The purpose of gloves for your comfort and fashion

They were invented long ago to protect human’s hands. They were made of leather centuries ago. Starting from the XIIIth century ladies started to wear gloves as an accessory. Girls and women from wealthy and noble families showed their affiliation to the upper sort of people. They were wearing silk and guipure gloves. Later, soldiers wore those made of tough fabrics during the war. 

Nowadays, gloves have become not only the thing that warms up and protects but a fashion accessory. So, who can wear our pieces? 

First of all, our products of that kind are for those who respect comfort and warmness. If you hate to be frozen and not to feel your fingers, choose our warm winter gloves. They will protect you from harsh winters and cold winds. 

Secondly, our gloves are for those, who are into sports. Our fingerless gloves are perfect for physical training. You may not be afraid for the safety of your hands using our gloves! 

Thirdly, we present the gloves for fashion lovers. You may choose traditional or fingerless ones. You can fashion fingerless gloves in a burlesque style by wearing a corset over the dress and high-heel boots. If you want to wear your fingerless gloves with a casual outfit, do not be afraid, just style them with a belt or a bag. You may wear lace gloves for a special occasion with a minimalistic dress and pay attention to your tender arms.

Last but not least, our items are for those for whom the words “Gothic”, “Rock”, “Metal” are not ordinary words, but a style of their life! Wear our gloves for a Rock concert, Gothic Festival or just a motorcycle ride! They will suit your outfit perfectly. Try to style your outfit with something special. Make a fashion experiment and be trendy now!

Women’s leather gloves, lace ones and more

Knitwear is, no doubt, a classic way to go about making yourself all cosy and warm during fall and winter. But what if we told you there are other ways to stay secure and warm? Go out of your comfort zone and add some leather pieces to your collection! Sure thing, leather might not fit every outfit possible, but that’s what’s fun about it. Never feel pressured to just stick to one style! Gothic lace gloves look fantastic at appropriate times and occasions; they’re one of the best accessories to build creative and unforgettable outfits with for when you need them.

  1. Long leather gloves – opt for a pair or two of elegant long women’s leather gloves for a cosplay outfit or a fancy dinner to shine like the brightest star at night. Match them with your dresses and suits, throw some accessories into the action and blow everyone’s minds. 
  2. Women’s half finger leather gloves – add these to your rock-inspired outfits or rave looks for a more fun result. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to use your devices easily still and, of course, show off your freshly done gorgeous nails.

Fingerless gloves and how to style them

If you don’t like wearing full coverage all the time and even half finger gloves don’t do it for you anymore – shop for women’s fingerless gloves! It’s a kind of item that is relatively easy to match to many outfits, stay comfortable and stylish all at the same time. Follow the trendy look creating patterns or make your authentic fashion statement using these pieces as one of the tools to achieve your style goals. Pair them with alternative pieces, with biker-like clothes for a full-on fierce impression. Also, why not add a pair to an outfit with a skirt or a dress? Feel like a rock princess anywhere you go and turn heads with your overflowing confidence.