How to Add & Optimize Blog Posts

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In this video, we are going to use Shopify’s blog feature to increase our SEO ranking. We’ll be optimizing lots We are going to constantly add fresh new text to our store and one way to do that is by using Shopify’s blog feature.

Google likes to recommend websites that are actively working on improving their customer’s experience and to do that it tries to make some guesses and assumptions. So I strongly recommend that you add one blog post every week.

If you are not good in English or you don’t have time, you can have an article created for you by a writer in Fiverr, which is what I did. Your blog post should be relevant to your store. And your article should be at least 800 words. You can go longer than that but you don’t need to.

Google has also noticed that readers likes to see images in a blog post so you should add at least 2 to yours. Images also signal something else to Google, they signal that you’re  putting effort to your post.

You can also embed a video to signal Google that you are putting more effort into your post. You don’t have to create the video yourself, you can find a video in Youtube and embed it to the post. I will show you how to do this in this tutorial.

Another thing you can do is to rewrite articles or Youtube videos in your own words. You can take the information and rewrite it in your own words. Do not be afraid to repurpose content that is already available but you have to rewrite it in your own words so that you don’t violate copyright laws.

So let’s hop in to my computer and let me show you how to create a blog post.

First, go into Online Store and then click on Blog Posts. 

Then click create blog post. First thing you want to do is to add a title for your blog post. Then write the content for your post. I’ve already written the content for my post which is 900 words.

Next, were going to do some formatting to make my post more attractive to read. I’m going to use bold font for my sub title. And adding in bullet points to help break up the formatting.

Also, remember I said we need to add two images. I’ve already prepared the images that I want to add so I’m going to insert them in between the text. We are also going to to add a video. I’ve found a video in Youtube and to add that video, click on the Share button in Youtube then click on the Embed icon. Then highlight the code and click copy.

Once you’ve one that, come to your blog post and find the area where you want to insert the video, click on the Insert video button and then click paste. And there you go, a video has now been inserted.

Next thing you need to do is to add an excerpt. Just keep it short and simple. For the tag section, don’t write anything on that field. Then on the featured image section, upload the image one of the image that you’ve used in your blog post. Then click on Visible and click on Save.

Click on View so that you can preview your actual blog post.

Now that we have our first blog post, we going to do some tweaks to it. First we need to go back to our Online Store and then go to the Blog Posts section. Then click on Manage blogs so that it doesn’t say News.

Change the title to Blog, then click on Comments are allowed pending moderation and then click Save.

Next, we’re going to go Navigation and then Main Menu. Then click on Add Menu item.

Put Blog on the name then link it to the Blog. Then click on Add.

Then click on Save Menu. Fantastic! That’s it! You have successfully added a blog to your store.