How to Create an About Us Page

Hey guys! In this step, we’ll be learning how to create an about page.

Now, if I’m being honest, not many people are going to click on the About Page. But simply having this page will make your store look a lot more professional.

To create an about page, we’re going to need to copy for it. This should outline what our store sells, what our mission is, and why we are better than the competition.

I get it though: as Dropshippers, we’re not as slick with words as we are with our numbers.

That’s why I’ve included a template that you can use for the About Us page. You’ll see the link to download this in step 4 on this page.

I do highly recommend though, that you only use it as a basis when creating your About page, and try to include your own twist or personalised style to it.

Why? Because even though it’s a pretty good About Us template, its quite generic, as its difficult to write an about us page that’s tailored for all niches.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to create one yourself. What’s important is having About Page on your site right now.

In regards to the template, you’re going to see some dummy text. You’ll need need to swap out this out with words that are relevant to your store.

Here’s how to do it.

How to Add an About Us Page

  1. On the side of your page, click Pages under the heading Sales Channels.

2. Click Add Page.

3. Come to the text box for the title and type in About Us.

4. Then in the content box, type in either your own copy, or the paste in the text by clicking the button below.

5. Now, in case you’re not aware, the dummy text in the template is the text written with the brackets. For example, [Insert Name of Store] or [Insert Niche].

So, in my case – I’ll be replacing the dummy text, [Insert Niche], for the word coffee.

6. I’m also going to replace the dummy text, [Insert Name of Store] with the name of my coffee store – Brewed Treats.

7. For the title, I recommend you bold each header so it’s easier for the viewer to comprehend.

8. Now coming down here, you’ll need to turn the following text in the template into bullet points. And again, replace the dummy text with word related to your niche.

9. Next, underneath the header ‘Why Choose [Insert Store Name]‘, replace the dummy text. Then in the paragraph, replace the [Insert Collection] dummy text, with one of the collections you made in the previous step. For me I’m going to be using, coffee mugs, travel mugs and coffee spoons!

10. Finally, come down and edit the last line of text.

11. Once you’ve done all of this, click Save.

And that’s it, you’ve successfully added your About Us page. CONGRATS! 

In the next step, you’ll be learning how to create a Contact Us page…