The fashion triple power: casual, gothic and alternative dresses

Though dresses in no way should be defining someone’s femininity in modern society, many women still can love to wear one now and then. At HARD’N’HEAVY, we offer a large variety of them in different styles and for various occasions.

Gothic, punk rock, alternative dresses – all of these and more are waiting for you here! Grunge ones will help you create a unique vibe for your fit, straight out of a movie. Alternative dresses with various materials and prints, some colourful trendy patterns, simple options for a more casual look just for you, don’t miss out! Stock on some cute full-length dresses for a summer vacation to look like a real-life forest fairy walking around, all cute and joyful. Or, on the opposite, risk it all for a sleek wet look mini dress paired with high heels, revealing your risky inner queen. Asymmetric dresses that consist of elements of different prints and materials all in one – such an interesting fashion choice for the season too! Want to explore your sense of style more? Come on this journey with us!

Ways to create complete outfits with gothic dresses

There are plenty of pieces of clothing for you to combine your new attire with. 

  1. Bottoms – Pair your new gorgeous dress with mini shorts, leggings, stockings – choose an element that fits both the occasion and your mood and go with it! Depending on the length and the materials of your attire, you can pick matching pieces and build a whole new look for yourself. Leather leggings, fishnets, ripped denim shorts – the possibilities are endless!
  2. Shoes – Opt for sneakers, high heels, or chunky boots – create new fun outfits using pieces from our collections and wear them with confidence. Put some layering into action and pair your new dresses with cardigans to create a fit with a country or vintage kind of look. Or mix your tight gothic dresses with leather jackets, channelling your inner rockstar. Denim jackets work for outfits that include dresses of gothic style as a contrasting fashion force. Still, they’re also perfect for casual spring and summer outfits, harmonizing with dresses of all colour schemes. 
  3. Accessories – Throw a chain necklace on, a lace choker with a bright stone in the middle, earrings, rings, bracelets – your wish and your choice! You can also get detachable sleeves to match your gothic dresses for an edgy yet mysterious look. Add a fabulous matching purse into the fashion game and enjoy winning over people’s hearts with your fierce and otherworldly presence. 

We have pieces for different budgets, preferences and bodies. Browse our collections for matching pieces of clothing and accessories. Some dresses could use a nice belt or a chain belt and a matching chain necklace – such a beautiful combo for a night out! HARD’N’HEAVY will become your guide in creating your dream alternative fashion outfits to the best of your ability. Hopefully, you can explore your style and get a confidence boost while picking your perfect dress among our collections!

Life is simply too short to wear boring dresses. Today there’s no excuse for being dressed in the mainstream as HARD’N’HEAVY brings you the foremost rock style look and a vast choice of women’s alternative dresses. From the teasing mini dress to a flowy maxi dress, you’ll be able to pick from a variety of designs and create your alternative apparel regardless of what the occasion is. Get the most attractive price on dresses for Rock Girls from the

Dresses are amongst the best attires to style and wear while still keeping your sartorial game robust. You only have one garment to place on and you’re done, in contrast to matching your T-shirts with jeans or tops with skirts. HARD’N’HEAVY may be an excellent place to kick-start your dress journey. Flick through the collection of women’s alternative dresses and you’ll be able to have a hassle-free shopping experience buying from