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Hey everyone, congratulations on making it to the Step 5 Video series! Now it is time to drive traffic and customers to your store! And I’m going to teach you a lot of ways to do that in this video series.

The first method is through Facebook paid advertisements. It’s the fastest way to drive high quality traffic to your store.

The next method is getting free traffic through Google and it’s called SEO. If you haven’t watched that video, please watch the SEO video lessons and start there.

Through Facebook ads, the traffic you get is immediate. For most stores,  I recommend that you set up a 4 day ad campaign and follow my instructions for each product in your store.

We’re going to set up a 4 day ad for each product, if it does not work out with any sales we will cut the ad and we’ll move on to the next product. The reality is, most successful online stores including dropshipping and print on demand stores fail at least 1- to 20 product ads to find just one winning product ad.

As my good friend million dollar print on demand store owner Michael Shih says, you e to let the market decide. To find a product that makes 1 hundred thousand dollars, he tested and run ads for other products that didn’t work out

If your first Facebook advertising campaign is not successful then don’t worry, it’s absolutely normal. Our goal is to make all the products in our store successful.

So if you chose this route for your traffic and you decide to focus on high quality, low cost Facebook paid advertising, then be prepared to keep running advertising campaigns until you find that one winning product and ad.

Before you get started with Facebook advertisements and advertise your products, you need to do a few things first. The first thing that you need to do, first you need to set up a Facebook manager account. Next, you need to create a Facebook fan page for your store. And finally, you’re going to need to add your Facebook pixel to you store.

The Facebook pixel is kind of like magic, it allows Facebook to track sales in your store and see which ones are a result of your advertising campaign. And that’s important because the more sales you make with your Facebook ads, the more Facebook learns what type of users actually turned into Facebook buyers for your store.

This is why in the beginning we are going to choose a relatively narrow targeted audience between 100,000 to 500,000 people for our ads and we’ll be selecting interest that closely match our products.

After a hundred sales though, you’ll be able to go to a much broader audience and still have yours ads be profitable. Why? It’s because, Facebook will be very smart to put your ad in front of the right people and a broader audience, thanks to the data it had collected from your first 100 sales targeting your narrow audience. And once you have about a thousand sales, that’s when you can create ads with zero targeting and have them fully profitable. Yeah, you heard right, zero targeting!

And this is pretty much the secret to big dropshipping, big print on demand stores , they have invested into their Facebook advertising campaigns and so now your Facebook pixel has now data which makes it easier for them to launch successful products.

So once you’ve installed your pixel you can begin creating your first ad for your first product. I’ll teach you two different ways to run a 4 day product test. The first method that I recommend is the 3 creative ad test. For this method, we are going to create 3 different ad for one of our product.

The first ad we will create is the image based ad.

The second ad will be the video ad.

And the third ad will be another image based ad.

They will all have the same copy and yes, they will be targeting the same people but we’re going to test the creative with each ad. We’re going to test which video or image works best.

What we’re going to do is do something called Budget Optimization, whereas instead of setting a budget per ad per day, we’ll set an overall campaign budget for all 3 ads. This is a feature, like it or not, is seemed to be turned on by default in 2019 and it’s pretty useful.

What Facebook will do is to take all the ad creatives and spill some money into each creative to analyze which ad performs the best. And it will continue to outbid more money to the ad creative that performs  the best.

The biggest reason why ads fail is because they didn’t use the right ad creative. So sometimes, you might run an ad and the product itself is great but the image your video wasn’t good enough to connect with your audience. Which is why if you can afford the 3 creative ad test, it’s a great idea to do so. 

Since we are testing 3 ad creative, we’re going to set our budget to be $15 a day, which is $5 a day on average per ad. Yes, that may be a lot so I suggest for most people to test one product at a time.

The second method that I’m going to teach you is the low budget testing method, and this is when you test one ad per product. And because of the changes Facebook recently made, you have to set each ad as an individual campaign.

I’ll teach you how to create 2 different low budget ad as their own campaign. The first ad I’ll set up is for the cat coffee spoon.

And the other one is the guitar handle coffee mug. The ad budget will be $5 a day. However with this method you won’t be able to see which ad works better, an image or video. Which is why if you can do the 3 creative ads test, I highly recommend it. But if you can only afford the low cost budget ad, don’t let that stop you. If you’re willing to be patient, you can run a $5 ad per day campaign just using one ad creative, let’s say an image, and then run another 4 day ad test after that for another ad creative, let’s say a video. If you do this it means it can take 12 days to test the 3 ad creative but if you’re willing to be patient then it’s totally up to you. 

When it comes to finding high quality images for Aliexpress suppliers to use, it is very easy to find them. All you need to is go to Google images and search for your product. You will then filter your results to show only images that are 800px or bigger. Select images that are from an Aliexpress URL. Aliexpress suppliers do not mind reusing the images. 

This image here will not be good to use as you can see it has the supplier’s logo. If you want to use an image like this, you have to edit it out. Otherwise use a different image.

Usually, I would recommend using images that have the product with a white background. And don’t get me wrong, some ads like this can still be successful but if you can find lifestyle images of your products.

And if you are doing print on demand, be sure to check Placeit. It’s my favorite place to get mock ups. What you can do is to upload you design to Placeit and it will out your design to lifestyle photos especially the clothing and mugs. This will greatly increase the conversions for your store by using lifestyle photos. 

You’ll also see that we have a mini series on how to create a video ad using your cellphone. We have a video coach that uses  Adobe Premiere to edit them. You need to purchase a sample product to make this video ad yourself. If you can do this, it’s well worth it. This works fantastically, it works great for both dropshipping and print on demand products.

It’s also a good idea to add upsell apps, as upsells can drastically change the amount you make from sales.

For the single ad test, your goal is to see if that ad either breaks even or does better. Of course, if your ad doesn’t do either one of those things, then usually you should kill the ad  move on to another one.