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PLEASE READ BEFORE WATCHING: Unfortunately, this great app now costs $3/month. It has a free 3-day trial but after that, it is $3/month. We currently have in-house developers creating a FREE solution for members of The Ecomm Clubhouse – so please stay tuned! Thank you. In the meantime, this $3/month app is well worth it & still highly recommended.

Sales Pop Master is a great scarcity app to install before you start running your Facebook ads because this app is free unlike other upsell app and apps designs. You can install it from the get-go and you don’t have to wait until you got a product that is selling well.

Here are the steps to install this app.

1. Go to the Shopify app store and click ‘Add App’.

2. On the next page, click ‘Install App’.

3. Now come and click on ‘ Sales pop settings’.

4. Click on ‘Sales Boosting Tool’.

5. Click on this to ‘Enable countdown stock’. Showing that the inventory is low will entice the customers that they can take advantage of the sale at that moment.

6. Change the Motivational Text from having a specific number of items in stock, showing that stock levels in percentage creates urgency and connects the sale to your stock levels.

7. Choose what color you want your countdown timer to be. Red is a great color because psychologically, our brains have been proven to associate certain colors with different feelings and red is associated with urgency. You can, however, change the colors if u want by clicking on any of the colors in the color set.

8. Then choose where you want to see the countdown message (Left indent, center or right indent).

9. Choose which products you want to push the countdown timer on. I recommend that you only put this countdown bar on the products that you have on sale. If all of your products are on sale, it doesn’t make any product feel special. Select ‘Target based on manual selection’. To select products for the sale, click on ‘Browse’.

10. Now click on a product and click ‘Add’.

11. The product now shows on your list of selected products. Click ‘Save settings’. And that’s it! That’s a really great free app. 

12. Now scroll up and click on ‘Overview’. 

13. Then click on ‘Sales Pop Settings’. 

14. There’s another element in Sales Pop that is installed by default. It’s the little popups like this. What we’re going to do is remove the countdown timer for the faux sale and adjust the time that shows when someone purchased the product on sale. G​​o to ‘Countdown’ and uncheck the box for the Countdown timer. 

15. Come to ‘Design’. Double-check if the ‘Smart Hide’ option is on and the Duration says less than 24 hours. So if the product was purchased within the last 24 hours, it will show in the preview. But if the last purchase was days ago, the time stamp will not be shown in the popup.

16. Scroll down to color set. If you have a color scheme for your store, I recommend that you change the colors here to match your color scheme. This app isn’t about scarcity and we don’t need to create a sense of urgency with this so we don’t need to use the red color. Click on the color for ‘Product name decoration’. Then paste the code for your store’s main color.

17. Now click on the hover product name decoration color option and paste the code of your store’s main color. As usual, the color boxes were glitchy. In most applications, I find they are. But eventually, I was able to select my coffee bean brown color.

18. Scroll down and check on what pages you want to show your sales popups. I’m going to choose ‘All pages’ for this one. Then click on ‘Remove “verified by Autoketing”’. Finally, come and click ‘Save Settings’.

19. Click on ‘Online Store’.

20. Click on ‘Camera Lens Thermos’.

21. Now we can see the countdown stock bar and our popup!

See you in the next video!