How to find dropshippers in the usa with fast 4-7 day shipping times

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To find dropshippers, first go to Aliexpress and come to the search bar and type in the either the niche that you are selling in or the specific product if you have one in mind and do a search for it. 

So once it loads, you have to go to the filter options and select Ship from. As you can see, cat headphones are apparently being shipped from the United States, Turkey and China. We want to ship from United States, so let’s select that one. 

Now we can see all the Aliexpress suppliers that are shipping from the United States. We want to go through each result and choose the supplier that’s the best. So we want to click on orders so that we can see the suppliers that are shipping out the most.

You want to go in and assess which suppliers you would want to use based on the criteria on our videos. And so let’s say though that you’ve decided that you would use this supplier here because it got an incredible feedback score and that has also been around for a long time. The store has been opened since 2013.

We can also check out what the price is going to be if we dropship this product from United States because it’s going to be different than droopshipping from China. On the ships from section, you can select China or United States. if you select China, you can see that this headphones is selling for $17.39 and they have free shipping with E-packet. If you click on United States, they’re still selling the same price but the shipping is different. The shipping is $5.79 with USPS.

Also, if you click on China and click on the shipping options, you see that they have two different shipping options to the United States. But if we come and click on United States and then shipping options they will only have one.

Now when it comes to selling products that have been dropshipped in the United States, I recommend you go with a similar pricing strategy to print on demand products. Now, because you’re going to have faster shipping times, 4 to 7 days and that is on par with the standard in the United States. So what I recommend that you do is to take the product price 17.39 x 2 + 5.39 (cost of shipping) = 40.57. And what you can do is you can round that down to be $39.95 or $39.97, so something like that. That would be a really good price for this headphones.