Daily Store Management & Growth!

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Congratulations on opening your new store!

Very few people actually make it to the end, so you should be very proud of what you’ve achieved.

The last step of this course is on the daily tasks you need to do to both grow and manage your store.

You’ll want to dedicate at least 1 hour every day doing these following tasks (in order of importance):

#1: Order any products customers have purchased. This is top priority. Being lazy with orders will make customers not only want to kill complain to you but also file PayPal disputes and chargebacks!

#2: Give customers tracking information for orders that have been shipped out. That way customers feel reassured they know where their order is.

#3. Reply to any customer support emails. Simply communicating with customers on time reduces complaints, chargebacks, and PayPal disputes all in one.

#4. Analyze your Facebook ads. Check to see you are always making a good ROI, and if you need to tweak anything on your ad.

#5. Add a new product to your store. Successful stores don’t rely on one ‘winner’ – they have multiple winners. That way if their current ad becomes saturated, they already have products that sell just as well or even better. 


#6. Create an ad for your new product. Try and test different products and to find more ‘winners’.


#7. If it’s a Monday or Thursday, send out an email newsletter. The most effective way to make more money from the same customer.

Note: As your store grows and you’re starting to make several sales a day, you’ll need to commit more and more time to management. This is non-negotiable.

Now you’ve learned how to manage your store, it’s your turn.