Comfortable dress shoes for men and how to style them

More formal, neat, and composed is what is usually expected from a fit that involves dress shoes. Follow that mindset or, on the opposite, match a pair of brogues to an outfit no one would expect to see them involved in. Do what your heart desires and enjoy the process.

Shop for brogues, oxford shoes, derby shoes and many more at HARD’N’HEAVY and let us guide you through the exciting process of creating true art with your looks wherever you go. Follow the dress code, but don’t forget to follow your preferences as well! Mind the occasion, yet don’t dismiss your taste.

  1. Formal shoes – simple as that: you can go for men’s formal shoes in black or brown color (they never disappoint) with neat lacing. It will look especially nice with contrasting lighter pieces of clothing like light blue or beige shirts, jackets and trousers. Shoes are just as important as any other piece of the puzzle that your outfit is, so don’t pass on the opportunities to have fun with them. Browse our collection of comfortable dress shoes for men, and you will most definitely find your match.
  2. Oxford shoes – if you need something formal but like to stand out, you can pick a pair of oxford shoes with laces. Black or brown leather oxford shoes will always serve you well and become a great highlight of your outfit. Go for a pair in navy color for a fun change and alternate them with different suits and clothing sets for your own entertainment – experimenting with your fashion is always fun.
  3. Brogues – To build a perfect outfit with those, opt for suit pants, a neat shirt and a blazer. Such a combination is beneficial for your comfort and the look of the finished product of your creativity – your outfit. Men’s comfortable black or brown dress shoes like brogues will be an excellent addition to your outfit and provide comfort and confidence.

Men’s leather dress shoes and their fashion potential

Quite often in life, there has to be an occasion or two where you need a pair of men’s leather dress shoes that will match your neat, carefully picked out clothes, all of which result in gorgeous outfits. It’s even more fun of a process when you’re a considerable shoe enthusiast. Just imagine how big the confidence boost will be once you put your new pair on. And if you never paid much attention to footwear, right now might be the perfect time to change things up and have some fun with your fashion experiences.

Dress shoes are often essential for various professions, and you best believe you need the most comfortable pair that will also make you feel and look confident. We have multiple pieces in our collection that fit those expectations just right! Go for a vintage leather pair with laces and pair it up with your favourite suit for a perfect result. Pick black, brown, grey pairs in sets to alternate between different occasions and suits or pick a favourite color and build your outfits around the shoes as a centrepiece. Sleek shiny surfaces paired with stylish trousers are a must combination for a fancy night. We have it all and more, so hurry to your next cool outfit, and we will be happy to help you create it!