Body Harness – How to Style


Body Harness – How to Style

The body harness fashion trend is currently at all rage, and it is not hard to understand why. This truly seductive accessory has been recently embraced by mainstream fashion too. But it is crucial to identify that harnesses are, by far, an item of accessory that is often associated with gothic clothing, steampunk, fetish and grunge fashion. Simply put, body harnesses are badass! 

Adding a harness to your outfit might be an excellent way to boost a plain casual look. Leather body harnesses, for example, are a great item for layering it up over t-shirts and gothic dresses. Worn underneath the garments it can give a definite element of subtle details. 

It is true to say that harnesses are tricky items and are not defined easily. They ain’t belts, they are not corsets and unquestionably they are not tops. So what the heck are they? 

In broader perspective body harness is an accessory but, to make things even more complicating, it might be categorised as underwear or lingerie. So, for instance, if you were to type in a search bar “cheap gothic harnesses” the search outcome would likely be a blend of bondage-style underwear and full-body harnesses.

Considering that we are discussing a comparatively new trend in alternative and mainstream fashion, you might find it tricky to decide how to style those body harnesses, what to pair them with and how to wear it. So let’s take a dipper look at the trend of body harnesses. 

Various Types of Fashion Harnesses

In this style guide, we’ll be discussing in a great deal body harnesses in gothic and grunge style. Though it is worth to say that these aren’t the only kind of fashion harnesses. The humble body harness is more versatile and widely accepted fashion accessory than you could have ever thought.

Thigh, Leg Harnesses and Garters

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This kind of harnesses is precisely what its definition sounds like: a harness or strap that is worn around the thigh. These are a prominent choice for women that want to draw attention off from their middle part and add a seductive detail to their lower part of the body. It doesn’t matter if you wear your harness over the top of jeans, or underneath a dress or skirt – the outcome is pretty sexy outlook.

Shoulder and Arm Harnesses

Arm harnesses are usually worn around the upper part of an arm and are commonly decorated with a chain or hammered metal. From a mainstream fashion perspective, an arm harnesses might be classified and referred to the jewellery category. Nevertheless, anybody who is into steampunk or different Gothic subcultures knows that arm harnesses have been worn for years, often combined with buckles, chains and other stuff to provide a much more impressive effect in comparison to a humble arm bangle.

Elasticated Harness vs Leather Harness

The most common examples of Gothic harnesses available on the market are made of leather or elasticated materials. Broadly speaking, leather harnesses are more relaxed fitting than their elastic alternative, often giving the impression of a group of belts, joined together with buckles or rings.


Leather harnesses are an excellent option for using them over the top of clothing, mainly because of their rigidity. This type of harnesses has a look of a belt which means that they can be used to outline your shape. Underbust corsets or waist belts can also do the same job. Apply leather harnesses to shape loose-fitting clothing like flowing dresses, oversized t-shirts or blouses.
Elasticated harnesses though are more suitable to be worn on the bare skin. Because they are made from elastic materials it is far more comfortable in comparison to leather harnesses and also a lot less chunky. Because of these, elastic harnesses are good for wearing under tight-fitting clothes such as tight tank tops.


Body Harness and Layering 

The most important thing while wearing Gothic or Grunge harness is layering. Clothing that lacks form – such as loose t-shirt, dress and other oversized attire, can be fashioned with a rigid leather harness, give shape and underline body form.

But you can go even further and try to pair a leather harness that fastens at the waist with a bodycon dress. This outfit will give your body a fantastic hourglass shape. 

You might want to wear a body harness under your clothing and by such means draw attention to the neckline and chest or completely transform a backless dress. These sort of harness are often referred to the cage bras or bralettes and are a prominent example of lingerie that is completely fine to display. 

Body harnesses are capable of giving a new look and feel to your whole wardrobe. Consider them as an outfit booster that can add an extra flavour to any alternative style clothes. And do not neglect to combine it with some statement jewellery to complete the entire rock and roll look.

Which harness type do you favour? Over the top or under the clothes?

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