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In this video, you’re going to learn how to use this nifty tool called Place It to create lifestyle images and videos for your Print on demand products. With Place It, you can make a lot of photos without having to order and this is going to save you a lot of money and time. This is extremely important because product photos are the number one conversion for Facebook ads.

Using Place It will give you an edge over your competitors and I highly recommend it. So to help me in this video, I have Anna from Place It. She’s going to do a site overview and how to utilize Place It to start on your Print on demand products. 

Sarah: Welcome Anna and thanks for coming along! Should we get started by maybe looking at lifestyle photos for t-shirts?

Anna: Hi Sarah, thanks for inviting us over here. Yes, the most downloaded item in terms of the license for sale is t-shirt mockups. T-shirt mock up is the most commonly purchased item in our site in terms of mockup. And we have lots of variations in terms of mockups. We have mockups with models, with all sorts of model, from a wide range of gender, background, scenarios. We actually like to call ourselves the largest library of mockups on the internet.

So this is the major page where you would create your own mockup.

It’s super useful. If you want a t-shirt design, just click on the Upload Your Design Here button and choose the design from your computer. You can resize and crop your image.

Then upload it and it’s going to be shown in every single mockup. And you can instantly see tons of variations of mockup based on your design. So you can actually choose the one that you like and further customize.

So if you choose a mockup, the website is going to load the mockup you chose and then you can change the color and add more customization as you go. It’s very easy to make a mockup, you don’t need photoshop or other tools.

Sarah: I think it would be really cool to show off the t-shirt color feature.

Anna: Sure! So you just click here over the Shift color and you’ll see a bunch of different colors that you can choose from. Then pick any color you want.

You can either use the color picker or if you already have the hex code of the color you want, you can use it. And the color will be changed automatically. 

A lot of t-shirt sellers like Printify offer Heather t-shirts so offer those as well. And I want to show you as well more lifestyle pictures that we have aside from t-shirts. We also have hoodie mockups. So you might want to promote your designs on different kinds of products based on seasons. We have hoodie mockups, tank top mockups and we also have phone cases, pillows, duvet covers. All those products that you may find in Teespring, Printify, Printful, all those sites.

Sarah: Yeah. Mugs are quite popular. They’re great upsell or downsell. If you have a design that’s selling well on a t-shirt then it’s very likely that it’s going to perform as an upsell if you put it on a different type of product like the mug. So can we check out the mugs?

Anna: If you go into the mug mock ups, it looks very similar to the t-shirt one.

You can see the different mockups on the page with different variations and scenarios. And you can filter them with different sizes of the mugs because we know that there are different ounces.

For this one, you can upload your design on both a t-shirt and a mug. So this is very useful for t-shirt designers.

Sarah: I like it actually, it’s fantastic!

Anna: And if you click on the Model button here on the right, you can see all the mockups with that model in different scenarios and different products.

Sarah: That’s great because it helps you create consistency across your site. Having the same model across your site make it look like you hired that model. 

Anna: Exactly! And it works if you’re working on a catalog, for example for your social media, as you just said it creates consistency.

Another feature we have that I’m pretty sure you’re audience is using Sarah, are t-shirt videos. You’re going to see a lot of video templates that you can upload your designs to in which the mockups are going to be moving. Instagram and Facebook ads are powered by video content.

So these are super easy to make! Same flow. Upload your design, choose a garment color and that’s it, you can download your video.

Sarah: You show a video that’s like a collection of slideshows, but you also have some videos that show the model walking, moving; that’s incredibly effective. Could we upload a design to that?

Anna: Sure! Let’s make an actual t-shirt design real quick! So let’s make an alien design. Aliens are trending right now!

Sarah: Yeah, that’s another feature of Placeit! So many different templates that you can take advantage of to create t-shirt designs. 

Anna: So for example, this design, you have to choose a transparent background so that it goes well with the t-shirt color. When it’s ready, you can download it

Sarah: If I have an account in Placeit, do I have unlimited downloads.

Anna: Yes, if you have an account, you get unlimited downloads, unlimited design templates and unlimited mockups for $14.95/month and you get logos for 50% off. For some reason you want to download, one design at a time, it’s $2.95. In this case, I did not pay because I am using an admin account.

Now, I’m going back to the video mockup and click upload. Once it’s uploaded, I’m going to change the shirt color. And there a fewer color options for the garment color. So, I’m choosing this color. And that’s it!

Anna: Then if you click on the Add slide button, you can add more videos. For example, these are logo intros. You can choose one that you like then upload your logo into it and that’s it, you’re all set!

Anna: You can upload your brand’s logo and add some audio tracks and then you’re all ready to go! 

Sarah: And it’s also good to combine with other lifestyle videos and put your brand into it.

Anna: Exactly! If you want to combine it with another lifestyle video, just click on add slide and then over here on the side, you want to click on Apparel Mockup.

Anna: And then you’re going to see the videos that you can add. So if you want to showcase one design in like a gallery, you can do that. Or you want to showcase it in other products aside from t-shirts, like hoodies, you can do that. 

So it’s the same process, super simple. Once you’ve chosen a video mockup that you would like to add, follow the same, process, upload your design to that mockup. And that’s it, you don’t need to be an expert to do this.

Sarah: No, definitely not. 

Anna: You can preview the whole video, it’s going to render the entire thing and it’s super quick. 

Sarah: Do you create mockups based on demand from users?

Anna: Everyday, we add new mockups. 

Sarah: Fantastic!

Anna: Yeah, we try to keep it fresh! We look at trends, we definitely listen to our customers. So it was no joke that if you guys send us an email,  I may not guarantee that it’s going to be done this week but it will be done.

Sarah: Very cool! Ahm, can we go back to the t-shirt mockup because there’s something very cool that I want to show to people? It’s like a hack – two of the biggest niches in print on demand are cats and dogs. Could you do a search – let’s do a search for cats.

Anna: Yeah! Awesome! I’m a cat lady myself, so yes!

Sarah: It’s difficult not to love cats!  One of my friends Michael Shih, swears that one for the reasons why his t-shirt design did over a hundred thousand dollars is because he had a mockup with a dog in it. If you’re in the cat or dog niche, this is a fantastic way to increase engagement on your ads and of course on your front page as well. 

Anna: And following that same line, going back to the t-shirt design template, we also tshirt designs that go in line with pets. So if you look for animal t-shirt designs, we have cats and dogs as well. And any niche, that you see we don’t have available, please let us know.

Sarah: For sure! Do you have any hooded design blankets? 

Anna: Yes, we do! We don’t have that many but you can do a search for them in the search bar and look for a hooded blanket. 

Sarah: Yeah, that’s a growing niche and the perceived value for those are really high!

Thank you so much!