How to Create a Facebook Business Account

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Welcome! In this video we will be creating a Facebook Business Account. It will be the primary account where you’ll be creating and running Facebook ads.

There is the other option to run ads through your personal account, but we do not recommend it. Why? Because you can only use that account for one business or brand.

Let’s say I’ve built and scaled up Brewed Treats to a super successful store. And one day, I decide I want to move on and build a new store in a different niche. We’ll use the unicorn niche for example.

Since my personal ad account is already associated with Brewed Treats, I wouldn’t be able to use it to run ads to my new store.

If you’re looking to scale your niche store to over a million dollars, you’re going to need more than one niche store. And in that case, you’re going to need a Facebook business account.

So here are the steps to create one.

Go to the URL http://business.facebook.com

You can type this link into your browser or easily launch it by clicking the button below.

Step #1: Sign in to your Facebook account

On the home page, click “Create Account.” 

Type in the login details for your personal account and click “Log In”.

Step #2: Name Your Business Manager

You are also required to give your name and an email address for the account. Again this does not need to be an email attached to an official registered business. You can use a personal email if you would like.

You are also required to give some details about your business. Again if you do not have a registered business, you can use your personal details instead. For the website, you can give your new Shopify store URL.


Step #3: Create a Payment Option

We need to step up a credit card or debit card to pay for our ads.

Start up by clicking Payments.

Click “Add” to add your payment details.

Next, add your name and email into the appropriate box. Then add an email (one that you check frequently) so that you are able to receive important notifications from Facebook. For example, if one of your ads were disapproved.

Once complete, click “Finish”.

I would recommend using US Dollars as the currency. Type in your credit card information then click ‘Continue’.

Step #4: Create an Ad Account

On the homepage of your business account, click this button over here. Then select “Business Settings.”

On the next page, select “Ad Accounts”.

Click the “Add” button.

In the drop-down menu, click “Create a New Ad Account.”

For your ad account name, type in the name of your store.

In the box “Advertising on behalf of”, type in your business name. Adjust the time zone to where you’re based and select your native currency. And finally, select a payment method. Then click “Create Ad Account”.

You may then be prompted to add people to the account and what access you’re going to assign to those people. Click ‘Manage Ad Account’ then select yourself. Click “Assign.”

You’ve successfully created a Facebook Business Account! Congratulations. I’ll see you in the next video!