pick a lighter that fits you best and set the world on fire!