How to Fulfill Orders with Printify

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In this video, I’m going to fulfill order through Oberlo. Once you have an order, go to the order and as you can see on this example that the order has already been fulfilled.

What happened was I bought the product, and once a day Printify checks our store for orders and as you can on the timeline that Printify has seen that the order was made and it has requested fulfillment for one item.

So if you go to Apps and click on Printify, then Orders, you’ll be able to see the orders. Then click on Timeline.

You’ll be able to see what happened. So Shopify received the order, then it moves on to the next stage of fulfillment. What it’s doing is it’s taking the image design that it’s on high enough quality to be able to print on a tshirt and then once it has completed the quality check it will then it will continue to the next stages automatically.

Me, as a customer, I received my order confirmation email immediately. 

As you can see, Printify fulfill orders automatically. You, pretty much, don’t have to do anything but you can always check where it is along the way in terms of it’s fulfillment.