7 Tips For The Best Summer Body

7 Tips For The Best Summer Body - HARD'N'HEAVY

7 Tips For The Best Summer Body

Summer is at its hottest point, and if you’re guilty of putting working out off for the longest time, you might be feeling lost right now. However, it’s never too late – buckle up and get to work! If you wish to get the beach body of your dreams without overworking yourself in the long run – keep reading our guide and find out how to make this journey fun, productive, and safe. We present to you our best tips:

1. Schedule is the key

To fairly distribute your time between different activities, you need good time management skills and a clear picture of what exactly you want to improve. Let’s say you plan a workout session for each of the seven days in the week. For example, you start with focusing on one part of your body on Monday, shift things to something else on Tuesday, and so on. Some people like to pick out each day for a different type of workout – cardio today, jogging tomorrow, weight lifting, etc. At the same time, there are some techniques for a fun workout process that you won’t read in trendy magazines or hear from famous fitness coaches.

Have you ever thought of working out with the help of dogs? Before you get surprised, no, we don’t mean using dogs as a workout tool; this method is actually beneficial for both you and your fluffy companion! The trick is running after your dog to pet it, which seems like a regular thing you do daily anyway, but once you add some jogging action into it, it gets far more fun. Think about it – you make several muscles work in the process, your heart rate also goes up, and you don’t get to feel tired too quickly because you’re focused on approaching your pet. Besides, the immediate boost of serotonin you will get from seeing your pup jump around with you is an amazing thing for both your physical and mental health! And believe it when we say it – your dog will be even happier about your regular walks getting this type of fun activity.

Hydration and the importance of it - HARD'N'HEAVY

2. Hydration and the importance of it

It’s a known fact humans can’t live without water, and you drink some on a daily basis. It’s no news, and if you really care for your health, you will make sure to have the perfect amount of water every day. Besides, it is also beneficial to add different liquids to your usual diet. We highly suggest milkshakes – a tasty and simple way of improving your diet.

However, if you cannot drink cow milk in any form for certain reasons, it is fine. There are other types of natural milk-like liquids that you can incorporate into your daily life, like almond milk, for example. The cooler temperature of milkshakes is great for controlling your temperature, so in the heat of the moment during your workout sessions and in between them, you’re sure not to overheat, and it will maintain your body at a cooler level, preventing excessive sweating.

You Are What You Eat - HARD'N'HAVY

3. You Are What You Eat

It is scientifically proven by specialists that a balanced diet is super crucial for productive weight loss on the way to getting your perfect summer body. Believe us, it’s true, and you have to take notes. To achieve your final goal, you need to have a balanced diet that involves the needed quantity of basic things like bread, cheese, meat, and dairy. A diet like this will maintain the amount of vegetables, dairy and protein-containing products you have during the day.

Rest, Sleep, Repeat - HARD'N'HEAVY

4. Rest, Sleep, Repeat

It is known the human body needs at least eight full hours of good sleep to keep it healthy and for you to stay in a stable mental state. You can, of course, go for more, but excessive hours of sleep sometimes cause exhaustion, as ironic as it may sound to you. Catching up on the sleep you missed last night is a “better late than never” kind of situation. You can take a nap pretty much anywhere, but be mindful of your surroundings and responsibilities. You wouldn’t want to wake up face flat on your desk in the middle of an important office meeting; just saying.

Power naps between workout sessions at home can be beneficial if you’re the type of person to easily gain energy from small glimpses of rest. At the same time, sometimes it’s not that great, and abruptly waking up can cause a headache that will ruin all of your previous efforts and your mood for the rest of the day, so you might want to keep working and relax when you’re done – post-workout sleep is the best, we promise!

5. Plan And Make Goals

The best way of getting to the end of your journey of achieving something is to plan it out to the best of your abilities. Of course, life is a crazy thing, and things can change any second, but having at least a rough draft of how you want it to go and where you want it to lead you will not hurt for sure. Your goals can be practical, let’s say, the count of calories you allow yourself to have daily or the amount of time you spend working out. Or they can be more of a mental setting; for example, you want to set a goal to finally be able to relax at the beach and not worry about how you look in someone else’s eyes, trying to cover up as much of your body as you can.

Let your insecurities go and imagine how fun life will be once you do; stay motivated by that mindset, and keep going towards your big goal. How fun would that be to show off your confidence and easily play games and dance around, not worrying about what people think! Pay respect to your body because it’s the only one you have, and it has served you well ever since you were brought into this world. It deserves basic care at the very least and a great amount of self-love at most! You need to realize that you will not look back at old pictures sometime in the future and analyze how it would be better if you were lighter here and there. The only thing that will grab your attention and full focus is the memories you acquired at the time and the experience you had. Those memories will keep you on track with your progress of self-love. And the best way to make that progress is to realize each and everybody is a perfect beach body, after all, because humans are beautiful the way they are, and no one is allowed to convince you otherwise.

However, if it’s your personal choice to change certain parts of your body, no one can take that desire away from you; just be careful and mindful of how you approach this journey. – Come to terms that everybody is a beach body. You don’t need a flat, toned stomach or super-strong calf muscles to look amazing. Happiness and confidence radiate much further than any physical part of your body will.

6. Measure And Track

Whether your memory is great or not really, it is important to be able to see your progress fixed in some sort of note. You can invest in a mood tracker or make one yourself in the form of written notes, write down how happy you are with the work you’ve done in the day and if you’re satisfied with your progress. Here are some productive ways of keeping your mental state at its best:

Make sure to take time every day to do something you love, no matter how minor the passion is. Allow yourself to binge some episodes of your favourite show, even if you’ve seen it 100 times and can probably re-tell the entire plot in your sleep; who cares if it still brings you enormous joy? Play games, listen to your favourite music, learn a fun choreography routine, treat yourself to a favourite snack or meet up with a dear friend. Things that may seem too simple are important for your well-being and can affect your mental health greatly.

Believe In Yourself - HARD'N'HEAVY

7. Believe In Yourself

You are able to achieve anything you have serious intentions towards. We’re hoping by the time you’ve reached this part of the article, you’ve noticed that our main message to you is that you look perfect the way you are, and you don’t need to change to satisfy someone else. Sadly in life, not everyone will like you, but there are millions of people that do and will in the future.

If you strive to change your body for yourself, it is totally valid, and we can only encourage you for the best results, but be sure to follow our tips to make this journey as safe and productive as you possibly can. And fun, too, because loving yourself and improving should not be bothersome and dull. Go out, embrace your beach body and have fun creating new memories with people you love, or who knows, maybe your confidence will attract new people to your life?

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