Be in fashion with our accessories! We all agree that each outfit looks boring and dismal without the accessories!  Choosing the right accessory is a harsh task, but those who master the ancient craft will be rewarded with a blessing of breathtaking glances. 

Follow our pieces of advice when deciding whether to wear or not to wear a belt and be a fashion guru! First of all, your belt shouldn’t be shorter or much longer than your size. When you are going to a formal occasion, choose classic pastel or black colours of the belt. Avoid extra-fashionable buckles. Choose classical and minimalistic ones, which are always in fashion!

A belt decorated with buckles of different shapes, buttons, rivets and other things may be worn to a casual outfit with sneakers and low-heel shoesEven your everyday jeans will look different with a rightly chosen belt. Individualize your look with a belt with a special buckle.

We know that our belts will appeal to your Alternative soul and enhance your Aesthetic apparel!