Boho Style – Its Basics And Origins


Boho Style – Its Basics And Origins

When cold times come, and it’s a moment to use thick-down clothing, we often think of light and airy boho clothes that was a perfect fit for hot summer days.
Clothing of this style creates the impression that this fashion has existed for a long time, about several decades. But the most interesting thing is the fact that it was actually invented quite recently.

Every boho outfit has a timeless element to it, so it’s always trendy and versatile enough to always look fresh. In addition, this stylish outfit stands out from the rest, and it would be quite appropriate to classify it as a kind of alternative fashion style. It is considered a fairly mainstream style of clothing. Despite the fact that these clothes are most often associated with a travelling lifestyle and a rejection of accepted norms.

What is Boho Fashion?

What is Boho Fashion

Boho style is a fashion inspired by the atmosphere and aesthetics of the hippies of the 60s and 70s. As we all know, they prefer natural materials and fabrics and a wide variety of silhouettes. Representatives of this style also love ethnic vintage motifs (especially in the form of knitwear and prints) with a wide selection of cultures.

Clothes in boho style create the image of a freedom-loving person. This person travels a lot and buys clothes from craftsmen in local markets and bazaars in various parts of the planet where he or she travels. Based on this, boho fashion is a bit minimalistic, but it needs to be selected very carefully. And this is all because it allows you to create diverse and contrasting images. You can also mix them with other various accessories and clothes.

There is also one important point that distinguishes boho fashion from other clothing styles. And this is precisely the fact that boho fashion is constantly adapting to modern trends and silhouettes of our time. This allows it to be unique and unrepeatable. For example, you can see that in 2003, boho clothes were perfectly combined with low-rise flared jeans. But already in 2019, boho clothes are accompanied by high-waisted vintage jeans.

A Brief History of Boho


It started in the early 2000s when people began to actively discuss boho as a style of modern fashion. The term “boho” was shortened from the word “bohemia”, which is, of course, much older.

According to the Internet Etymological Dictionary, Bohemia was originally a term applied exclusively to Gypsies. They lived in France and were mistakenly considered to be from Bohemia. However, soon this term increasingly began to be applied to freedom-loving, but at the same time, poor artists. Their way of life was similar in the image, mostly financially, not different from the way of life of the same marginal gipsies.

In general, three elements can be distinguished, thanks to the combination of which it will be possible to describe a representative of the bohemians of the middle of the 19th century and beyond. Namely: his creative hobbies, mainly (writing or journalism, music and art), refusal of social benefits and preference for poverty. A nomadic lifestyle or constant travel (mainly due to the economic component), as well as continuous political disagreements.
These three criteria mainly accompanied the bohemian lifestyle. Puccini’s opera “Bohème,” tells the story of a group of bohemians living in poverty in the Latin Quarter of Paris. Eventually, the term spread throughout Europe to all major cities and eventually reached the United States. There it was very often used and applied by the various countercultures that existed at the time.

Hippie and Boho Fashion Connection

Hippie and Boho Fashion Connection

In the 60s, the hippie movement became the most popular and mainstream fashion culture. Therefore, it can easily be attributed to a branch of the bohemian subculture. It existed in previous decades, with similar values and a similar lifestyle and morality. The hippie movement was distinguished by the fact that it combined the presence of a very specific fashion style. It had a very global impact on modern boho aesthetics.

In the encyclopedia of fashion, there is a description of this style as ethnic and rather old-fashioned clothing. This style combines the presence of “loose hats, headbands, bell bottoms and T-shirts with coloured ties or flowing scarves and beads with blue jeans. “
We would like to note that the hippie movement survived and transformed into a punk subculture. But boho fashion is still its more direct heir and model. This style first appeared sometime in the early 2000s. It is often mentioned by famous people such as Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Rachel Zoe. It is impossible not to mention this style with the culture of music festivals. For example, such as the recently held Coachella festival or the famous Glastonbury music festival.

Since about the mid-2000s, some boho elements and images have gone in and out of fashion. But since elements of frivolity were always present in the aesthetics of this unusual fashion, it received its advantages. This style still managed to surpass the main fashion trends and trends. However, at the same time, it worries about the loss of some countercultures that were quite important. And as a result, the political ideals that abounded in early Bohemia and the hippie movement were lost.

The Boho-Chic Essentials

The Boho-Chic Essentials

First of all, we need to consider the colours and prints of fashionable boho. Neutral shades of the wardrobe in boho style are mainly earthy tones. And we are talking about grey-brown, faded denim blue and beige. It should be noted that colour plays a very important role in boho fashion. For example, like bohemian prints, all these aspects make the image unique. Patterns in the form of flowers and plants, complex geometric patterns, and paisley perfectly complement these clothes. But for winter, crocheted clothes or free knitted options are ideal.

The main items of the boho style are maxi dresses, these are short flowing dresses, and you can also select buttons from fabrics such as raw cotton and linen and, of course, loose blouses. Raw denim is also excellent here. Flowing skirts in combination with light or worn denim will be a perfect choice. If you feel confident, you should experiment with combining clothes in the boho style. For example, try to create an outfit in which the top or bottom is combined with a beautiful print. Although, as a rule, only one printed garment is the best solution. It will also be appropriate to add a scarf with a print to your boho look, which will perfectly emphasize your appearance.

Additional Boho-Style Accessories

Additional Boho-Style Accessories

In addition to scarves, there are many other options for complementing a boho wardrobe. Here’s what you can also use: vests, sun hats, sandals made of natural materials or espadrilles, boots with a layer of light earth tones, and bucket bags. Also, do not forget about various hanging decorations. They can be made of different materials such as metal, fabric and wood.

The words “natural” and “flowing” should also be associated with the boho style. Hair should be loose, curly or slightly wavy. It can also be sometimes with deliberately tousled hair. Those who love the boho style usually stick to very natural makeup. They typically use a bronzer that gives the skin a sun-kissed effect.


We hope that our guide will help you to immerse yourself more in all the beautiful boho fashion and become one of its supporters. So experiment and create your own mega stylish outfits in this luxurious style to always look amazing!

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