How to Create a Printify Account

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Printify is one the top print on demand services that you can use to create on demand custom merchandise.

You can create your own custom tshirt, mugs or pillow cases  or your own custom pet bed.

You can do all of that and more with Printify.

If you plan on doing another type of sourcing method such as Aliexpress drop shipping then you can skip this step.

Printify is a platform to start with as a beginner because of 3 simple reasons:

  1. It’s really simple and beginner friendly to use
  2. It’s free to use, keeping start up cost low
  3.  They have LOTS and LOTS of different products
  4. Their products are competitively priced
So let’s get started in creating a Printify account.

Go to the Printify homepage and click Sign Up.

Next type in your email address and password then click I’m not a robot. Follow instructions in the pop up and click verify. Then click Sign Up.

Next, select what describes you best from the drop down list. Also, select the answer to “Are you already selling?” from the drop down list. Then, click next.

Click Create a store name. Then type in your store name. Click Save.

It’s super simple to sign up. But to complete the sign up process you have to verify your email. You need to go to the Inbox of the email that you’ve used to sign up with.

Open the inbox of the email you’ve used when you signed up with Printify. Open the email from Printify with the subject “Please verify your email”. Next, click confirm your email.  You’ll be redirected to the Printify homepage and be on the look out for the email confirmed message and that’s it!

You’ve created your Printify account successfully!