Cool hats are often a must-have for true fashion lovers nowadays. A hat is a unique and versatile item that can fit many occasions and serves several functions. A hat can cover your head from the cold weather and its consequences, same with hot weather – make sure you own at least one hat of any sort to prevent overheating and the excessive damage sunlight can cause to you. Also, it can keep your cool hairstyle steady at all times when you’re outside on your way to the event you’ve been anticipating for a long time. Overall it’s a very stylish item that can accentuate some of your facial features and contribute to colour-coordinated outfits for a nice gradient or a contrasting look.
One of the most incredible things about hats is that most of them are unisex – universal for any personality to wear and adapt to their daily outfits and outfits for different occasions. Hats are suitable for many styles, too. If you wish to keep things casual, you can go for a classic baseball cap or a snapback with a simple print or purchase a few different colours to match your daily outfits well. On top of that, their shape draws attention to your facial features quite well. And of course, they protect your skin from excessive sunlight during the hot summer days.

Here at HARD’N’HEAVY, we offer a massive variety of unisex hats of different styles and types, appropriate for any occasion and preference.
Here are some factors to keep in mind when you’re about to shop for hats:
Style — Are you a fan of rockstar fashion or you’re more on the casual side? From rock style hats with skull details to simple fedoras and beanies, we have it all!
Face Shape — Depending on your face’s shape, you might want to learn more about what kinds of hats fit which features best. If you have a round face, consider trying out our collection of fedoras. For a square-shaped face, wide round hats will do the trick. Owners of oval faces are the luckiest! This shape matches any type of hats from fedoras to floppier ones.
Budget — You have to know how much you’re willing to invest in a quality hat or a few. It isn’t always necessary for the purchase to be for fashion purposes. First and foremost, it’s a functional item that serves you various purposes according to the weather.
Colour schemes — There are many different hats in terms of colour. You can go for all black or grab a set of the same item, but in different colours, alternate them with several monochrome or contrasting outfits anytime and anywhere.
Materials — HARD’N’HEAVY has different kinds of materials in our collection. Browse, compare items with each other and pick what you prefer most.

We have carefully picked all of our hats to ensure we provide the best selection for different personalities and preferences. We have unique hats that will satisfy gothic style, punk style, alternative fashion enthusiasts, bikers, fans of vintage fashion, and many more.