How to Create a Product With Printful (T-Shirt)

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To add products, you have to go to Apps then click on Printful and click on Add product. 

And then you want to choose the product that you want to add. Printful has a lot of different product including lots of tshirt. Now, you can choose whatever tshirt you want but this one here is my favorite one to use. it’s good for beginners because it’s a grea balance of quality and price.

Come and click Add your design. Then click Upload.

Accept all the conditions indicated then click I accept button. Next, choose the design you want to add to your tshirt. And of course, just like Printify, it’s very easy to increase the size of the design. And you have to make sure that it’s at least 300 ppi. You can position it whenever you want, it’s simply drag and drop.

Then scroll down and choose the color of the tshirt that you want. All of these are the most common colors that people like to purchase. Once, you’ve chosen your color, click on Proceed to mock up.

Next thing you need to do, is to browse and select the Flat mockup then choose which one is going to be your primary mockup that people will see as a thumbnail on your store. You can also add additional mockups, you can choose which ones you like to add.

Once you’re done, click on Proceed to description button. Update the product title to what you want it to be because this is going to impact your product URL so enter the actual product title that you need. Then add your product description and make sure that you’ve got the sizing guide included and then click on Proceed to pricing. And you want to change the price to whatever price you want it to be. I strongly recommend that you make all the tshirts the same price even though the XL shirt will cost more to produce.


After that, you can come and click Submit to store. And then Printful is going to push this product to your store. So once it’s done just scroll down and then come and click edit in Shopify. As you can see, you can now come in and edit the entire product page.

You can do the same process for other products in Printful. You simply upload the design you want to have in a product and do the same process to add it to your store. 

So go ahead and do this now and I’ll see you in the next video!