How to Get Instant Designs On Shutterstock

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In this video, I’m going to teach you how to get instant designs for your print on demand products in Shutterstock. They sell the license and rights to use the artwork from there. Admittedly, it is not cheap but as you watch this video you’ll find out that it’s cheaper than hiring a designer in Fiverr.

There are two types of licenses in Shutterstock. The first type of license allows you to use the images for non commercial products and the second type of license allows you to use for commercial products. So if you need images to use for a website your making you can purchase the Standard license, but to use it for a tshirt you are selling, you need to purchase the extended license.

There are also lots of patterns in Shutterstock. Patterns looks good in pillows or a dog bed.

They also look good on blankets, rugs and yes, on shower curtains!

There’s something important to note though, anyone can purchase the same artwork as you on Shutterstock. You do not have exclusive rights to it. So if you start selling a super hot product, a competitor can come in and purchase the same artwork to sell. what you can do is to hire a designer to slightly tweak or modify the artwork, to have your own custom version of it.

Now, I’m going to show you how to use Shutterstock. Note that we need the Enhance image licenses so that we can legally put them in the products we are selling. To purchase and enhance the images we need to pay more. In minimum, we need buy 2 licenses to get them as a bundle. Check out the pricing below.

Yeah, it is expensive. But it will be useful when you have a super hot selling product that don’t have a great upsell with it and you need to make on asap, Shutterstock can save you a lot of money. Why? Because hiring a designer on Fiverr, it usually take them at least three days to deliver the design. So that means, 3 days of lost sales.

Now, go to Shutterstock. I’ll have a link to it on this page. Go to the drop down menu beside the search bar and select Illustrations.

Then type in your niche on the search bar. For me, I’m going to type in my niche coffee and I’m also going to use another niche to cross-sell with which is unicorn.

All you have yo do now is browse through the results and choose what image you like the most. As you can see there is a lot to choose from. Click on the image you like and make sure that you click on the JPEG button. Next, is to tick the box to change it into enhance license. Then click Download.

Next, select the image pack you want. I’m going to purchase two images. Then click on Buy and Download button. Then enter your payment details. Make sure to untick the order renewal box so that you don’t get charged automatically when the license expires. Then click on Complete Checkout button.

Once you’ve done that, it will automatically download the file in your computer. So now, we’re going to do a few tweaks with the image we’ve purchased. Since it’s in the JPEG format, so we have to convert it to a PNG file first. We need to do this to change the background into a transparent one because once we put in on our products, the white background will not look good. Here’s an example:

Luckily, there are lots of software that we can use to remove the white background. A good one is Photopea. You don’t have to create an account, you can instantly use it and it’s FREE! 

Now let’s go to Photopea so that I can show you how to edit an image. From the top left corner, click on File and then select the image that you want to edit. To remove the background click on the brush icon on the side menu and choose the magic wand.

Once you’ve done that, click on the white background  and then you will see that lines will appear over the area to be deleted. Then come up to Edit then click on Clear from the dropdown menu.

See how the background has now become checkered and that means we were successful in deleting it. When you’re happy with your picture you can save it as PNG. To do that, click on File, click Export then select PNG. Make sure the quality is in 100% then click Save. And that’s it!