There are almost endless accessory items that can be combined with alternative outfits to give even more edge. Some of them might have a distinct purpose, others are there only to embellish and some combine both of the worlds. For example, bags or watches are there for a reason and serve a special purpose. On the other hand, body harness accessories or neckwear function as elements of rock style. Then, needless to say, there are clothing accessories such as hats or scarves & bandanas which contribute to the overall look. 

You can deliver an entirely another look with the very same clothing using a different accessories set. Frequently it is a secret of alternative fashion Instagrammers who seem to metamorphose into one gorgeous look after the other, swapping just a few items. Nowadays, the presence of all alternative accessories online has made shopping so simple. So hop aboard – HARD’N’HEAVY store is here to offer you an incredible selection of accessories for those who are into alternative subcultures.


Here are some of the most common accessories that look fabulous with multiple outfits. 

  1. Bags – Difficult to imagine stepping out of the home without a handbag. Not only do they do their expected job of keeping your stuff together, but in some way, they are an implementation of your personality. From backpacks, which are a super handy to small clutches, that can be paired with evening dresses, they are incredible and versatile accessories. 
  2. Jewellery  Not enough can ever be said regarding the statement jewellery that every rocker enjoy wearing. You’ll be excited to find a vast variety of items browsing through our jewellery collections. Skull rings, chains, leather bracelets and a lot more things that can boost your alternative apparel. 
  3. Watches – They used to tell time in the past, but nowadays, they are accessories conveying personality like never before. Folks adore different styles and there is a tremendous trend for vintage watches too. They surely help bring any outfit together in a complex fashion.


These are just some examples of accessories that you can find on our online store, check them out.

HARD’N’HEAVY is the one-stop hub for the most alternative on-trend accessories. You can find some of the best statement pieces here at the very affordable prices. So what are you waiting for? Head over to our collections and shop with the most pleasant experience.