How To create a low budget facebook advertising campaign

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IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: Facebook announced that the migration to Campaign Budget Optimization will now happen in February 2020. Until then, you will need to turn this feature on manually if you want to utilize it. 

Now we’re going to talk about how to create low-budget Facebook ads. You get to choose one ad for each product that you run. In this video, we’re going to set up 2 ads. The first one is for the cat coffee spoons and the other for the guitar mug. For both of these products, the interest we will choose is cross-targeting overlapping interests.

When you’re choosing your target audience with ads, make sure you require the person you’re advertising to have overlapping interests by using the ‘Narrow’ feature which will be shown in the steps below. Let’s get started!


1. In your Business Manager page, click the ad account for your store to go to your Ads manager page.

2. Inside the Ad Manager page, click on ‘Campaigns’. Then click ‘Create’.

3. Under your Marketing Objectives, select ‘Conversions’.

4. Name your campaign something that will make it easy to identify. So putting the goal of your ad, the name of your product, the country you’re targeting and the type of audience that you want to target is an easy way to do that. Turn on Campaign Budget optimization. Make sure to set the campaign budget to 5 dollars a day. Then click ‘Continue’.

5. Type in your Ad Set Name. After that, choose your ‘Purchase’ as your Conversion Event. If your store is new and you have no sales, don’t worry if it shows a red dot next to it because the pixel hasn’t seen it happen yet. It’ll change to green one you have your first sale.

6. After that, scroll to ‘Audience’. As always, I recommend that beginners focus on the USA. Be sure to select ‘People that live in this location’ otherwise you’ll also target people who happen to be traveling there.

7. Next, come to ‘Placements’. Click on ‘Edit Placements’.

8. Now choose ‘Mobile’ in devices. Then, remove all platforms except Facebook.

9. Now choose ‘Mobile’ in devices. Then, remove all platforms except FacebookProceed to remove all placements except Facebook mobile free traffic as this is the highest converting traffic. In the future, once you find a winning product and ad, part of the way that you can scale it is to add in Facebook desktop traffic and start running traffic on Instagram.

10. Come to Detailed Targeting. Untick this box.

11. Now cross target at least 2 different relevant interested audiences together and find an audience size of at least 100,000 to 500,000 people. Let’s type in very specific types of coffee drinks. Next, click ‘Narrow Audience’ and find interests that will be very specific to cat audience.

12. However, if you’re struggling to come up with interests to target, click on ‘Suggestions’. We can see that ‘Meow Mix’ (a brand of cat food) is suggested. That makes sense as people will only be interested in cat food if they own a cat.

13. This means it is a very targeted audience which puts us in our range which is great (130,000) people. Then click ‘Save Audience’. This will make it easier for us to reuse this audience in the future.

14. Name the Audience something that you would recognize it with. Then click ‘Save’.

15. Name the Audience something that you would recognize it with. Then click ‘Save’.Come to Conversion and on the schedule, set it so it will automatically end after 4 days.

16. Change the Conversion window to ‘1-day click or 1-day view’. Then click ‘Continue’.

17. Now on the Ad Creation Tool, name the Ad something that you’ll recognize. Be sure to add the name of your product.

18. Select the ‘Single Image or Video’ option.

19. Click on ‘Upload Image’.

20. Select the image you want to use then click ‘Open’. If you got a great video, I recommend that you use that.

21. Now come down to the text section of your ad. Fill in the Primary Text box. Using emojis that are relevant to your product will help make your ad more personable and will show that you yourself are interested in the niche other than just a salesperson trying to make money. Add in your headline. Create scarcity by saying that the sale will end until we run out of stock. Further that scarcity on the product page by adding an inventory timer that shows that the stock level is low on the description. For the URL link, simply add the link to your product page. Change the call to action to ‘Shop Now’.

22. Then click the Confirm button.

23. Here’s how it will show on your Campaigns page. Facebook will need to review your ad before it is published.

24. You can now add another ad for another product. It is basically the same process except when you get to Audience Targeting, you would need to add the specific interests that will target your audience for that specific product. See below for the sample interests for the guitar mug product. Audience is still within our 100,000 to 500,000 range.

25. When you’re done creating your second ad, it will then show in your Campaigns page like this.

And that’s it! You have successfully added your low-budget Facebook ads. See you in the next video!