How to Create a Facebook Fanpage

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A Facebook Fan Page is essential for advertising on people’s news feeds. Without it, we’re limited to only being able to advertise on the sidebar (which is very ineffective). So, we very much need a fanpage.

Ideally, you want to be adding content to your fanpage and create custom graphics to that it stands out. If you do this, you can grow it and use as a free traffic source in the future. Plus, it can help you build authority.

In the beginning though, you only have so much time and so much to do, so I wouldn’t recommend you focus on this. Instead, think of it as a task in the future once you’ve tested your ads, found a winning product and turned your store into a money-making machine.

But for now we’re going to keep it simple and create a Facebook fan page that (at least) WORKS.

Creating a fan page can be broken down into 5 simple steps:

  1. Create a page
  2. Fill out your profile details
  3. Add a profile picture
  4. Add a cover image
  5. Add 10 picture posts

As you can see, you’re going to be using a lot of photos. This is why it’s even more important that you use photos that you have the rights for.

To do that, you can use Google images.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how to do this:

Come to Google images and click “Settings” – and then click advanced search.

In this box, type in your niche.

Scroll down and find the drop-down menu labeled “usage rights”.

From the drop-down menu select the option “free to use, share or modify, even commercially”.

After you’ve done that, click the “Advanced Search” button.

And that’s how you find images that you legally have the rights to use.

Now we know where to find our image, it’s time to start building our fan page.

Step #1: Add a New Page to Your Personal Account

  1. Sign in to your personal account.

2. Click this triangle button. Now click Manage Pages.

3. Click “Create a Page”.

4. Select “Business or Brand”. Click “Get Started”.

5. Click “Choose a category” and select “Website” from the drop-down menu. Type in your store name. Then click ‘Continue’.

6. If this shows up for you, just skip it. We’ll be adding our profile picture later.

7. If this shows up for you, just skip it. We’ll be adding our cover photo later.

First step: Complete! Now onto the next…

Step #2: Edit Settings

8. Come to the homepage of your new fan page and click “Settings.”

9. Next, click “Templates and Tabs”.

10. Click this button next to “Use default tabs”. Click ‘Settings’ next to Reviews.

11. Turn off the reviews tab. Click ‘Save’.

12. Turn off the “Shop” tab. Click ‘Save’.

13. Turn off the offers tab. Click ‘Save’.

14. Turn off the groups tab. Click ‘Save’.

15. And turn off the events tab. Click ‘Save’.

Awesome! Onto the next step…

Step #3: Edit the About Us Page

We’re going to add a few contact details to our About Us page. Ideally you’ll fill this out with a nice description – which you can either do now or later.

Don’t get too hung up on this. It’s not entirely necessary to start, but it’s good for branding.

While we’re at it, we’ll also include the Call to Action button on your page as well.

16. On your homepage, click “Add a Button”.

17. Next, click on “Shop with you or make a donation”. Select “Shop Now.” Then click ‘Next’.

18. Next, click on ‘Website Link’.

19. Type in the homepage for your store. Click “Save”.

20. Click Finish.

  1. Now let’s edit the About page. On the sidebar, click “About.”

22. Click “Enter Email”.

23. Type in the email address for your store and click “Save”.

24. Next, click “Enter Website”.

25. Type in the URL for your website, then click “Save”.

And that’s it. Remember, if you have the time, you can enter more details to help improve your branding.

Step #4: Add a Profile Image

For this step, you’re going to need Google images to find a photo to use as your profile photo. For me, I chose this cup of coffee with a smiley face on it.

In the future, you can hire some to create a super cool custom photo for your page, and this will help you with branding.

For example, for Brewed Treats, I could hire a designer to create an image of a cup of coffee with the Brewed Treats logo. You can consider this one of your “to-do” list tasks once you’ve got your store up and running, as it isn’t top priority.

Your image will have to be at the very least 160 x 160 pixels. But I recommend you size an even bigger image. One that’s 960 x 960 pixels.

And you don’t have to worry about your image being square, as Facebook’s cropping tool can help to shape your image into the designated size for the profile photo.

26. On your homepage, click the “Update” button.

27. Click “Upload Photo”.

28. Select your chosen photo.

29. Facebook will let you crop the photo and zoom in if you’d like, if you uploaded it in high definition as I did by making it at least 960 by 960 pixels. 

Once you’re happy with it, click “Save”.

4 steps complete! Now onto the next one…

Step #5: Add a Cover Image

Once again you’re going to need to select a nice looking photo for this using Google images.

A cover photo can act as a advertising board for your store in the future. You can add promotions on special offers, and call to action to shop on your site.

The full-width size and dimensions for your cover image are 851 x 315 pixels. On desktop, people will see 820 x 315 pixels. And on mobile, people will just see 560 x 134 pixels.

In the future, once your store is profitable, you can think about turning your cover image into something more professional.

Your cover image is a great opportunity. You can put arrows on it, other symbols like that to encourage people to click on the Shop Now button.

You can use your cover image to promote special offers.

30. Click the ‘Add a cover’ button.

31. Then click ‘Upload photo/video’.

32. Select the photo you want. Facebook will automatically crop it.

33. You can drag and reposition your photo as you’d like.

34. When you are done, click “Save”.

Step #6: Add 10 photo posts to your page

By adding posts to our page, we make it look alive and have some content in there for visitors to engage with.

As we advertise our store, we will organically gain likes, and would have more of these if we had more content for visitors to engage with.

If you’d like, you could put some effort into finding engaging images by being creative with what you search for in Google.

35. Come to status and click “Photo/Video”.

36. Again, click Photo/Video.

37. Click “Upload Photos/Video”.

38. Select the photo you want to upload.

  1. Click “Publish”.

40. Now you’ve learned how to add your first photo – add 9 more.

Okay, we’re almost done. Just one more step.

Step #7: Add the Page to Your Business Manager Account

40. Come to your Business Manager account.

41. Click “Business Settings”.

42. Click “Pages”.

43. Click “Add”.  

44. Click “Add a Page”.

45. Switch back to your fan page and copy the URL for the fan page.

46. Now paste it into the box of the business manager page.

47. Select your fan page. Click “Add Page”.

You’ve successfully created a Facebook fan page. Congrats!